Lineage II Classic was launched with the goal of bringing back the old-school feel of Lineage II. Designed around the game’s older content (with some newer things to help out with some quality of life issues), it was essentially a progression server, where updates would be released in a staggered format, such that players could – with enough time – keep up with everything that came out. Time has shown, however, that this just isn’t working as planned.

RMT is Dangerous

In a game like Lineage II, real money trading is a dangerous beast. It leads to all sorts of problems, due to how the game is set up, and is largely why the original game went through so many problems. Everything within the game has value, yet the enemies that are killed don’t drop much. When RMT is added to the mix, it becomes volatile – those who buy adena (gold) end up offering more gold for items, thus increasing their prices. At the same time, those that play legitimately have a hard time earning enough to even get by, so you end up with a separation of players: those who can buy it have the great items, while those who can’t (or simply don’t want to) are left on a much more disadvantaged play field. Not only does it affect things like PvP (where gear does matter, to a large degree), but also PvE, as most players only want to form groups with others that are “properly” geared (meaning those that are at or near the top for what they can utilize at their current level). The side effect is that not only are those who bought able to level faster in groups, but those who haven’t end up solo in a very group-based game. It just causes one problem after another until these players finally give up and move on.

It Requires a Strong Population

Lineage II is a team-based game, no matter how you look at it. From things like raiding and sieging, to crafting, it requires many players to work together if they really want to experience all it has to offer. Crafting is the one thing that affects all players, though, in that getting better gear requires you to obtain it in one of three ways: get as a drop, purchase it from another player, or craft it. From solo players to those in large guilds, crafting is almost essential for the top items, and that requires a large number of materials. And unlike most games, where only a small number of materials are needed (but might be hard to obtain), with Lineage II, all materials are tradable and items require a ton of them. Even for a clan that’s working together to build an item, it could take a week of farming. When you need to craft for even more, the time increase is considerable, so having a healthy market of materials is essential. And to create a strong market within the game requires a lot of farmers, which works out when there are enough players getting drops and selling them. Sadly, the stunted population from the beginning only got worse, making it harder and harder to get the items that were necessary (and thereby boosting the effects of RMT even more).

Can it Be Revived?

This is a question many have been asking. Tons of players have taken a break from the game, and every day there’s more asking if they should return. It creates a sort of down cycle that is hurting the game, rather than helping it. As more players leave, the effects of RMT and lower populations are boosted. As new players join, the system is already set up to where they have to make their way to end-game somehow – either through RMT, joining a great clan, or simply relaxing and hoping for the best. Classic has really brought about some great things in the world of Lineage II. The majority of players who originally came to play were thrilled about how it works and being able to play like the old days (before all of the new things were added, such as S+ grade and the like). However, the RMT and population problems haven’t really been fought off yet. One possible way to draw in more players would be to make it F2P, but then there needs to be a way to draw in revenue, which is a difficult task due to how Lineage II works. In essence, the game is currently considered as being in “limbo,” so to speak, in that it’s going through a lot of difficulties. And some called this long ago, as it is following the same path and issues as the Russian Lineage II Classic did. Only time will tell what is going to happen to our beloved Skelth. It’s a great concept, and the game is wonderful. But without fixing the two ongoing issues somehow, it’s only going to complicate its growth even more over time.


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