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Julian Bio

Family: Julian was an only child, his father was a veteran of the Great War and his mother was a nurse for the armed forces as well. Needless to say this very much encompasses how his mother and father met, his father was injured, was taken care of by a special someone who understood him, made him want to live, and a woman who could see the good in the eyes of this soldier. His family itself was fairly poor, partially keeping up with his fathers medical bills and rampant alcoholism. His father’s alcoholism was partially fueled by depression and PTSD, but needless to say, hit had a negative impact on his mother and himself. His mother was especially supporting of him despite this turn of events, wanting to desperately look beyond his father’s fault, and reach out to the broken man within. Because his mother was a nurse, and his father often went out to bars late, he really didn’t see as much of his parents as he wanted to, but he adapted in ways he could. This was when he took up an inexpensive habit of model building from a young age, and gradually he worked his way up to more complicated and articulated things. His father of course had his good points, despite his drinking, as he ran his own business repairing cars and some ships. Business wasn’t great, but it kept food on the table and a shelter over their heads, something that can’t be said of all those who lived through the post-war era. In general though, Julian was a lot closer with his mother, who had the heart of a ‘saint’ staying with his father as long as she did. Also, she was a very kind soul, whenever she could she would always listen to Julian’s concerns and do the best to make sure he wouldn’t go without.

Childhood: Julian was fairly quiet and reserved as a child, keeping matters within the family as much as he could, but even so, all it would take is one little rumor about his father’s ‘habit’ and it would promptly lead to other children bullying and isolating him. It wasn’t really a secret about his dad being a bit of a wreck, This only worsened Julian’s childhood even more, he didn’t have the support of his peers, and his parents couldn’t comfort him when he needed it. Academically, Julian actually did fairly well, and took up a hobby of building model ships from the Great War. Even though he found sanctuary in his hobby, he couldn’t help but be reminded of what the war took from him, a father, even though his was alive and breathing. However, there was one special model that was given to him on his 10th birthday, a 1/256 scale model of the T-35 Delta, the ship that his father was stationed aboard during the war, from of all people, his father himself, “Julian, I know it‘s been a rough year for us, and I haven‘t always been good about remembering your birthdays, but here, no matter what happens, maybe you can remember me for this, huh?”. This possession Julian keeps in his room even to this day, maybe simply as a reminder of a very human side of his father he can physically hold in his hands. Julian used modeling as a avatar hobby to find things he can fix and solve as a whole. He might not be able to stop his father from drinking, but he could make sure that wing holds well for painting, or make sure those 2 gears click. When Julian was 16 he needed to start helping more around the shop to keep money coming in, and had to sacrifice much of his time to do so. But on the plus side, this allowed him to spend more time with his dad, and it wasn’t too much of a stretch from the models he had taken an interest in. Nevertheless, high school proved to be much of a challenge for him. Often too weak to defend himself, he had to cope with constant harassment, physical abuse, and an incompetent school staff to try to safeguard this issue. He had actually taken up smoking as a way to deal with the various forms of stress he faced. He finally applied for higher education when he was 18 wanting to pursue space technologies, and although he was accepted, he simply could not afford that kind of education. This devastated Julian, he endured all this hardship, and for what? To be so close to happiness to have it taken underneath your nose? Regrettably, Julian tried to commit suicide, which he fortunately failed, but to his family this was very hard to watch. They tried to have him enrolled in a hospital to be treated for depression which may have been genetic from his father’s side, but more likely a factor of the environment he grew up in. However treatment was somewhat expensive, and not guaranteed. Julian’s father’s alcoholism got worse, and business began to decline with the introduction of newer and newer transportation models he wasn’t familiar with. It was soon after ‘it’ happened: Julian’s father died of liver failure. Julian himself was filled with intense hatred and sorrow from his father’s dying, ‘how could he choose the bottle, over his OWN son?’ Though he never tried to commit suicide again during these dark times, each day was getting harder and harder for him to live.

How He Met Nolan: Even though veterans are normally entitled benefits from service, the national debt from the Great War had cut many of the benefits of surviving the war, and his father was no exception. However, he was at least entitled a veteran’s funeral through the military. As it turned out, his father had worked on Nolan’s ship, and Nolan himself had come to the funeral of his fallen comrade. “If only this could have been prevented…if they had just took the time to listen to him (he‘s referring to therapy or counseling), how much of a difference it could have made” Nolan’s eulogy had fallen on slightly deaf ears for Julian, how could this man really understand what his whole family had to suffer because of this bloody war? Nolan had taken the time to talk to Julian personally during the funeral, catching up on the details of his recent events, family, etc. Julian didn’t hold back, he was grieving, mad, and above all else, lost. What was he supposed to do? Keep working in the shop the rest of his life? And the news of his father would more or less impact the business as a whole? Would he be able to support his mother? It took a few minutes for Nolan to take this all in, he was flabbergasted as well as moved. Nolan’s tone then perked up in cheerful voice, “Wait, you’ve been working around your old man’s shop for awhile haven’t you? How’d you like a job on my ship?” Whether by pity or genuine interest, Nolan extended a job to Julian. Julian was so moved by this sudden change of events, he had actually teared up and said, “I would like nothing, more, sir.” Nolan himself knew what war could do to a man, he felt maybe he could just make things ‘right’ in the universe, even just once. Julian explained the situation to his mother, and naturally she encouraged him to go, this would really help his confidence, and more importantly, self-worth. She told him not to worry about finances, as she would sell the shop and ‘manage’ on her own. Plus, she saw this as an opportunity to make Julian happy, how could she say no? Julian packed his things and was soon showed around the ship and introduced to his duties. He required a little bit of training before he was ready to perform on-ship operations, but in general he performed his duties adequately. However, despite his expectations, there really wasn’t as much work to do as he imagined. The ship would rarely exhibit signs of urgent disrepair, and often it was just a routine maintenance the yielded nothing. Nolan would often laugh it off saying, “Well you know what they say, the Arc Valiant’s workings are made from impervious (made up element) He desperately wanted to use his talents to fix peoples problems and be appreciated in return, but he found himself back where he started, lost. Although the crew wasn’t particularly cruel to him like his peers, Julian found socializing to be a chore and they really didn’t reach out to him either, and just left him to his business, that is with the exception of one person, Elly.

Julian and Elly: Elly took an interest in Julian early on, she could tell he was ‘different’ and she had worked with many people similar to him before. She was the first person besides Nolan to reach out to him. They had first met when Julian was eating alone in the cafeteria, Elly was fairly new at that time, and she was introducing herself to everyone. At first Julian was very awkward about it, constantly muttering and talking about mundane things, but Elly found it to be somewhat fascinating. She also told him she as the ship’s counselor, and they talked a bit about their lives aboard the ship until they had to go back to their duties. Before Julian left, Nolan approached him, “Did you get to see our new counselor, Julian?” “Yeah, Elly, right?”, Nolan could tell Julian wasn’t really making much of it, “Julian, if you ever need to talk to someone, or just get something out there in the open, please, please talk to her, she‘s much better at this than I am.” “Uh, sure thing, I guess.” Nolan’s eyes almost looked disapproving and rather serious, but he had to leave the choice up to Julian. Julian himself, really didn’t think about it until the next day when stared at the T-35 Delta his father had given him. ‘Maybe reaching out won’t be so bad, Elly’s definitely different from the others…’ He visited her the next day, and he began to start spilling small details about why he was there, and what his aspirations were, and never once did Elly show disinterest as he spoke. Gradually, days and weeks had gone by, and more and more was shared with this person he wouldn’t have regarded as a total stranger before. He even told her about his attempted suicide, which had moved Elly to tears, “Julian, you’re a good person, how could you want to die?”. Julian was often concerned with how other people had viewed him before, it was very different to hear those words from someone that wasn’t his parents. Julian had made a friend, something somewhat alien in his life, and that was really all he needed. But Julian had burning questions go through his mind, is she doing this out of pity? Duty? Could she really take interest in someone like me? Maybe if I go less, that will prove I can handle myself. And although Julian liked Elly, he did not pursue her romantically (yet* this could be an interesting plot scenario should the player choose to pursue Elly, and having Julian be caught up in the love triangle, feeling inferior to Simon, and inferior as a human being).

His work: Obviously Julian is the mechanic for the ships innards and performs maintenance when called upon it. Very rarely does he ever find anything to fix, not so much that the ship seems indestructible but, its more or less a reality of his job. He does not scour the entire ship in one day, he instead has the ship divided into quadrants which he completes one of them per rest cycle. Moreover, he work is rarely life-saving or noticeable, so he often finds himself disappointed and with too much free time to his thoughts. Often the most important things he has to repair are broken doors, which are easy, but monotonous, or sanitation devices which are far from pleasant. He thought this was the job he wanted to do, but in the end, he finds himself just adapting to adverse circumstances like he always did in the past, between his bullying and father.

Nitpicky details: Julian smokes, but will not touch alcohol and will become offended if he’s offered, part of the reason he has trouble socializing too. Julian loves steak and mushrooms, but does not get to eat either very often. He’s actually grown rather fond of the powdered drinks they have aboard, and actually doesn’t mind the freeze-dried food. Besides making models, Julian also enjoys solving practical problems, and has actually traded a few puzzles with Elly in the past. Other than Elly, Julian really doesn’t get along with anyone really, which is one of his character flaws. He can appreciate Katherine’s love of machines, but is generally turned off from her boisterousness and attitude towards him, which she sees him to be kind of a “loser”. He can actually appreciate Rasheed’s generally calm demeanor, and can sometimes hold a conversation during his physicals, but outside of that they really don‘t want to see each other. Julian is typically seen all over the place on the ship, except his own room. Julian prefers Jazz and blues to more contemporary music, and still owns a holodisc of an older musician by the name of Charles Wilmer. Julian’s room itself is actually pretty minimalist and untidy. Tools can be seen strewn about, and there’s a few empty containers of food rations scatter about. However right near his bed is the T-35 Delta model he was given as a child. He wants to do this not just for himself, but for his dad too to find solace in his death.

Metafont: I want to be perfectly clear, Julian’s relationship with Elly isn’t romantic…yet. However I think it would be interesting to exploit this further. I’m not just pairing them up because I’m writing for both of them, I thought long and hard about what kind of people Julian would socialize and feel comfortable with, and Elly being his therapist (kind of) made sense. Elly is somewhat oblivious about this connection Julian has with her, but she definitely cares about Julian deeply because he’s hurting, and she would do almost anything to ease that pain. If Elly would pursue Julian, Julian would have to show some confidence changes, which can come from Simon interacting with him from his route, something like, “Do you like her, Julian?” “Yeah, man, she’s all I can think about…” “Then you should tell her how you feel… No, I’m telling you to tell her how you fell, captain’s orders.” Basically, if you pursue his route, she’ll end up with Julian, and if you pursue Elly’s route, you’ll end up with her, but you’ll have to manage Julian as well, or deal with is inferiority complex.

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