Jupiter – the Jolly Caregiver

The earliest civilizations had a view of the world that was probably frightening but also very wondrous. They didn't have telescopes, computers and the Internet to tell them the right position of the celestial bodies. The stars and the planets were mysterious sparkling objects that moved on the deep, dark night’s sky. All those flying disks they saw had to be viewed and analyzed for decades until the shamans and priests created the first calendars, decided when the seasons start and end and when is the best time to harvest, plant and store their yields. Not just that, but they have managed to recognize which of those celestial objects are fixed, which ones change their position frequently and which ones move in groups. They watched the edges of the heavenly landscape touch the earth every night, which gave them the idea that they visit the earth during the day and come back at the sky every night, in the form of Gods and divine beings. Jupiter, as the largest flying disk in the sky, held a special significance for a very long time.

Jupiter in Mythology

Jupiter is the name of a dominant god in the Roman mythology; in Greek mythology his name is Zeus. Since Jupiter and Venus were the brightest stars in the sky the ancient astronomers could see, they were accredited for being the gods of luck. The early Germans called Jupiter Thor and he is one of the most prominent gods in the Scandinavian mythologies. The traits for Thor, Zeus and Jupiter are all the same. Although they were considered most powerful, these gods did not consider themselves to be supreme and omniscient, and they shared their rulership with their brothers, lovers, wives and other lesser gods. As a supreme god, the home of Zeus was on mount Olympus. There, he had a special throne, from where he could observe all human and godly interactions. Two ravens were sitting on his shoulders, named Memory and Thought, which assisted him in making righteous decisions. He was the god of the skies, and his weapon was the lighting, from which he could create thunders, tornadoes and rain, and travel through the sky. Zeus’ wife was his sister Hera, but he was known for his charms and the seduction of many other mortals and godly beings. The name for Jupiter in Latin is Jove, meaning love, which is the origin of the English word juvenile. Zeus affinity towards love affairs is not depicted as sexual, but rather creative. He had the power to transform himself in many shapes, few of which ended up as constellations in the sky. Zeus, Thor and Jupiter were the most honorable gods of all, and they are seen as protective father figures. They were known to defend the righteous and punish those who break the oaths. Zeus is seen as presiding divine being of the sky and earth, father of all men and women, and the personification of justice and the law. Thor’ mighty hammer (the judge’s gavel) of justice is still used to this day in courtrooms.

The Atmosphere on Jupiter

Jupiter wasn’t the official supreme god in many mythologies for no reason. This giant of a planet can fit all other planets in our solar system or around 100 earths. Astronomers have only inspected its surface, because his supremacy doesn’t grant access to its core so easily. Under the giant clouds of gas there are constant storms, wild winds and whirlpools caused by cyclones. Whirlwinds, thunderbolts and electrical discharges are honoring this ancient god and his designated weapon of choice on every square, embodying the fearsome, but generous transcendent deity. His notorious charming and childlike reputation is also protected on the atmosphere of the actual planet Jupiter. Just as Zeus was attractive for the obsolete goddesses and mortal women, this planet too attracts every celestial object nearby, with its colossal and powerful gravitational pull. Jupiter has around 50 orbiting moons and asteroids, one of which was devoured by him in 1994. Jupiter has always been associated with the metal tin. It is the metal used as protection in the manufacturing of alloys, like Rose's metal, Field's metal, English pewter and Queen's metal, an alloy whose recipe was kept as a secret for the creation of pieces for the royal family in England. In 2011, the famous Juno mission was launched to examine Jupiter’s core, and by 2016 we will know if there is an actual tin on this planet. Interestingly, in the past, cans made of tin were used in theatres to produce the sound of thunderbolts.

Jupiter in Astrology

In ancient India, every king was allowed to rule over his realm only 12 years, following the cycle of Jupiter through the constellations. Once the cycle ended, the king had to commit ritual suicide in front of the public. Jupiter together with Venus made a magnificent, flashy conjunction on the night Jesus was born, guiding the three kings toward the star of Bethlehem.

In astrology, this planet is considered very favorable. It is the star of luck and expansion, the indicator of lucky breaks in one’s life. In the natal chart Mercury points to the way the person thinks on a day to day basis, where Jupiter is the planet of the higher mind. It suggests to the methods of appreciating the higher goals in life, our ideology, religion and spirituality. The placement of Jupiter in the natal chart can describe the moral values of a person, the way he or she understands the world, the universe and their interconnection. Its juvenile, tolerant and optimistic nature grants us with our life purpose, our personal growth and aspirations. Like all other planets, this one too can be either benevolent or malevolent, depending on its placement, and the aspects it makes with the rest of the planets in the chart. Generally, its position shows where the universe is giving us a way to success, to gratitude, hope and honor. It can be either the judge or the caregiver, based on the path we have chosen in our lives.

It is the natural ruler of the ninth and the twelfth house, the houses of the higher mind, knowledge and consciousness, and it’s represented by the sign Sagittarius, the most truth seeking sign in the zodiac. Its house position in our birth chart shows the area of life where we can find the fastest way to our inner happiness. Its sigh complements our idea of happiness, the way we humor ourselves and others, our level of consciousness and optimism, and the beacon we reach out to. Jupiter is our greatest friend in the skies, the celestial body that awards abundance and prosperity. Regardless of its position and aspects, it can guide us on our righteous path.

Jupiter in the First House

In the house of the self, Jupiter will make you loved, respected and adored, just like a god. The adoration will come naturally and with everyone you meet, not because you will make something special to be cherished, but because your overall appearance, attitude and influence on other people will be very enabling. First house Jupiter says the person will be very playful, confident and at ease with himself. They will be highly aware of their identity, their role and their overall direction. Some aspects might make you a little bigheaded and overconfident, but your dignified approach to people will eliminate your somewhat cocky behavior. With this position you will feel no strings when expressing yourself and you will probably do well in your business and social circles. Others will pay reverence to your broad minded, logical and determined views, and you might have a natural affinity towards a high standing occupational position, such as a government official, lawyer, professor or a theologian. When this planet is not naturally in your first house, but only transiting it, you will feel particularly self-confident and ready to conquer the world, especially in the beginning of the transit. You will have a new sense of belonging and hope, regardless of the events from your past. Dealings with the public are extremely favorable, because others will notice your new, fresh and courageous approach to your life goals.

Jupiter in the Second House

When Jupiter is found in the second house, this may very likely suggest material abundance. Your rational ability to use your business mind may get you very far in the material world, where you will feel easy to project a copious self-image. This placement shows an inclination to radiate self-assurance and opulence, traits that are highly appreciated for attaining personal wealth. The planet of luck increases the chances of overall material security and prosperity, but your lavish styles may sometimes lead to less advantageous prospects. Some astrologers suggest that this placement will most likely guarantee a career in the law, education, banking or insurance, but all professions where you will be able to demonstrate your prominent voice will be favored. Sometimes life throws at us scenarios that are far from fortunate and Jupiter’ immoderate nature and ambitions in this house might give you objectives that are higher than your customary target range. You need to learn to use Jupiter’ freely given lucky opportunities to your advantage, and not depend entirely on good fortune. When Jupiter transits your second house, it is an indication of a period where your personal values and earning abilities will be increased. Your productive power will be enhanced and you may become involved in events that will increase your income.

Jupiter in the Third House

With Jupiter in the third house, the house of the mind, you tend to be the incorruptible righteousness supporter. People come to you for advice very often because your judgment is as good as gold. You have a natural rational observance which can’t be swayed or tarnished. Your everyday thinking processes and communication style is cheerful, optimistic, sympathetic and expansive and people will love getting into conversations with you. You are well educated, smart and literate, personal traits that will attract people with different mental interests. Your mind is not satisfied with only one explanation and you may jump from one topic to another, in order to think of the best solution. The wide-ranging scope of knowledge and topics you are interested in will broaden your horizons and you will like to share your understanding with the public. The third house is also the house of close siblings, and Jupiter here suggests healthy relations with brothers and sisters. Once this planet starts the passage through your third house, you can expect more enthusiastic conversations. You will be able to understand more complex topics and present them to whoever’s interested. People will be generally more interested in what you have to say, because your comprehension will be clear, just and sharp.

Jupiter in the Fourth House

The energy from Jupiter tends to expand in the fourth house, the house in the home, roots and family values. You were probably raised with strong morals and you will tend to be the best teacher and leading example as a parent. A person with this placement is probably the family’s favorite child, and Jupiter here promises privileged, peaceful and comfortable family zone. It also suggests that the individual will seek to build a safe, protecting and secure family home. Multiple properties are possible, or reconstructing a bigger, more extravagant house. Your family values are important to you and you want to keep your relationship with your parents as strong as possible. For people with this planetary configuration, the happiness is always found at home, whether that is the home of the parents or the home one builds. It also suggests a well-off situation later in life and comfortable retirement. When the planet of opportunities transits your fourth house, it is the time for family reunions, balancing domestic relationships and connecting with the roots. Your sense of belonging and security will be enhanced and nice opportunities for selling or buying a property might arise. Since this is the planet of expansion, you might welcome a new member in the family.

Jupiter in the Fifth House

Unless there is another heavy planetary influence, Jupiter in the house of romance, entertainment and games will certainly create abundance. You will attract members of the opposite sex like Jupiter attracts his moons in his orbit, and children and animals will love being around you too. You will create an aura of playfulness, creativity and easiness around you and rarely someone will be able to resist your charms. The ability to express yourself will be highly enhanced by this position of Jupiter, where you will find joy in taking your creative talents on a new level every day. Because this is also the house of children, Jupiter here will give you the patience and tolerance to spread your creative knowledge throughout the younger generations, or everyone who’s willing to learn. You will be naturally good and lucky at games and too often, tempted to gamble. People with this placement often express themselves creatively. You can try painting, sculpting home decorating projects and etc. When Jupiter travels through your fifth house, get ready for a year of romance, fun and boosted social life. Meeting a new special someone or two may be an option and you will have to plan your time efficiently to meet everyone who’s reaching out to you.

Jupiter in the Sixth House

When the jovial nature of Jupiter rules your working environment, you will be the coworker everyone wants to work with. You may not be the most reliable colleague, but you will certainly be the good natured one who sees the big picture. You want to have the room available for your professional expression and the option to choose your own setting. You are not the most methodical employee and you might miss the important details from time to time, but your charisma and honesty will make up for your immature behavior. With this placement, you might also delay your education for a few years, because your personal experience will be more important that school. Because the sixth house is also the house of your health, be careful how you take care of your health. The careless influence of Jupiter will make you indulge in unhealthy foods, alcohol or even drugs. With the help of other planetary influences or if Jupiter is in the right sign, you may be attracted to medical, counseling or the science professions. When you have Jupiter transiting your sixth house, you can expect a more harmonious working environment. Some of your colleagues might ask for your advice or insight on some matter and if you search for an employee at this time, you will probably find the most suitable one.

Jupiter in the Seventh House

In the seventh house, Jupiter will add charm in all of your one on one encounters and endeavors. You are very generous as a business partner and marriage partner, but you might fail to pay attention to the important stuff in your relationships. Jupiter will make you confident and alluring for your partners, but take some time to evaluate if you put enough effort into your relationship. Luck and charms may be enough when you start a partnership, but they are not enough once the road becomes a little rocky. Some astrologers believe that with this placement of Jupiter, the individual may have more than one partner, business or marital, and that they also may be foreign, older or more profound. All partnerships will have a long and fruitful lifetime. The sound judgment of Jupiter in the seventh house may make you a famous lawyer, politician, government employee or other various professions where your advising will be required. When this planet transits your seventh house it will be a time marked for public recognition. You may establish a business partnership that will bear extreme success or get married with your significant half. It is also very likely that you will benefit from any foreign relationship or successfully negotiate your way out of an old legal dispute.

Jupiter in the Eighth House

In the eighth house Jupiter will give you an open mind for taboos. You won’t be easily shocked and may be talented to find the root complex difficulties and resolve them. You are naturally strategic and enthusiastic about research. Investigation of deep, mysterious subjects might be an interest of yours, where you may be able to find the answers to many age old questions and life mysteries. This is also the house of your partner’s money, so a rich marriage may be a big possibility. If not, your marital partner will certainly become rich at some point of his life or be exceptionally giving and caring. You are certainly giving and generous towards your loved one, and comfortable with your emotional nature. The connection you will make with your lovers will be extremely emotional. You will tend to seek very sensitive partners and people with whom you can connect deeply. The transit of Jupiter in your eighth house signifies a period where you will come to terms with your spirituality, emotional depths and sharing your assets with a partner. You will give up power and realize that every ending is a new beginning. This will be the time when you will realize what the word “intimacy” really means and you won’t mind being vulnerable. Your partner may inherit money, property or other benefits.

Jupiter in the Ninth House

The placement of Jupiter in the ninth house indicates a natural teacher. You have a tendency to understand even the most elaborate philosophical doctrines and share them with such wisdom that might make you the next messiah. You will enjoy upgrading your knowledge, learning new languages, studying new religions and searching for all kinds of information. Since you are able to comprehend all viewpoints and understand profound matters, you may become interested in the occult, astrology, dream interpretation and etc. You will want to guide others towards their own enlightenment or hold a high position in a religious, academic, philanthropic or philosophic establishment. Your intellectual perception will be extremely enhanced and your mind will be logical, intuitive and insightful. Your whole life you will have the feeling that you were born to inspire, guide and teach. During the one year transit of Jupiter through your ninth house, petty matters will not catch your attention. Your mind will search for topics on which you will be able to gain much more understanding and you will be open to all kinds of intellectual matters. Connection to foreign people and places may be very beneficial and you might be interested in topics that never crossed your mind before. Higher education is very likely during this time.

Jupiter in the Tenth House

When Jupiter is in the tenth house of your natal chart, others may see your advancement in your career as extremely lucky. As a matter of fact, luck may not play such a big role, because your attitude will be optimistic and winning all the time. You have an ethical approach to your career and are very aware of the self-image you project. Achievement and success are an important aspect of your life, which you will attain with the help of your mature and resourceful outlook. As an employee, you are very liked by the higher ups, because you focus on expansion and winning. Grandiosity and benevolence are the key words describing you as an employer and people will fight to work for you. Because Jupiter is the king of all gods, he does not want to work so much, rather give advices, lecture and guide. You will feel confined with a boring office job, where your insight is not valued and where you don’t have many chances to go up on the ladder. Your professional front will become the main focus while Jupiter transits your tenth house. If there aren’t any opportunities for advancement at the time, you will find a way to get noticed. The publicity is yours for this year or two during Jupiter’ transit, where you will get the chance to find another job, earn a promotion or find an audience for your professional projects. Make sure you take advantage of this transit, because almost any type of endeavor will turn out to be successful.

Jupiter in the Eleventh House

If Jupiter is in the eleventh house in your chart, you must value your social interaction than most anything. You probably have a wide and extensive social circle, and are a part of many social gatherings and groups. You want to be involved in many social activities, most of them for the greater good, because they enhance your humanitarian spirit. A true altruistic person has this placement, and their own contentment means nothing to them if their community is not happy. You are generally accepted by the masses and all of your opinions, thoughts and projects will be greatly acknowledged. Your own personal freedom is most important for your general wellbeing and you value other people freedom as much as your own. You may be the head of charitable organizations and foundations, where you will be able to express your generosity best. People with this placement have great chance to gain wealth, get noticed by the superiority and have influential friends and acquaintances. During Jupiter’s transit through this house, you may want to present your projects, long term goals and aspirations, because luck will be on your side. You may want to increase your social activities, become a member of clubs and community groups and widen your circles.

Jupiter in the Twelfth House

Jupiter in the twelfth house is a sign of a noble person. Whenever there’s a lady in distress you will be the first to help out and set things straight. Your faith in the universe is immeasurable and you are a deeply conscious person. You want to help others, not to create your own good karma, but because you believe that’s the way the world should work. You don’t seek recognition for your own good deeds and you often help out other without them knowing. You want to help the humankind and you may volunteer in hospitals, prisons and healthcare institutions. You love all human beings and everything else in the universe. The true personification of the generous and benevolent god Jupiter. Material things have no significance in your life and you tend to be a little dreamy. Alternative medicine, natural healing, psychoanalysis and the occult provide spiritual cleansing and fulfillment for people with this placement. Once Jupiter enters your twelfth house, you will become more aware of your own actions, even those which you did unconsciously. Deep seeded fears, traumas and self-destructive undoing’s can all be analyzed, healed and laid bare. Your subconscious mind is open and ready to be modified, so you can keep walking on your path towards enlightenment.

Jupiter in the Signs

If Jupiter shares its energy through Aries, you will get lucky whenever you inspire others. You feel that you’re expanding when you are leading, brainstorming ideas and starting things. You may not be very efficient if things get slow or stuck, because you value instant results. You like to be appreciated and your projects recognized, but you don’t like working with others, unless you are leading the way. You make your own judgments and you are not a follower of other peoples' opinions. Your attitude is courageous and your approach very confident. You enjoy being active and social.

If Jupiter is in Taurus in your birth chart, money makes you happy. Attaining material possessions is the road to your confidence. Getting rich overnight is not your idea of happiness, because you want to earn your gold fair and square. You are patient and practical and you want to calculate your goals before you reach out to grab them. You are not a risk taker and will avoid gambling and taking chances to realize your objectives. You are generous with your success and will share your wealth with your close ones. Over indulgence is a risk with Jupiter in Taurus, whether you want to eat too much, drink too much or lay in bed all day.

When Jupiter is in Gemini, the individual may speak more than one language. They feel happiest when they are informed or collecting information. They love being around people and will enjoy their company. Jokes and wit are their best friends. Jupiter in Gemini tends to see the big picture, but often gets stuck in the details. Their natural curiosity is fun and accepted and they want to know everything about their social groups and friends. The idea of expanding revolves around the mind in this position, more accurately around learning and the search for information. Multitasking is not a problem here. These people need it to feel smart, but they tend to get bored if the subject is too familiar.

Happiness for Jupiter through Cancer is giving, caring and emotional connection. They feel most comfortable with themselves when they are able to help you, and refusing their help might make them feel isolated and rejected. Their home is their comfort zone and they tend to create the most secure and warm family atmosphere. They are not the best business minds, but they often rely on their strong and accurate intuition. Their gut feeling is often what leads these souls to achievement and happiness and they should rely more on their imagination. Inclination towards moodiness and depression may prevent their happiness and kill their dreamy spirit.

When Jupiter is in Leo, you will find it difficult when people disagree with you. Your goal is to be widely accepted and recognized, which is often the source of your happiness. You are attracted to memorable people and your spirit is quite extraordinary too. You will most likely be prosperous is fields like entertainment, the arts, recreation and children. Generosity is your soul purpose and you want to be giving and considerate. You avoid empty egoism, but will gladly and proudly share your success and fame with the public.

Being able to show their practical mind, helpfulness and honesty is what will make a Virgo Jupiter happy. They like realistic people and people who have goals and calculated plans. They don’t like being thrown in chaotic settings, but will sort things out faster than any other zodiac sign. They are proud of their resourcefulness and the ability to create big things from very little. You don’t see the big picture unless you have every puzzle in the frame. Taking risks, being part of tricky businesses and scams is not your idea of fun and getting ahead.

If the world was fair and harmonious, a Libra Jupiter person will be the happiest face on the earth. They are extremely analytical and want to understand the connection between people and what makes them harmonious. They play fair and don’t take sides until they inspect every side of the story. Opportunities abound in the fields like mediating, music, architecture and fashion. They can’t work alone and need others to bounce ideas back. Being part of a team is what makes them feel secure and comfortable, and will most likely form partnerships in business. They are very considerate, understanding and people persons.

If Jupiter is in Scorpio, you must be extremely dedicated to all of your projects. You don’t do anything half through and you want to complete every one of your endeavors. Intense and complicated undertakings are the type of activities you often choose, because they give you the opportunity to use your deep, immense inner strength. Your charm is magnetic and you tend to have passionate and extreme relationships. Jupiter Scorpios are most content when they are a part of secretive endeavors, where they can show their talent for revealing secrets. They are the best judges of character and may find pleasure in psychoanalysis and therapy.

For people with Jupiter in Sagittarius, only absolute freedom is happiness. They will enjoy their careless spirits and restless enthusiasm. Their minds are all about learning, philosophy and intellectual improvement. People might see them as jack of all trades, because they never finish what they start. Traveling and meeting new people is what fills these people’s hearts with joy. Sagittarius is a mutable sign, which means that their minds might change from time to time, seeking new thrust and wisdom, and they adapt very fast on every circumstance. They are the idea boosters, the motivators in the group, but they sometimes fail to practice what they preach.

Put your trust is a person with Jupiter in Capricorn, because they never walk the road unless absolutely sure they will see the finish line. Their commitment to a project is inspiring and they should be a part of every business team. A Capricorn can complete any task, regardless of its difficulty, you just have to give them a little time. They never give up on their projects, because they are organized, disciplined and have the strength to carry one when others give up. Everything they do is either for status, material gain or their own personal dignity. Those things make them most happy too.

If you have Jupiter in Aquarius in your natal chart, you find the source of your happiness when you rebel against anything that doesn’t match your point of view. Any unreasonable law, authority figure or doctrine makes you unhappy and you project Jupiter’ nature by punishing those that gave the power to the wrong entity. Your comfort zone are your friends and social groups, and you may leave home very young. You value your independence and enjoy being on your own. Your views are not fixed or rigid, and very often people with this position are enjoyable company. Anything new and modern attracts your attention and you may be a developer, creator or inventor.

Attracting good luck is easiest for Jupiter in Pisces, because all they have to do is be nice, which they are. Most people with this placement are at their best when they are able to help someone else. They feel fulfilled when they are charitable, kindhearted and giving, and are especially understanding and caring toward the runner ups. Their emotions are deep as the sea and they connect with everyone through their emotions. Sometimes they are very idealistic and may have dreams bigger than their friends, and just like their fellow water sign, Cancer, their intuition provides their best judgment.

Make sure you examine your entire natal chart before you place value on your Jupiter characteristic. Like other planetary influences, this one too may suffer deficiency and may not be interpreted according to the characteristics we’ve described up until now. In all cases, the impact of Jupiter is most significant when the Sun is crossing over the sign that is representing Jupiter in your natal chart, or the signs of the same element. For example, if you have Jupiter in Pisces in your natal chart, when the sun is traveling through Pisces, Cancer or Scorpio, you have the best chances to realize your objectives.


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