Knowing The Best Way Of Doing Mobile Marketing

Understanding The Meaning

To understand the term ‘Mobile Marketing’, we need to go back to the literal meaning of the words mobile and marketing. Marketing means promotion of your product. So, mobile marketing means usage of mobiles for marketing your product. It cannot be confused with web marketing which includes desktops connected to LAN because in that case the term mobile in ‘mobile marketing’ will not get its justice.

It can include all the other wireless media though. With the advent of newer and better technologies, mobile marketing is gaining more and more importance. It has a great scope in reaching ideal and great audience. Some of the popular methods of mobile marketing are:

Push Messages

The concept of push messages is simple. The company which wishes to advertise its product or service develops an application which might look expensive at the first glance but is quite useful and fruitful in the long run. Once developing the application is done, the messages could be sent. The cost is minimal once the company can afford initial setups.


  • It can attract many promising customers.
  • Easy and direct way to interact with people.
  • It can help in making communication two-way without hidden charges. This is an effective method to make a direct contact with user. The user could be a future client. Push messages are very good methods to receive feedback from the existing customers as well.


  • The promising customer may feel annoyed if these messages are not regulated. Make sure that they don’t harm customer’s privacy.
  • The second concern is initial cost. The cost of application might be high for smaller and newer companies.


The brightest side of mobile phones after calls and talking is messaging service. People used it, use it and would most likely continue to use it no matter how many alternatives come. SMS is highly reliable way of setting up communication with your customer. The problem lies with the cost and certain limitations it comes up with.


  • The main reason SMS fails to be a good method is the replying path. The replying path at the customer end is chargeable in most of the cases i.e. if the customer wishes to contact the service or the product provider then it becomes difficult for him because his queries are likely to be charged. Why would anyone entertain these charges even before buying or going for that service?
  • The Govt. in many countries has put a certain constraint on the number of messages sent from one number. Nevertheless, it such cases, you can have a third party do it for you.

In Game Mobile Marketing

To have that extra edge over other companies, some companies have come up with this way of advertising. The ads are displayed in online games or in some cases the game itself is solely for advertising.

The company develops its own game which is not a tough or expensive task and with that game the product is marketed.


Here the customer’s needs are also taken care of and is a good way to make an impression that ‘we are thinking about you’ or ‘we care about you’.


It is a one way interacting method.

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