Ksh / Bsh Comparison

From David Korn (creator of the Korn Shell):

“There are two different areas of functionality in shells. First is interactive use and the second is scripting… In many cases the argument over which shell is best for interactive use is based upon which key to press for completion… Most popular shells have similar functionality with respect to interactive use. It is hard to argue that ksh is any better for interaction, given all the features in tcsh and zsh. But the scripting features in ksh93 are far more advanced than any other shell that I am aware of. For scripting, I feel that ksh is more in the category of perl/tcl/python and I would like to see debates/comparisons for those languages rather than the antiquated bash/csh/etc.” http://news.slashdot.org/story/01/02/06/2030205/david-korn-tells-all

KSH/BSH Difference: From interactive mode at the command line the most noticeable difference between Korn Shell and Bash is autocomplete. On an AIX server Korn Shell is native, autocomplete fires by pressing “ESC+\”. Red Hat uses Bash as it's native shell and autocomplete is “TAB”.

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