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The JWH Compounds

The JWH compound was first synthesized in the 90s and acts on the CB1 and CB2 receptors, similar to, but not exactly the same as cannabis.


I believe these chemicals are illegal for public trade now. Tell me if I'm wrong, but just a word of caution. Don't seek these things out if they are illegal.


I first discovered the JWH compounds in highschool while on probation. Before K2 became popular (when Salvia was the big new “thing” )I was on probation and I had heard about blend in Europe known as “Spice” blends, and I had also heard that you could smoke them without failing a drug test. When I was younger I was really into discovering something that was “like weed” (which only led me to discovering that though some things may be “euphoric, sedatives” and though they may BOOST the effects of weed when used together… Nothing was actually “like weed”… Nothing NATURAL anyways. I had tried many many different plants, including: Kava, Kanna, Kratom, etc. (which are all valuable in their own ways, but are not a replacement for cannabis) but nothing seemed to be similar to marijuana. So I did some research on these spice blends and discovered that the ACTUAL thing getting you high wasn't herbal at all, it was a lab made PURE chemical, sprayed in small doses onto leaf material. So I decided to order a sample of this chemical (It was legal at the time, but I believe it is federally illegal to sell openly to the public now) and try it for myself. I received 1 gram in the mail, and tested it out.

The first one I got was JWH-018. The first time I tried it, it was like my first time smoking weed again. It was amazing, and while you smoke it, you really feel like it feels like weed (until you have plenty of weed, then weed just seems so much better). I was on probation so I decided to buy more. Soon I was going through about a gram a week. Once I got off probation I stopped smoking it and went back to good old mary j.

Then I moved to Denton and started smoking what most people would call: “a lot” of it. Like a gram in 4-5 days, because I wasn't in my home town and all I could find were $20/g of dank, which isn't always affordable. This is when I tried JWH-250 which I felt like was the same as JWH-018, but realized it was a lot lighter and easier for new smokers to handle, but it still feels like your first time smoking weed the first time you smoke it, even if you have had JWH-018 before. During this time I saw a lot of people reach their “Breaking Point”. I reached mine in my first 1 or 2 grams. What happened to me is: My body locked up and I had to lay on my bed for about 45 minutes. I had been using my laptop previous to laying down, but it made me nauseas to do anything but lay still. Even moving my arm the slightest bit made me feel sick. But once it's over it never happens again. I've seen other people lock up and have to lay down. One girl thought it had only been like 15 minutes, when in reality like 2 hrs had passed while she starred at the floor. Another kid vomited all night while I switched out trash bags for him.

My theory on what is happening is, there have been tests that showed heavy JWH usage EXPANDS and THICKENS your CB1 and CB2 receptors. So I think what the pain and locking up is, is your brain dealing with the fact that a section of it is having tremendous instant growth. And it hurts.

Then I moved to California, and believe it or not it was kinda hard to find weed. We were working all day at an avocado factory, and it was an hour away so 2 extra hrs were spent driving, and that was when traffic was good (we lived like 45 minutes outside LA to the East and worked right outside San Diego). And the weed was not very well priced, so I started buying cannabinoids again.

This time I got REAL bad with it though. It was cheaper than marijuana. And with JWH you only have to take like 0.005g on a scale (5mg) for STRONG effects (unless you start using a lot, then 0.005g lasts you like 5 minutes before you want more). So I was buying it about once a week and getting 2, 1/8ths at a time. And I was smoking a gram a day between me and 1 other room mate (The 3rd room mate didn't smoke it), which is heavier usage than I have ever even read about. But even at these doses we were able to not only function, but go to work and visit family regularly (my roommates mom lived pretty close, and she was the one renting us the house). The main down side is, marijuana never really gets you as high ever again. It's still awesome, but you have to have previously truly loved marijuana or you may lose interest.

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