Keeping Up The Discipline

Life is never the same after attending a mind technique seminar. Born a pessimist, I have learned to become continually hopeful in every obstacle that faces me.

Much has transpired after my basic mind technique training. At the beginning of the course when asked to set my goal, it was simple then: ten thousand pesos monthly commission as a travel agent. Now, that my horizons have broadened, responsible to about a dozen workers in the Travel Agency that I now operate (a product of a year of programming coupled with my Beta effort), accomplishing a corporate mission is much more complex than it would take when my thrust is merely for myself survival. It is now the survival of at least a dozen people employed to help us deliver what we promised to our clients, the very source of our livelihood.

I have made it a point daily to go into my level to program every detail in our operation. Before I sleep, I would go back to my level, picture the scenes that transpired, make corrections on how it should have been and program again for what I expect the following day. There were times, when I could not stand my programming when every part of my body develop itch, my arms ache, my legs numb and heavy. That is the time, when I have to do my long relax to put me back in a comfortable feeling.

After a long time of doing it the way I learned on my basics, encountering some occasional unacceptable failures, I have to force myself to find time to attend the monthly forum for updating and keeping in touch with my fellow practitioners, attending enrichment courses with the speaker and replacing my worn out “long relax tape” that sounded tired and hoarse.

Now I am back on the track again. My depressed feelings for the current business environment that made a supposedly smooth and simple operation to become so complex, sweaty and laborious are gone; now I can take things with a smile and in stride without pausing to curse and blame anyone.

Growing to be a useful person that I am, being relevant to the society where I consider myself a member could not have been much, much a pleasure if not for discipline. Annabelle T. Jereza

Flash Of Insight And 500 Thousand Pesos Savings

The first time I heard of mind techniques was through a friend, Ms. Vicky Rallos, a psychologist from Bacolod who had attended the Basic and Advance courses. She mentioned to me something about the Alpha level which at that time sounded too weird for me. Once, I had a terrible headache, wherein she came into rescue by applying a mind technique. She helped me go down to my Alpha level and asked me to imagine a white light covering my entire body. It took only less than 15 minutes and the headache was completely gone! I was really amazed by how she did it!

When I changed job to work in Manila a year later, I came upon a mind technique book on Business Managers for sale at the National Book Store. I did not hesitate to buy it. I read the book, page by page, and on my own, started to practice the techniques (e.g., visualization and going down to my Alpha). I was not even sure whether I did the right thing but what kept me to go on, was that I was getting good results. I always feel relaxed and I don't get jittery by any stressful events. I even brought the book with me when I went to work abroad.

When I came back to the Philippines three years after, again, I saw a mind technique seminar ad in the papers. To satisfy my curiosity, I attended the introductory lecture. I was very much impressed with the speaker's presentation that I did not hesitate to sign up for the course. Also, I did not sign up because I had a deep personal problem to solve nor I was seeking for a path of enlightenment. I was simply curious. Will mind techniques make me a better manager or a better person at that? Knowing myself, I've always been strong enough to cope with life's problems. I've been a believer of “It's-all-in-the-mind” philosophy and this conforms to the mind technique principle. I did not have much difficulty assimilating the concepts because I was very open and did not let my judgment come in the way. Also, my academic background in psychology helped.

After the course, I religiously practice the techniques everyday and program for a very personal “result.” Guess what? After sometime, my income increased substantially and in due time I got hired by a multinational company to occupy a top position here in the Philippines. Other benefits came in other forms like: I can now respond to stress with a more positive outlook. I learned to be more responsive than reactive in dealing with my superiors. My creativity at work is even more enhanced especially during problem solving situations. I made a more than half a million savings in the cost control program of the company through a “flash of insight” that came from using the Three Fingers. This is what mind techniques has done for me and I can really attest that the method works! The end always justifies the means. Siegfred Javelosa

Career, Business Growth And More

I programmed to transfer to a company that would give a 100% increase in salary and a new gray-colored Lancer car. On the first week, I worked at a new company which doubled my previous salary. In March of the same year, the company granted me a light green Mitsubishi Lancer car. I used the Mirror of the Mind technique in programming the above, by visualizing the expected salary and the gray colored car which turned out to be light green. Seems I have to review the segment 303 of mental project and practice the color perception to be more accurate in the future. But as the speaker says, it's getting the result that counts. The color difference is minor, even negligible.

At the new company, the volume of sales is very low compared with my previous company. The directors decided to negotiate for the purchase of a good quality catsup brand and factory, primarily to add product lines and increase our company's market share. Again, using the Mirror of the Mind technique, I visualized a successful outcome of the negotiation. There are times when the negotiations seem to falter and during these times I reinforced the programming and added prayer to make the negotiation successful. The negotiations became fruitful and we started manufacturing and selling the product.

The board of directors again wanted to increase the volume of sales. They decided to buy a leading manufacturer of vinegar and letson sauce. I again used the Mirror of the Mind in visualizing the successful outcome of the negotiations. The negotiations paid off and the company was added to the previous two. The monthly volume of the three companies is now more than my previous company.

My wife and I decided to visit her brother, her sister and my brother in Chicago, USA. This seems to be a remote possibility because of the following problems: no budget provision (fare and pocket money), no US visa

Before the scheduled interview at the US Embassy in the 2nd week, I again employed the Mirror of the Mind technique in visualizing multiple entry, indefinite visa for me and my wife. I also requested my wife to visualize the same outcome by imagining the passport being stamped “Indefinite, Multiple Entry“ nightly. On the eve of the scheduled interview, I was jolted from a deep sleep at 1:30 A.M. with four questions clearly in my mind. I jotted this down.

At the hour of interview, all the four applicants for visa ahead of us were turned down. After finishing the 4 applicants, the consul was then replaced by another one who seemed more accommodating. The 5th applicant was approved and when our turn came, he greeted us and asked only two of the four questions that entered my mind in the early morning. Then he asked also 2 questions to my wife about the purpose of our visit. Then he said to come back tomorrow afternoon to get the passport and the visa. At that instant, I vividly saw in my mind a multiple entry visa stamped on our passport. The next day we both got a 10 year multiple entry US visa. When my brother learned we now have visa, he sent 2,200 dollars via door to door delivery. We were able to go to USA (me for two weeks, my wife for 1 month) due to the MOM technique.

Our pocket money came from a business opportunity during our short stay that arose as part of our programming and we even got some savings!

I start the Mirror of the Mind programming by mentally wishing - PEACE, GOODWILL and PROSPERITY to all of mankind and the universe, then projecting white rays emanating from my forehead towards infinity in six directions (left, right, front, rear, down and up).

I took the Business Program of Intuitive Management. I have managed throughout these years to practice the techniques as regularly and conscientiously. Attending the monthly meetings and reviewing with Judy as often as possible really are important for one to stay with the discipline to reap the benefits. Eduardo Y. Bautista

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