In computers, the keyboard is a typewriter-style device, that uses a assortment of different buttons and keys, to act as mechanical levers or electronic switches to give commands to the computer. The keyboard is generally used to type, or give commands such as to start up or shutdown the computer. Many keyboards are hooked up to the computer via a USB cable, but many are starting to use wireless technology. There are four main types of keyboards.

  • Standard
  • Laptop Size
  • Handheld
  • Thumb Size


These are the everyday keyboards you see in the office. These keyboards include the full alphabet, numbers, and special characters such as punctuation.

Laptop Size

Laptop size keyboards are keyboards on laptops. Usually smaller and not including the numerical keypad. Different function keys, such as the 'shift' and 'delete' keys may vary in placement from standard keyboards.


Designed to be held like a gaming controller, these keyboards are generally used for gaming, but are also used for people not wanting to sit as close to the computer.

Thumb Size

These keyboards are micro size and are connected through bluetooth. These are used for people wanting an external keyboard from smartphones.


Above, a typical standart keyboard.

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