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King Louis XIV of France

King Louis the XIV was appointed the position of king at the mere age of four. In France, he was an absolute monarch in which allowed him to become the superior of every single human being loyal in his nation. Daily tasks are made into special displays, as simply as eating will cause amazement towards the king. Apparently, everything was under his control with any final say. He would have a lot of mistresses which would be a honor to whoever chosen by him for his pleasure even with the bare fact of adultery.
Versailles was an architect project requested by the king. He wanted the upmost luxurious, expensive expansion to his hunting cabin in a swamp. Even knowing that the conditions of it being around lakes, hindering the design and building of the architect won’t stop him to build it in that specific location. As long as the hunting cabin is preserved, his most upper-class building is complete and every nobleman under his rule is living in it, it will become his dream and eventually obsession. However, the project would also require at most of France’s precious resources, people and time.
With all the economy being pooled into this building, France became in huge debt to other nations. On top of that, a maximum of 40,000 workers at a point were building and precious resources for his subjects were being drained. This caused tyranny comments and thinking against King Louis the XIV. Of course, anybody was punished harshly for anything that goes against even the slightest against the king.
When the building was complete, it was said that his nobles thought they were dreaming, never seeing any building like this in which he replied saying that it’s probably because there aren’t anything like this. The hall of mirrors became the main attraction, which a huge hall outlined with the best metals, decorations and enough glass. However, problems were present as well at this time. The low supply of water disallowed fountains to continually run, so gardeners had to manually open the tap as the king walked passed in his garden strolls. Because of another war going on, they had to secretly strip some resources from Versailles. People thought the building was completely useless, and they suffered for the king’s luxury.
With the building completely being one of the main images for the king, he himself has to maintain his own. It was important for him not to get into scandals, poor health or any way that will decrease his own public image. This became to be harder in his later years though, at age 48 he was stricken with a prostate disease and had a doctor preform a low chance of surviving surgery on him. While being alive, he had a countless number of mistresses to make him feel better in which made him sick of being pleasured even more after all these years. His decline mainly started with a peace treaty of another nation, in which he was forced to due to the lack of proper resources for a war. During him giving up land for the treaty, his grandson also participated in the decline. The then later died, mainly only leaving the legacy of his building, Versailles.

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