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Having been raised in Berlin, an expanse of the world comprising of different cultures and people, I have forever been fascinated to expand my intercultural competences. For that reason learning overseas and gaining a foreign level has been my primary aim of a real job. During the last 3 years my interest and inspiration had a propensity towards learning law, especially after seeking the financial and public secondary university level velocity, which makes upcoming learners in the areas of public sciences, law and financial aspects.

My passion towards law research occurred from my realization of the advantages of nations having a powerful and required judicial firm, both to secure the equal rights of people, as comfortably as to increase their financial growth. Moreover, I am greatly fascinated to explore financial law effects with regards to worldwide business, different managing rules, governmental and social topics provided in your plan. Last but not least, I am willing to see the variations between law parts in society to deepen my worldwide company law knowledge.

I highly believe that a profession in law completely adjusts to my perseverance, structured, sensible, communicative and powerful personality, which I have confirmed during my university years through the encounters described below. During my secondary school years, I was taken as authorities assign and had the respect to signify my high school within the “High School Life” authorities. This was possible due to my program offer to run a role towards the enhancement of secondary school lifestyle atmosphere, as comfortably as to my powerful conversation. During this require I structured several actions to increase resources and had regular conferences with my classmates to discover out about their needs and talk about them with the other associates and university authorities to figure out ways that fit all the events.

Besides my research I do get involved in many game actions and as a result, I do spend a lot of my free time doing different activities such as browsing, sporting, tennis or beach ball. I have developed this sportive mind-set since a young age. My beach ball group has signed up with the Berlin Volleyball group since two years and it is the first and only secondary university group in Berlin to be able to face the nationwide groups. I am a powerful believer that these natural processes have helped me build a moderate personality in the sense that apart from the unity and solidarity, I set out to understand self-control and how something in difficult and awkward conditions. I too saw the aggressive individual and constantly trying to improve and giving the best of myself. These features have been attached to me, and I plan something as such at the university level.

I have selected to apply to your program for many factors as I mentioned before, but the two factors are: because I am sure that the course you provide and the skills of your staff would provide me good basic principles for upcoming law profession's actions and are favourable to my profession passions, and second, because of the prestigious popularity the UK knowledge program as well as your program maintains due to the skills it has obtained during the last years. Lastly, I am looking forward, if I get approved for your program, to fulfil my training, final venture work, and, with all my possibilities, to promote the enrichment of your organization and be one of your ambassadors in Berlin. Furthermore, through this program which is going on in a UK atmosphere I am going to understand even more about modern interaction and be aware of the variations and resemblances that can be appropriate in dealing with different worldwide company law functions.

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