Last Night

Cold air wafts through the walls of a barren room. The outstretched arms of a fading sunset trickle through an old window pane, burning shadows on the floor. For a brief moment, the pale walls are stained with the orange glow of dusk. The room is empty - save a small antique desk, an old metal frame for a bed and the lonely figure of a man sitting by its dusty corner.

Growing shadows creep along his thin face, with cheekbones sharp like the knuckles on his long slender fingers. The touch of a cold glass against his fingertips and the bittersweet taste of martini on his tongue are all that remains of a distant memory. All else becomes a blur: the vague shape of a woman's curves, the echoing sounds of drunken revelry, the violent whiff of smoke filling his nostrils and then blackness, complete and total blackness.

“Shit, what the hell happened?” whispers the puzzled man as he stumbles to his feet and begins to search frantically around the room. He struggles for the door but it is locked and his shouts only reverberate around the empty walls. And a bursting pain overcomes his body, like a vein rupturing in the back of his head. The young man howls in agony as he clutches onto his throbbing forehead.

Suddenly, he hears the growing sound of footsteps coming from the other side. As the door swings open, two blurry figures stand firmly by its entrance, “Get up! It's time,” one man yells in a deep demanding voice. As the two strange men enter the room, they station themselves on each side of their captive. “You didn't think we were gonna miss this, now did you?” mocks one of the men, “It's been a long time coming.”

With a dusty old cloth, they blindfold their captive and lead him through a long narrow corridor. Neither men utter a word as they hold on tightly to their stammering hostage.

The men descend down an iron staircase and enter through a loud creaking doorway. “Sit here and shut up,” orders a faceless voice. There is silence in the room but, through the darkness of his blindfold, the young man can sense the quiet murmurs of a crowd hustling around him. “Where am I? What's going on!” he exclaims.

Giant drums start to beat without warning, vibrating the floors beneath him. Music booms from loud speakers and a thunderous roar erupts from the crowd, like the startling sound of wilder beasts raging through desert plains. His senses are stirred and he can feel the teasing touch of soft hands weavings through his hair. The wafting scent of perfume, a soft breath against his ear, “Are you ready for this?” whispers the sultry voice of a young woman.

And suddenly he feels the warm glow of light smacking his naked cheeks. “This is your night buddy!“ yells a voice from the crowd, “Enjoy this while it lasts, you’re getting married tomorrow!”

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