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Gone are those days when marketing or advertisement of a product was a cumbersome and tedious job. In today’s world, with the advent of the internet, the job of marketing a product has become so very easy and convenient. This technique of using various resources of the internet to advertise a product is called as internet marketing. Basis the various areas of specialization, internet marketing can be further classified into:

  • Web Marketing
  • Email Marketing
  • Social Media marketing

Web marketing is the mode of internet marketing where various e-commerce websites are being put to use to advertise for a particular product. Along with the e-commerce websites, there are various other promotional as well as informative website which are being used to serve as a marketing medium for the product. In recent rimes, there are a number of affiliate marketing websites also coming up whose sole job is to advertise for a product on behalf of the product owner on the web.

A more direct and personal mode of internet marketing is email marketing where promotional emails and informative emails about the product is being sent to current as well as prospect customers. Without depending on the traffic of the website, email marketing is a more sure shot method of marketing as the information is being shared directly with the target recipient.

When you have to reach out to the mass and do marketing of your product in a way that you get the surety that many people will go through the deal that you are trying to advertise for, the best option is to use the various popular social networking websites as that would serve as a very good platform for not only internet marketing but if it can do viral marketing as well. Viral marketing is the internet marketing strategy where online advertising is done through passing a massage by word of mouth from the various users who improve the brand awareness by mentioning about the product time and again in the social networking websites.

There are many advantages of internet marketing over the conventional and regular methods of marketing. These advantages would primarily include the following:

24x7 marketing

With internet marketing you are actually advertising your product round the clock as there is no shutdown time of the internet websites. The advertisements are on 7 days a week, 24 hours a day which makes the marketing of the product very strong.

No Boundaries

With internet marketing, the target audience that you may look at for your product advertisement is the whole world. Your marketing strategy will not only be limited to the local people of your locality, but will be stretched beyond that, to the zillions of internet users who would be able to view your advertisement either in the form of an email or in the social networking website that they are registered into.

Pocket Friendly Mode Of Marketing

Internet marketing while being the most convenient method of reaching out to the mass and educate them about your product is also one of the cheapest options as well. You would not be required to spend thousands of dollars on a TV ad or a front page newspaper advertisement. You would also not be required to spend a lot of money on the postal services by sending letters to the prospect and current customers educating about your product. Instead, all you are required to do is to spend some time and some nominal amount of money in sending promotional emails to the customers or possibly design the promotional website that will do the marketing job for your product.

Update Sharing Is More Convenient

With internet marketing sharing an update about your product becomes very easy. Unlike traditional marketing methods where you will have to redo the entire marketing assignment in order to educate your customers about the updated product, in internet marketing you just have to modify the content on the website and your visitors would get to know about the update about the product. In case of email marketing, you just need to append the update to the marketing email and resend the same to your prospect and current customers.

Along with the many advantages, there are certain disadvantages of internet marketing as well. These however are negligible when compared with the various benefits of the internet marketing. The disadvantages would include the following.

No Physical Checking Possible

This is the most prominent disadvantage of internet marketing where the customers do not get a chance to see and feel the product while deciding to purchase. There are certain products that conventional customers may want to check physically before making the purchase and for these products conventional modes of marketing will take an upper hand over the internet marketing method.

What I Ordered Is Not What Got Delivered

Another disadvantage of internet marketing is that people tend to complain that what they thought they would get is not what they actually got. Just because they were not able to understand the real product in the promotional mailers or the promotional website, this problem arises. To curb this issue, many online stores have started offering return policy within a stipulated period of time where the customer can exchange the product to a new one if he thinks that he had misjudged the same by looking at the online advertisement about the product.

Security Over The Internet

Even though almost all websites deploy ample security checkpoints to ensure that no customer data gets leaked, yet many customers face this fear of losing out on personal confidential information if they fall into the ‘trap’ of online marketing. With time the frequency of such customers is gradually decreasing however this still remains to be a challenge for the generation of baby boomers.

With the fast moving world, where starting from flight booking to ordering pizza is being done online, internet marketing is the most suitable and apt mode of marketing. The next generation is expected to spend more time online than on television or newspaper or any other marketing media, hence if you have to reach the target population, you will have to catch hold of them where they would be found the most and that is the internet. Hence it can be strongly confirmed that internet marketing is the future of marketing techniques and strategies.

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