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Katherine's Story along with other stories archived under Project Legacy scripts were originally for use in the Western Visual Novel, Project Legacy. Since the game's development was halted, the echoes of what might have been live on here.

Katherine Jane Panzer Character Bio

Born October 20th 24XX

Current age 24

Height 167 cm

Weight 62 kg

Blood Type A pos

Birthplace Unknown (Probably America)

Current Residence England

Heritage German

Hair Colour Black/Blue

Hair Style Black:Short/Mid length (plaited, single, pictured)

	Blue:Fringe, streaks, informal

Eye Colour Dark Blue

Body Type Slim, Slight tone

Body Tone Fair

Body Features Bust-Waist-Hips: 86-59-84cm

Body Markings Scar on left shoulder (Thin, small)

	Scar on left hip (Very thin, small)
	Scarred knuckles (slight, small)
	Tattoo right shoulder (Rhino, pictured ~ Head only)
	Dark blue eye shadow

Clothing Tank top (Tight, white) Set 1 Shorts (Tight, black)

	Utility Belt (Thick, dark leather)
	Boots (Black, short, laced)
	Gloves (Black)
	Underwear (Blue)

Set 2 Military jacket (Dark green, pictured)

	Jeans (Black, denim)
	Military cap (Dark green)	
	Boots (Black, laced)
	Gloves (Black)

Items Necklace (gold ring on a long silver chain)

Habits Swearing, loud music, dismantle of objects

Loves Music, action films, coffee

Likes Finding out how things work by taking them apart, military weaponry, anything made with pork (Jaki’s cooking)

Dislikes Things she can’t put back together, love stories, long books, being corrected, fish,

Hates The quiet, large groups laughing, TV dinners, tea

Notes of Interest Takes her middle name from her Mother, and her first name from her Grandmother. Has no religious views though respects those that do.Prefers the dark.Afraid of Spiders.

The Panzer Family

Kath’s father was a weapon designer as was his father and his father’s father. Before the war Kath’s grandfather designed a type of armoured car, based on a new unique armour plate system design that allowed it to move parts separate to its chassis without becoming vulnerable. This meant it could cover any ground surface, easily able to cover huge ditches and climb over short walls. It was magnificent. The way it was able to move seemed both odd, yet natural. It set up her grandparents in a nice house with a steady income from royalties, securing the Panzer name in the military history book once more.

Her father, born before the war, was raised well without worry. He joined the military as a weapon designer following in his father’s footsteps to continue the family name. He was constantly trying to find a way to outdo his father’s creation, and as the war started he finally got the chance he had been waiting for. He created a weapon, one so powerful it could piece his father’s design, but his father’s creation was being solely used by the same military he worked for. Maybe it was that he sought to see his in action, maybe he wanted to prove that he could develop a weapon greater than his father, or maybe he just wanted the money. For whatever reason, he sold his design to the enemy. Word quickly spread that this weapon was being used, and he was mortified amongst his colleagues and peers, deemed an enemy to the country. As the very military he joined began to look for him, he fled with his wife and young daughter. It was around this time that Kath’s grandparents were killed in a bombing. The Panzer family name was forever tarnished.

He eventually ended up in England, a place somewhat undisturbed by the war. His wife was taken ill; he was unable to move around much more. His relationship with his daughter suffered greatly, as his wife often chose to spend time with her rather than rest. With the war going on and no friends or family to turn to, there was nothing he could do for her. He blamed his daughter for his wife’s death. He strongly believed should she had rested and not been so focused on Kath she could have recovered. He never designed any more weapons, instead began drinking, forever mourning his lost.

Nolan was asked to find him during the war; however upon discovering his corpse, Nolan came across Kath a few blocks away. It was simply a coincidence.

When Kath joined the British military, her strong will to restore her family name drove her into weapon design. She wants to prove herself worthy to her grandfather, and bring a new honour to her family name. Joining at the age of seventeen, she only saw the final two years of the war.

Childhood From Kath’s point of view

I moved around a lot as a kid. My mother was always sick before I was born. I never understood why, I was never told. She died when I was four, I don’t remember her at all. It’s the reason why my father could never forgive me, he held me responsible. He didn’t care how I did at school; he fed me cheap TV dinners and we would watch old action films whilst eating; I was never allowed to talk during them. I asked him about my mother once. I must have been about ten; it’s odd I don’t remember that. What I do remember is the way he answered me. It was as if a stranger had just pissed in his whisky. I do remember the bruises he gave me, the one on my leg hurt like crazy as I climbed out my bedroom window. That was the first night I left.

There was this club a few blocks away, really dirty and dodgy place, but the music;it’s like it didn’t care who was listening or how loud it was; it just took them on a ride. I would climb the old fire escape and sit on the roof. I would let my legs dangle off the edge, stare up at the sky and imagine I was walking across space, each step taking me further away.

A few nights later my father said he was ‘sick of looking at me’, and gave custody to my shitbag uncle. My uncle was a right piece of work; he would gamble the little money my father gave him to buy me stuff, along with anything else he could get his hands on. I often skipped meals, eating only when I had to, I would have to steal money from him just to buy something to eat. I think my father knew, but just didn’t care; it’s not like I visited him often, only when my uncle wanted more money. He never visited me once. I found myself going back to the club more and more often over those few months, often losing track of time, and getting a few slaps when my uncle would realise I was gone.

I still remember the night it started. I got back late, and as I climbed through my bedroom window, I could hear shouting from downstairs. I wish I had never gone back. I slowly moved to the landing, and all I could hear was my uncle crying like a fucking pussy. When I heard the other man’s voice, I had to go downstairs a little, he sounded so much like my father…I thought he had finally come to visit. It was this massive guy, in a red suit, like a bad guy pimp from some cheesy movie. There was other big guys with him, I don’t remember them though; all I remember is what he said. He raised his hand, and dangling from his blood covered fist was my mother’s wedding ring, dangling from my father’s chain. There’s no way my father would give it up, not for me, not for anything. He would rather die, and then it hit me. Like a ton of bricks, I froze. I couldn’t move an inch. My uncle turned his battered face to me, and sputtered blood as he spoke the next few words that sentenced me. I don’t even know how he knew I was there, I don’t remember if I was crying or screaming, I don’t remember it at all…The man in the red suit, he looked at me and said something, fuck knows what, I couldn’t hear a thing…I just wanted to go back to the club, runinto space and leave everything behind.

The next thing I know, I’m in a cage, hanging from the ceiling. Suddenly the lights come on, bright as shit. The man in red is laughing, there is naked women sat around him like dogs to an owner. There’s loads of other people there as well, fucking fatcats all in suits and those expensive dresses you only see in the movies. Before I could make any sense of it, the bottom of the cage springs open, and I fell. The sound of me crashing into the dust was overwhelmed by the laughter of those cunts. It was then I realised where I was. A fucking gladiator ring, and I was about to be feed to the lions. Their laughter quickly changed to cheering, as another girl crashed not far from me. I didn’t realise there was others. There must have been about twenty of us, all dropped into that fucking pit, whilst those bastards simply looked down and enjoyed the show that was about the begin. I heard the screams before I saw where they came from. The other girls, they were fucking insane, they started beating the fuck out of each other. I couldn’t believe what I was seeing, there were swords and other fucking random old school weapons and shit thrown in, and those bastards cheered it on…I had no choice.

I don’t even know how it happened. I couldn’t stop myself. I couldn’t feel anything. All I could hear was the music, the music back at the club. It was wonderful. My clothes were torn, dripping, soaked with blood. I was there, the last one. The last fucking one, but I still had the tune in my head. My dance wasn’t over yet. This huge door opened, I didn’t even realise it was a door until it started. There was a bunch of those massive guys behind it, the same ones behind that cunt in the red suit before. After all those girls, those thugs didn’t scare me. They didn’t stop me either as I climbed the stairs to the viewing area. I remember seeing those fucking faces, they weren’t cheering anymore. I made sure of that. The man in the red suit, I left him ‘til last. He pulled a gun on me, but I could see him shaking. A big massive fuck off cunt, stood there fucking shaking in his overpriced fucking boots. It was like dancing to the song I’ve been listening to all this time. I fucking loved it; it was so crisp in my ears. There was a door behind him; I didn’t even notice it for what seemed like ages I was hacking away at him. The music never stopped as I walked through the door. I knew where I was. It was pretty dark outside, but I knew. I was outside the club I had visited so often, the music playing in my head was real. What I had done was real. It was all real. I remember my eyes clouding over with tears, everything went hazy.

Next thing I know, I’m sat in the back of some car, handcuffed. The radio was playing; it was the same fucking song. It wasn’t long until I was at some barracks fuck knows where, and that’s when I found out who the driver was. It was Nolan, that cocky bastard. He saved me from reality, and gave my life, the song new meaning. I never heard that song again after all that, but I will never forget it for as long as I live.

Late Teenage Years

Kath was placed into the care of foster parents at the military base Nolan dropped her off at. It was common for fostering to take place in England, with the couples staying in a secured military base. They often would help raise and care for many of the officer’s children that were serving away, though many died in battle. It was like a twisted day-care centre where the children would never leave.

Kath found it hard to adjust. Each night she would have nightmares, or be awaken by alarms or shouting. She could never find words to express herself, and was deemed mute, unable to speak. The only person she ever did communicate to was her foster mother. She was deaf due to an explosion, and asked Kath to write her answers down. Though her foster father would sometimes see these messages, he often didn’t pay them any attention. Kath didn’t care. She deemed her foster mother as the only person worth talking to, as she was the only person who could hear her voice. She was unable to make any friends as the children that were ‘permanent’ residents never spoke to her, as she was unable to communicate with them in the way they wanted. Her foster mother was all she needed, a suitable role model.

The food was home cooked, something she had not experienced since her mother’s death. The schooling system in place taught only the basics by foster parents taking the place of the teacher. Kath did surprising well, only due to the other foster parents not knowing what to expect from someone who doesn’t speak. If it wasn’t for her writing and fair skin, they could believe she could be the child of an enemy from another country.

It was after about two years at the base when she met a solider by the name of John McClane. He was a young man on base who only caught her attention due to the headphones he had in. He was listening to music so loud that Kath could hear it as she walked past. Intrigued, it was the first time she had heard music similar to that of the memory she had spent so long to forget. He only realised she was following him when she tried to enter a building after him. He turned as faced the young girl he had seen so often yet heard so little about, who was so in awe of his music player. He gave it to her, the first gift she had ever been given that meant something to her. It was then she spoke the first words ever heard by her on the base. It was only a simple thank you, but it was a life changing moment yet again for her. He was the first to see her true smile and her second true passion was born.

Johnbecame Katherine’s first crush. Maybe it was a lust for the music he provided, the name he shared with an old fictional action hero, or that he was one of the first in a long time to acknowledge her, who knows.He wasn’t much to look at and failed to realise Kath’s feelings considering she was only twelve.He treated her more like a younger sister than anything, though this didn’t seem to bother her. He would bring her new tracks to listen to, and she would graciously accept. The rarely spoke much, often only opinions on songs. She would listen to him talk about which songs and bands he likes with glee and excitement. Whenever he would leave for combat she would spend ages sat on top of the school building, listening to the music for hours. Casting her mind aside from reality, it was only with the music she felt comfort. Each week when he would return she would be waiting for him at the gates with a smile on her face when she saw him arrive.

After almost another year, on the third anniversary on her entering the base, she was celebrating her birthday. She was unsure of her real birthday, but it was the date that she entered her foster mothers care. Her thirteenth birthday meant a great deal to her foster mother. She was baked a cake, had balloons put up in her room and was given the day off from her chores. Though Katherine had never thought much of this day, this time was different. Today John came back, and it excited her. If her foster mother had made such a big deal about her birthday, she wondered if John would do the same. As soon as she was able to politely leave, she did so and rushed straight for the gates. There she waited. An hour pasted another, and another. It quickly grew dark and began to rain as she waited patiently; replaying the track he had given her the previous week over and over. She didn’t budge until morning. When the car finally did arrive, he wasn’t on board.

It was at this young age of thirteen that she had decided so strongly what she wanted to do. She swore to create something that would change the war, something to put to shame her father’s design and yet be able to protect those that need protecting. A weapon so powerful that people would be afraid of it, so afraid they wouldn’t want to fight anymore.

Taking to the roof of the school building as a place she felt comfortable, she borrowed her foster father’s tool bag and found as many books about weaponry design, engineering and the military as she could. No longer did she stare at the sky; her eyes remained focused on her goal. She would be scorned often for borrowing anything she was able to get her hands on, taking it apart and leaving the pieces up on the roof as she tried to put it back together. She would spend hours up there, listening to whatever music fitted her mood, tinkering with electronics and researching modern weapons. Though her foster parents didn’t approve, they could not help but see how happy she was. It brought warmth to their hearts, seeing her so determined and full of joy. She had finally found the calling she had been searching for. Each birthday following she asked only for more tools, her collection growing with her age. On her sixteenth birthday she was given a small garage to work in rather than using the school roof. It became a second home she named ‘Panzer’s Den’.


Katherine entered the military officially at the age of seventeen. It came far quicker than she expected; her design still incomplete. She already knew several officers from the base and was granted a place in the academy without issue. It was here she honed her skills far greater than ever before. She loved it. She very quickly gained the respect of her commanders and teachers as the previous years of fiddling with electronics gave her such a vast understanding of their inner workings. Her knowledge shone through the new equipment she was granted to use, and she excelled amongst the others.

Dragging pieces of equipment up to the roof for so long meant she was in pretty good shape as well, able to surprise her training officers in the endurance tests. It was in hand to hand combat though where they really took notice of her. Her speed, power and utter determination enforced fear into anyone she was paired against. Her peers dubbed her ‘Panzer’ after not only her surname, but the old German word for armour or tank as no was seemed able to break her resolve. She was able to fit in amongst the other male soldiers far greater than the lady like ones she considered fake.

When she wasn’t training, she would continue to tinker with any electronics she could get a hold of, using the new tools available to her to advance her knowledge. Her ability to repair and piece back together instruments was something that caught the eye of a leading engineering officer. He quickly had her moved to his regiment and watched her develop. Given the freedom she had desired, she was leave to her own devices and when asked to complete tasks, she would break record times as long as she was able to listen to music whilst doing so.

Her nickname continued throughout her journey through the ranks, as she was often referred to anunstoppable and relentless rhino. Quiet and heavily armoured, only lashing out when angered. They would watch in amazement as she entered her zone, making engineering look like child’s play. She found it easy, the only challenge facing her was the goal she had begun to let slip her mind. By her nineteenth birthday she had gotten comfortable without realising it.

It was a visit from Nolan that reignited her flame. Though he was only pasting through and she never actually saw him, she heard the report and the mention of his name was enough to bring back the memories she had forgotten. She wasn’t seen much after this unless she was truly needed; it would take a report from a commanding officer to drag her away from her work. She spent all her time designing, creating and exploring weaponry like had never been seen before by a single person. She wore blue eye shadow to cover the bags under her eyes as she spent many restless nightsaltering her designs. She felt comfortable wearing very little in the hot dark room she worked in so often.

After a few months her commanding officer, the same one that had originally moved her into his regiment, paid her a visit. He could barely make her out in the darkness, but when he turned off the music she quickly appeared. He informed her that the war was over, and the words seem to almost scar into her mind. She was disappointed she didn’t get to finish her design in time, yet relieved. Her bad habits stayed with her as she entered back into the social world; swearing, wearing minimal clothing, and the dark blue eye shadow, all of it. Society didn’t seem to mind though, as her skills help aid the people who needed it. She never did go back to that room.

It was a couple of years after the war had ended that she was called upon by her commanding officer again. Someone had discovered her weapon design and they wanted her to develop it further. They believed it would give them the edge if completed over any other state, pirate or opponent. However in the two years she had spent helping society, she saw what the cost of war truly was. It had taken her family, her first crush and scarred the world forever. The amount of lives she witnessed trying to survive the aftermath made her realise how truly wrong she was. She refused to create her weapon, stating on the grounds that no one should hold the power over another like that again. She said instead she wants to create something that would help rebuild humanity, and bring new hope to the people. Angered by this, the discharged her from service.

She travelled a lot after this, selling her skills under ‘Panzer Travelling Repairs’ for just enough to make ends meet. She spent her twenty second birthday getting drunk in a pub somewhere near what was Cornwall. She heard some mutterings of Nolan, and what had happened to him in regards to the war. The group began to bad mouth him, and she responded with little regard for herself. This caused a far greater stir than she realised, and she found herself leaving hastily.

She travelled in search of Nolan, following in his footsteps across the world. Bizarrely, he had heard and recognised her from the officers he was still in contact with. In need of an engineer, he too tracked her down. They finally did meet in a pub in what was Texas. He asked her if she could repair the faulty radio, if she could fix it before he finished his pint he would give her a job. She had repaired it by the time he took to swallow his third gulp. When he asked about the music player she had used previous to the restoration, she replied that it was a condition to her contract. Nolan could only smile as the young girl he hardly remembered had truly become a grown adult woman. They both began to chuckle and the verbal contract was finally agreed.

On board the ship, she does most of the general electrical repairs under any orders from Nolan or Julian. The other crew know little about her past as she spends most of the spare time she has tinkering in her workshop trying to create something in her grandfather’s memory whilst still maintaining a peaceful attitude, venturing out only to preform jobs. She does socialise every now and then however, usually at the request of Nolan to show her face, often in terms of a drink with the others.

She gets along well with most of the other crew members, and appreciates that Jaki would have her food sent to her workshop. Though young, quiet and withdrawn at times, the other crew members respect her and enjoy what time they do spend together. Only Nolan would call her by her first name however, as she often introduces and refers to herself as Panzer.

Project Legacy

- Written by Murse, Mid 2012.

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