Summary of the story

Long time ago, there was a girl called Kong-G. When her mom passed away, step mother and her daughter, Pot-G came to live with Kong-G. One day, Kong-G’s father passed away. The step mother and her daughter harassed Kong-G. After a while, they asked Kong-G to do many chores and went to one of rich people’s party. While they were having fun, Kong-G was making a rice cake, and filled water in the jar. However, the Jar was broken. So, one toad came to her, and asked her to use its body to block the hole. Taoist fairy came to her and gave her beautiful shoes and clothes. When he went to the party, she lost her shoe. The rich person saw Kong-G and tried to find her shoe. In the end, they got married. Pot-G and her step mom were jealous of her, so they put poison in her drink. Kong-G drank it and she fainted. Kong-G’s husband tried to punish them, but Kong-G told them him not to. Kong-G and the rich person happily lived forever.



When the story was made, it was probably around Chosun dynasty in Korea. In chosun dynasty, Yangban, aristocrats, was only kind of people that were praised by society. Thus, people like peasant or secondary son was ignored by the government or people. By using magical powers, it made a hope for peasants to live happy and not to give up their honesty and sincerity, although there were temptations to do bad deeds such as revenge. Thus, other factors, even though it was a magical power, would help them. Probably this story originated from peasants who were suppressed by Yangban, aka artistocrats.


By understanding the meaning of the story, tellers and listeners formed a shared identity, when those who did not understand or know the meaning of the story, and consider the story as any other story.

By understanding and talking about the theme of the tale, audiences or authors were able to form an identity against people who were treated like betrayer or murderer.


By sharing the story between young one and old one, the horizontal relationship had been formed. Therefore, a bond was formed between old and young people, and the young one gained moral lesson from hearing it.

By spreading the story, possible connection would be formed between active bearers.

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