League of Legends Evolution

League of Legends is a fantastic game because it is constantly evolving. What I mean by evolving is that the best strategies change on an almost bi-weekly basis as a result of patches to the game (changes made by the creators) in order to better balance the game and sometimes force changes to the current best practices. The game has changed so much in fact that if you were to try and implement almost any strategy from 2 years ago or even last year you would wind up pretty useless to your team. That isn’t to say that you can’t play an ADC still and build damage items, things like that don’t really change, but the ADC that you do play and who you lane with, and how your team will focus down targets in fights etc… these things all change constantly and over the course of a year in most cases the entire meta shifts. A few years back it was common to see the ADC go in the middle lane and now the ADC is to be played 100% with a support in the bottom lane. The APC is now mid and a tank or split push top lane is chosen.

It is this constant evolution of the game that draws me more into League of Legends. It is a puzzle that can never truly be figured out because the moment you adapt to a new strategy something else comes along or a change is made. For example if a lot of players realize that a certain champions “champion A” is over powered in the current meta then a lot of champions begin picking him which leads to his win rate rising and people choosing the best counter to that champions to become a viable strategy. There are in turn counters to counters, changes to champions, and changes to the overall game or items as well. You have to factor in dragon control, turret pushing, team fighting, laning, roaming, and tons of other factors including your opponents’ champions, how well you counter them, team synergy, and scaling as the game progresses. The best part is that even with all of these things factored in a simple invade to your jungle early game or a certain type of gank at a specific time can totally throw you off and into a downward spiral towards defeat.

Adaptability is Often Dominant

This is why a lot of times the most well rounded players and champions tend to win in League of Legends. It is because in an ever evolving game where not only the strategy evolves, but also the game itself as you play it (for example winning fights and getting more gold vs getting less gold, experience, towers, things of that sort) that makes the game so fascinating and also allows for well-rounded champions to a lot of the time come out on top simply by throwing curve balls to otherwise over powered champions that can be countered by specific strategies that can be implemented by more versatile and well-rounded opponents. The best part is that this never ends. As soon as people are choosing mostly the well rounded champions then the new strategy choice will to play some crazy champions that well rounded champions cannot adapt to because they simply aren’t OP enough. If you had played a Nasus for example and were able to simply not die for long enough, he has such insane scaling into mid and late game that he cannot be stopped by well-rounded champions. However, if you had gone against someone like a Vlad you would never last long enough in lane to get farmed.

The entire premise of League of Legends is countering the opponent’s strategy while sticking to yours and not letting them push you away from it. The team that knows the most about both strategies has the best rounded champions to implement their game plan, and makes the least mistakes will win the game. It is by far the most exciting sport in the world to me right now because unlike baseball where there is some strategy in trying to come up with the proper pitch for the situation or perhaps a base running strategy, these are not major strategic decisions being made on a second by second basis all based on prior decisions where everything can fall apart for a team in a fraction of a second because of one error in the decision making process or one good paly by the opposing team. Yes, it can happen in baseball when you make a glaring mistake such as dropping an easily caught ball or having a wild pitch, but these are obvious mistakes. In League of Legends you can’t see the whole picture all the time, you are denied vision or a lot of your opponents moves and so you have to make educated guesses on what it is that they might be doing and put yourself in positions to gain back vision that you do not have across the map. This process is my favorite part of the game because it allows for tons of great high excitement plays to be made. It is evolutions to the game revolving around map control, character abilities, synergies amongst champions in team fights, counter picks to champions, and all of these other great things that make League of Legends the most entertaining sport to me.

League of Legends Game or Sport?

A lot of people say that League of Legends is a game and indeed they are right, but it is also an e-sport and for that matter all sports are games… Hockey is a children’s game, baseball, even bowling and golf are games. The difference is really the level of skill and competition required to excel in the game that in my opinion makes it a sport. The top players in League of Legends spend hours upon hours every day coming up with strategies, deciding and practicing new team compositions, and developing better mechanics for a game which is constantly evolving. It is harder than baseball because in baseball at least you know that the rules will not change and neither will the bat or the ball which makes it so you 100% know your practice will pay off. In League of Legends it is quite possible that everything you learned that doesn’t pertain to basic mechanics and knowledge of the game will be gone by next season as the champions have adjusted in their ranges, abilities, damage output, amount of crowd control abilities, etc. This is what makes League of Legends so great. The constant evolution of the game which gives new players a fair chance of competing at the professional level and an ever growing crowd of spectators that want to watch this far more exciting sport develop and grow.

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