“Anna, dear, you look lovely. Now, I'm going to go fetch your dress right away, darling.”

The elderly woman patted Anna's back and skipped away near the dressing rooms. Anna sighed and stroked her silky, white gloves. The woman returned with a long, fluffy dress. Diamonds nipping at the lace near the opening where her legs belonged, and a row of jewels making a “v” shape around the collarbone area. She smiled and gently took the dress from her, thanking her with a nod, her cheeks flushed with a crimson, salmon hue.

“Thank you, Glenda. I'm positive you looked gorgeous on your wedding day, too.” Anna reassured the elder with a grin, the woman responding with a bright smile.

“Anna, my wedding wasn't gorgeous. But those words, you reminded me of my husband. He always told me how pretty I was on my wedding day, dear lord I miss him.” “Do you mind me asking what happened to him..?” She retorted to her with a question.

“Anna…Do be honest, I do not know what happened to him. I was in the barn when I heard him scream, I ran into the house only to find his corpse laying there, intestines and organs torn out of his stomach.” Glenda sighed, brushing away a tear from her eye socket.

“G..Glenda, I had no idea. I apologize sincerely, I shouldn't have asked..” Sympathy struck through Anna's body.

“Anna, it isn't your fault for being curious. Calm down, dear. Would you like to put on the dress now? The wedding is going to start, soon.” A crooked smile appeared on Glenda's face. “Heh..I guess..And sure, give me a moment.” Anna slid into one of the small rooms and slowly removed her clothing, replacing it with the gorgeous gown. She twirled around in front of the mirror for some time and giggled.

“Come on now, Anna. Show us that beautiful dress of yours!” A different voice echoed through the room, it was Anna's mother.

Anna slowly walked out of the room and ran into her mother's arms, hugging her deeply. “Mother, you're here!”

“Of course I am, why would I ever miss your wedding, Anna?” Placing a kiss on her daughter's forehead, she chuckled and faced Glenda.

“Your daughter sure is lovely, Miranda. She looks just like you!” Miranda nodded and sat down, gazing at her daughter's dress.

“So, you're calling her ugly?” Miranda giggled. “Mother, you are not ugly. Stop putting yourself down!” Anna rolled her eyes with a chuckle, along with Glenda. “Thank you, Anna, but you do not need to worry about me.” Miranda gave her daughter a kiss on the cheek. “I must get going now I suppose. The wedding will start soon, Anna.” Glenda replied with a gentle tone and headed out of the crystal exit.

“Well…I..I guess I should be getting out there.” Anna stuttered. She flinched as her nails began to claw at her arm, itching roughly. Miranda's eyes widen with horror as she stared at Anna's arm, a wet spot of crimson fluid forming bigger, and bigger, and bigger. Anna gasped, stopping the scratching as she rushed over to the small bathroom, ripping off her lacy sleeve. Gorey content laid underneath her glove, blood was spurting out from her wrist. Veins throbbed, and flesh was warping slowly. Snatching a paper towel, she wrapped it tightly around her wrist. The wedding was about to begin, it was all Anna could do at the time. She removed her other glove and started to slowly step down a step to the entrance of the isle. Miranda took a seat next to Anna's sister, Sarah, and watched her daughter with joyful tears in her eyes. Suddenly, her father, George, took Anna's arm and walked her down the isle. Pain pulsed through Anna's arm, she continued to fake a smile, and grip George's arm tightly.

Eventually, Anna reached her soon-to-be-husband, Tom, and the two's hands attached without hesitation. Anna squeezed his hand tighter than her own strength-level, causing Tom to reject a jerk. The priest started his speech, the bride was blocking out his words. Agony clawed at her wrist. She hissed in her mind, wanting to just cry her eyes out.

After they said their “I dos” the after-party began. Tom started dancing with Anna, gazing deeply into her eyes. He could see her glistening eyes guarding pain, and he gently whispered something into her ear. “Anna, are you alright? You squeezed my hand pretty tight earlier, and you look…Worried.” Tom tilted his head and waited for her reply.

“I..I scratched my wrist earlier pretty hard and I have a bad wound. It's really hurting me, but I'm refusing to go to the hospital on our wedding night.” “Show me it?” He rubbed her shoulder gently. “Er..Okay, but it's not pretty. Come to the back room, I don't want to reveal it out here.” She sighed and beckoned him to go with her. Tom followed.

Anna slowly unwrapped her poorly made bandage, it was hardened from all of the blood she lost. Her hand shook, and out of a moment of pain she screamed and threw a bible at the wall. It was the closest object she could see, and her heart raced faster than ever. “T..Tom….” Anna struggled to get breath out of her.

“ANNA! I AM TAKING YOU TO THE HOSPITAL, YOU CAN NOT KEEP LOSING BLOOD LIKE THAT! YOU NEED STITCHES!” Tom screamed, horrified. His eyes wanted to look away from the throbbing wound, but couldn't. The room went silent. A quiet squelching sound was the only noise that was to be heard.

Tom began to shake. His pupils shrinking, and his Cornea growing. The sight he saw, will never be forgotten. A colossal, breathing, throbbing, pulsing, squelching, squealing, bloody, orangey hued creature bursts out of Anna's flesh. Anna gasped, thick, chunky russet pigmented liquid trickled down her chin and drenched her beautiful clothing. Chunks and chunks of unknown body parts flowed like a rushing river out of her mouth. The slimy worm coiled itself tightly around Anna's arm. Tom's sight began to fade away into flashes of gorey images and blackness. He faded away completely, his bodice fell to the ground with Anna's. Her Cornea and pupil sunk to the back of her head, only her whites visible. Gurgling cut off her speech, and her face turned a baby blue shade. Taking her last gasp of air, she passed.

The worm clenched her waist, and started to chew her belly. The flesh warped and teared gently, death kicking in quite quickly. Its sleek, vein-exposed body slithered inside of her, resting on her intestine bed. It continued to attempt to pleasure its never-ending-hunger by chewing through a few, warm blood soothing him. A dark, demonic laughter filled the room, and the creature slithered underneath Anna's rib cage.

Good night, sleep tight, and don't let the bed bugs bite.


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