Juice Media Vs. Hitler and the 12 Steps to Liberty

I may be offline for a few days so I’m going to work on some opinion pieces, like this one, which can be called “rants.” Because I will typically not be able to link or properly cite without internet, quality of references will be limited. Given the temporary limitations to internet access, the creation of editorial articles seems fitting. The long and short of it is that I have a lot to rant about so, verily, I will do so. This first rant is about establishing some background for the author but editorializing tangential content is included as well.

Author’s Background

I remember when returning from military service (to the major corporations); instead of getting work related to my time in the United States Army, I found myself stuck in the contact-center line of business. I received several raises and whatnot but was never quite enough. When the economy went south in 2007, I was ill prepared. The overtime went away, at about the same time gasoline and rent went up considerably. What little savings I had were spent quickly and debt mounted. In following years employment was sporadic and utilization of unemployment benefits and food stamps became a chronic condition.

For a few years I found myself and my family in near-abject poverty but I always seemed to have internet and time to explore what was going on with the economy. I knew that rent and utilities seemed to go up but wages and available work did not. Something was wrong with the system; one gets tired of blaming oneself particularly when one’s only failing seems to be needed more than four hours of sleep and still support a family. Currently, we live in a world were health professionals and psychologists agree some people need up to eight hours of sleep but the economic system, or economic dysfunction as it should be called, does not allow it.

Following traditional ways of getting income require incredible amounts of time and energy just to avoid homelessness. Retirement plans must be put in place during youth before starting a family and even then, unless the retirement plans involve a vault full of gold and guns, all the hard work put forth will amount to nothing as corporations take pensions and 401ks become insolvent. For many, most in fact, surviving is a daily struggle. Simple things like being able to own property outright and being able to retire have become as elusive and mythical as an unicorn.

Then there was the internet: though riddled with fascist and other criminal content I was not aware of at the time it was also, and continues to be, singularly the greatest compilation of human knowledge since the Great Library at Alexandria if not all time. Online access was always right there with video content, social media, and numerous articles. It didn’t seem to matter how much or how little income we had coming in because applying for jobs and government benefits had increasingly required access to an internet terminal so it was always at the top of the budget.

I explored every aspect of existence trying to figure out what was going on. I did not restrict myself to just trying to figure out the financial nature of the current paradigm but every other aspect of society. I needed to know how things work in the world to better understand how to cope. A whole host of topics were researched from origins of man to economic theory to physics and much more. I suppose I believe you need every piece of the puzzle to get a complete picture. You can work on a corner or edge all day but unless you move beyond that all you will have is just that: a corner and an edge.

If one really desires an understanding of western society today, particularly from a political standpoint, one must study history and question what one is told. Being exposed to certain realities glossed over, refuted, and even ignored by the corporate-owned government-collaborator media, helped put recent events in perspective. Even history I had learned in public school helped to identify concerns. Every single civilization has had its share of systemic evil. It so happens that Medieval Europe was in an almost constant state of warfare even though all of the heads of state where all one interbred family each as close as brothers and sisters. Why is that exactly? How can it be that nations can be at war with one another when their supposed leaders are actually all essentially siblings? These are the sorts of questions I ask myself when studying history.

In the context of history, one expects corruption and abuse. Every government type in the books has been tried and they all have been found to be susceptible to corruption. Some people identify patterns and cycles with governance. Aristotle said something like, “Masculine Republics give in to Feminine Democracies making way for Masculine Tyrannies,” or whatever. The Bible has plenty of references to cycles of civilization rise and fall with a correlation to moral and ethical behaviors. Some have even cited sun spots as a way of predicting levels of socio-economic activity.

Accidently Infowars

I remember, as my life seemed financially and professionally to deteriorate, I had a phone with pre-loaded internet radio stations. There were quite a few selections but I stumbled across the Alex Jones show somehow. My initial reaction was that, though I was weary of anyone making a living off of chaos, I was getting real news for a change.

The major corporate media news organizations didn’t even report on war activity anymore. Having voted for Obama, on the merit of him not being George Bush, I started paying attention to what he did as I felt I had put my name on him. I was not at all pleased to be sure which brings up a sub-topic I’d like to rant about for a moment.

Admit You Were Wrong

When you back a political candidate and he breaks all of his promises, why do you still support that candidate? So many people seem to do this. Why? Is it pride? Screw pride. It seems to me that there are many individuals who will refuse to even admit to themselves they may have been wrong about someone or something so they just start lying to themselves and everybody else in an attempt to cover-up the fact that they had made an error. Is it so embarrassing to admit a mistake that we have to delude ourselves even further? I hope not because there are people needlessly suffering and dying right now as a result of our inability to take responsibility for our political decisions. When we back a politician he better damn well be held accountable when he (or she) perpetrates crimes against humanity and no matter what sort of deranged paradigmatic head-games we play with ourselves will alter that necessity.

I Digress

Getting back to the topic of Inforwars…

Despite being leery of Jones, his facts seemed to check out and I had a strong sense that I was getting real news. It was a feeling I lacked from traditional television and print news. It may have mattered a great deal that I had been in the military so certain things clicked. The compartmentalization so obvious in the military became evident as power/control schemes throughout the greater global political/financial system.

I was not aware at the time that the popularity of Alex Jones, Prison Planet, and Inforwars was already incredibly substantial within certain circles and expanding outward boldly. The internet, being what it is, helps spread media “virally.” Mostly forgetting about Alex Jones for a little while, I received exposure to all sorts of information online. There were wild and unsubstantiated tales but what is shocking is how much craziness is backed up with evidence accessible to anyone publicly.

Zeitgeist Film Series

A friend of mine showed me the first Zeitgeist Movie and recommended the Addendum for its expanded coverage of the financial system. I still don’t know where he found out about it but the films series was all worth watching. I have often maintained that Peter Joseph has demonstrated annoyingly juvenile condescension and intellectual arrogance but has contributed excellent work in the fields of film, music, lecture, and more.

Peter Joseph’s subsequent projects have also been quite entertaining and informative and most of the information seems to check out.

Miscellaneous Youtube Videos and Facebook Posts

Initially, much of my information came from personal experience and internet personalities. I’ve brought up a few so far, there are a number of other sources worth mentioning. I will finger a few to get the curious reader started. As soon as you start seeking out truth, it will find you. It’s all a matter of refusing to be willfully ignorant and intellectually lazy. A little bit of discernment is required but, in the age of communication, it seems like it would be a greater challenge staying woefully uninformed.

Nassim Haramein

Haramein is an interesting guy to be sure. I found out about him because he discusses suppressed archaeology at times but his work with sacred geometry kept my attention. Since the time of the ancient Greeks, probably earlier, philosophers, mathematicians, and physicists have been trying to work out the underlying structure of the universe. Nassim Haramein seems well on the way to realizing this goal. His work is an attempt, common among physicists today, of putting forth a unifying theory to explain pretty much everything. Sciences have reached a level of sophistication that they are all starting to intertwine in natural ways requiring the disparate disciplines to reconcile.

Graham Hancock

Before the internet was well established as a medium of information exchange, Graham Hancock validated my own suspicions about the dubious official narrative about the origins of civilization. In all my history classes we were told, as it was written in the text books, that civilization began about six thousand years ago in ancient Sumer. We were “informed” that prior to the “invention” of agriculture in between the Tigris and Euphrates rivers in Iraq, there was only barbaric spear-chucking hunters and gatherers. It was never posed to us like there was any doubt. It was never, “it seems that…” Or “some people believe that…” It was always disclosed to us that agriculture, and subsequently civilization itself, had begun where and when they said it began and that was what we were expected to believe.

On the face of it, the certainty that the exact time and place civilization began is remarkably daft. Apparently, when someone tells us something and it’s backed up by universities and publishing companies we assume it is legitimate information because that this nonsense has been accepted without challenge is truly remarkable. Of ‘’course’’ we don’t know specifically when, where, or how civilization started on this planet. We can find earlier and earlier evidence but to be certain we’ve ever found ‘’the’’ place and ‘’the’’ exact time is antithetical to the core philosophy of science which is uncertainty.

What makes the official story of the origins of civilization particularly bizarre is that it has been known for some time that human beings, of our particular genus, have been on this planet for hundreds of thousands of years, perhaps longer, yet we are to assume that agriculture hadn’t been figured out until a few millennium ago? All our evidence suggests that, not only were our ancestors as smart as us, they may have been even smarter. Certainly, the Cro-Magnon seems to have had a larger cranial capacity. Let’s think about this for a minute: people at least as intelligent as us went on for hundreds of thousands of years on this planet without learning how to plant crops or domesticate livestock? Isn’t it obvious how absurd that idea is? Yet we’ve been letting the establishment indoctrinate us and our children with that sort of drivel for many years.

For many years I thought I was alone in my suspicion that civilization had gone on much longer than I had been told and that there were real mysteries in the ancient past which, if discovered, could enrich our lives in ways we cannot imagine. It seemed unreasonable to me that humans could be around for so long and yet the highest accomplishments of human thought and achievement were only realized in recent times. The textbook “truths” sold to me just didn’t make any sense yet I seemed to be the only person who realized it.

In the nineties, I watched a lot of History Channel, Discovery Channel, and the like. At some point I ran across a documentary film featuring Graham Hancock. Hancock explored the idea that there was once a sophisticated global civilization, in some ways more advanced than our own, which fell apart sometime in our distant past some ten or twelve thousand years ago. He proposed that there were clues ancient civilizations built monumental structures based on information passed down from the survivors of some sort cataclysmic system failure long before.

Finally, I realized I was not alone in the world. There are others out there who realize the official history has serious problems so needs to be completely thrown out in place of a new model of awareness of our ancient past which is still taking shape as we speak.

Juice Media

With incredible artistic acumen and more than a touch of comedic genius, Juice Media explores many of the topics which interest me personally. As silly and humorous as Juice Media might be with its Rap News, you cannot get better information from the “main-stream” media. Juice satirically depicts a corporate-owned media establishment they call MSBS (Main Stream BS). John Lennon once said that when you turn to violence the system knows exactly what to do with you. He said that humor and passive resistance are things the establishment doesn’t know how to deal with. Juice Media has the humor part covered for sure.

Juice Media’s official youtube channel, where you can find their Rap News, can be found here:

Beast 1333

When, within its genre, art is particularly good, its popularity can spill over into the wider world to captivate the imagination and instill emotion even in those who don’t usually identify as being fans of said genre. While Juice Media is funny enough to make that “spill-over,” Beast 1333 threatens to expand out by the merits of creativity, open-mindedness, and over-all artistic verse mastery.

Beast’s popularity is still remarkably limited but it’s difficult to discern why. Beast 1333 has collaborated with many of talented recording artists not the least notable of which includes Immortal Technique. Unlike Technique, Beast doesn’t stick to mundane politics but diverts off in a number of directions all within the “truth seeker” movement; if we pretend for a moment there actually is such a thing.

One may call it an “opinion” or a “matter of taste” but I reject this notion. Beast 1333 is one of the best rappers of all time. In fact, Beast 1333 might be ‘’the’’ absolute best rap group of all time. Significant divergence from this belief could be thought of as a valid point of view but I disagree; denying the blinding light of brilliance that is Beast 1333 is not a matter of taste but lack thereof.

It isn’t necessary to believe in the validity of all of Beast’s subject matter to appreciate the art of it. The world is so weird it could all be true but that isn’t really the point. The point of it, if there is a point, is that there are secret societies and other conspiratorial groups on and when researched, they prove to be strikingly bizarre and insidious. Who knows? Maybe angels, demons, and Annunaki fish people from alien planet X all do factor in somehow.

Beast 1333’s official website is here: Beast’s music can be heard on this youtube channel:

Benjamin Fulford

Does anyone still believe this guy is a reliable source of information? I hope not; it seems so obvious to me that, in addition to an apparent substance abuse problem, Fulford’s reliability is also questionable because he actually has been known to hang out with some pretty powerful and dangerous people. Some of the stuff he comes up with, such as the Japanese Moses, is fascinating if difficult, and probably unhelpful, to believe.

All of that having been said; Fulford does sometimes scoop both corporate-owned and other alternative news media by several weeks. For example, Benjamin Fulford broke the story that Timothy Geithner was detained for questioning about two-weeks before it was exposed on national television. How does a “nut” like Fulford pull something like that off? It turns out that he was a former contributor to Forbes magazine and does seem to actually have contact to some of the world’s “movers and shakers.”

It is Benjamin Fulford’s perceived nuttiness that makes him interesting and, even if he is less than verifiably accurate much of the time, even he provides content of much greater entertainment and information value than so-called “main-stream” news sources. Reading his work can be quite fun and, as bad as it might be, it is still much more accurate than anything to be received from the corporate-owned government-collaborators found on major networks. I am not sure if this is a compliment to Benjamin Fulford or an indictment on what normally counts as journalism.

Even if Benjamin Fulford’s work is, as it seems: mostly fiction, it is still great stuff. The shocking thing about his work is that some of the bizarre stuff turns out to be verifiably accurate. At the time this article was written, Fulford had recently posted an article that brought up that a British Royal had once stated that he wanted to be reincarnated as a lethal virus to decimate the world population. However, he seems to have attributed it to the wrong prince. Prince Phillip is usually the one this comment is attributed to but in Fulford’s article he insinuates Prince Charles said it.1)

Amit Goswami

Also known as the “Quantum Activist,” Amit Goswami is a prominent figure within the field of quantum mechanics but has, in recent years, turned to political activism. He discovered, after years of materialistic thinking, that the nature of physics revealed truths not unlike those imparted by mystics for untold millennia. It seems that, what Dr. Goswami calls non-local consciousness, produces the physical rather than consciousness being a product of the physical.

With a Brahman priest as a father, Amit Goswami grew up at odds with his families traditions. Essentially, if not actually, an Atheist, Goswami looked for answers to the universe’s most astounding questions through the discipline of physics. After many years of study and research, a father of quantum understanding, he eventually was struck with the realization that many of the things taught by mystics seemed to be validated by advanced scientific discoveries.

Goswami’s most basic suggestion to us is to “do, be, do, be, do” which is probably sound advice. A documentary film on PhD Goswami can be found here:


Although many of the world most well-known philosophers have been dead for many, sometimes thousands, of years, they are still internet persons because their fans and detractors are more than happy to drag them into the cyber realm. Names like “Socrates, David Hume, Siddhartha Gautama, Lao Tzu, and Immanuel Kant” are well known because they make some very good points. Studying these folks is not necessary to think philosophically, in fact you may have already had similar thoughts without their input, but it will help a great deal when discussing philosophical concepts with others who have studied them; it is a way of streamlining debate. There are jargon words which can facilitate dissemination of philosophical concepts.


Most celebrities seem, like most people, either completely brain-washed, afraid to speak out, or hopelessly dependent on the establishment. There are exceptions, however. Most of the celebrities who have appeared on the Alex Jones show have proven to be boldly opposed to the establishment even though their opinions often differ from one another. A few celebrities, like Woody Harrelson, haven’t yet appeared on Infowars but have still proven to be firmly entrenched in the “truth-seeker” and/or “human rights” camps.

Woody Harrelson

A household name, Woody Harrelson has long since been a critic of establishment policies. He ended up on the cover of High Times magazine multiple times because of his critical stance on the drug war. Harrelson’s silver screen triumphs are well known. What may not be as well known is that he also hosted a “conspiracy-theory” documentary known as Ethos. If you weren’t aware this fantastic piece of work, you are now. Ethos may be found on Netflix, which could be the better online streaming option, but it can also be viewed on youtube at no additional cost:

Billy Corgan of Smashing Pumpkins

In his interview with Alex Jones, Corgan seemed to portray a Capitalistic mind-set. To some this might be a good thing to others it might seem bad but what’s important is that the lead vocalist wants conversations about such issues to be free and open for discussion. A champion of freedom of speech, Corgan suggested to Jones that he should bring in spiritually minded people from all sorts of different cultures to ask them how they have, historically, coped with the encroachment of tyranny. Recently, Alex Jones received a Bohemian Grove Security T-shirt from the rock superstar to commemorate Jones’ ground-breaking expose of the opening ceremony of their creepy annual event attended by “giants” in industry and government.

Tommy Chong

A hero among stoners, Chong has figured out a way to live his life as he sees fit but still prosper within the system. The comedian appeared on the Alex Jones show to discuss the prison system in light of his wrongful incarceration at the hands of the, truly criminal, justice system. Tommy Chong reportedly cured his colon cancer with hash oil. He euphemistically called his home-treatment “hemp oil treatment” but admitted that it is actually hash oil and had such a powerful psychoactive effect he could only take it at the very end of the day.

Apparently marijuana can be taken anally for recreation as well as medical treatment; who knew?


Both famous and infamous, Roseanne Barr has long since been a family name. The controversial actress, comedian, writer, producer, and director, has become an icon of post-modern Americana. Portrayed as a loving, if sarcastic, mother on her television show Roseanne, Barr has already wormed her way into the psyche of the masses as an archetype of womanhood.

One of the pitfalls, I have found, in listening to Roseanne’s political opinions is the seemingly arbitrary way she will mix serious straight-forward discussion with thickly veiled sarcasm and satire. Sometimes it is difficult to know when she is kidding or not. I wonder if sometimes she doesn’t know whether she’s joking or not either.

Though certainly many of Roseanne’s ideas seem poorly developed, she displays a genuine sense of honesty and decency. One way to be reassured of her earnest patriotism and love of humanity is her basic stance on gun rights which tends to agree with ‘’real’’ common sense in that she generally supports civilian weapon ownership. Anyone who attempts to disarm you and your family, or even impose any unconstitutional restrictions on weapon ownership, is either badly misinformed or downright criminal. If this isn’t obvious: world history can be a guide.

Roseanne has been busy with her radio show, grandchildren, and recently published a new book. Her official website is called Roseanne World which can be found here: Yes: she is still funny.

Jesse Ventura

As he constantly reminds us, he has been a Navy Seal, a wrestler, wrestling announcer, a Mayor, and even the Governor of Minnesota. Being a man who has been both a successful wrestler and politician, when he tells us Republicans and Democrats put on a show of being enemies but it is only the same sort of illusion created by pro-wrestlers we might want to listen. According to Ventura, the wrestlers who pretended hate each other during the show, calling each other names and acting overtly hostile, will often times get together afterwards to have a beer and hang out because they are, in fact, friends not adversaries.

Each of the two major political parties will put on airs blaming the other for the problems in government but it’s nothing more than an incredibly boring soap opera. With a Congressional approval rate estimates as little as five percent, historically unprecedented, it may be assumed that both major political parties are corrupted with interests contrary to those of the American people and citizens of the world in general. The dubious nature of the Republican and Democrat parties seems to be one of Jesse’s favorite topics prompting him to write a book entitled DemoCRIPS and ReBLOODlicans likening the establishment brands to the infamous LA gangs known as the Crips and Bloods.

The reasoning behind DemoCRIPS and ReBLOODlicans is probably that, by comparing Democrats and Republicans to well-known street gangs, people might wake up to what political parties really represent and how they operate. The comparison may be disingenuous to street gangs. At least the Crips and Bloods actually hate each other (most of the time). Career Congressional politicians on the other hand let each other get away with literal treason, pretend to disagree with each other in a civil manner, and then they’re off laughing and sharing cocktails, prostitutes, or whatever.

Another way the comparison may be unfair is in the body-count of each group. Crips and Bloods are responsible for their share of bloodshed, oftentimes catching civilians in the crossfire, but in sheer numbers the United States government has them beat hands down. Not even mentioning terrible policies that may have contributed to democide over the years, the Democrats and Republicans have dominated every branch of government during which time they have launched and supported numerous acts of foreign aggression. The exact figures are unknown but the occupations, predator drone strikes, and other military and “intelligence” activities has been exacting a huge toll on populations all over the planet often resulting in more civilian than combatant casualties.

Mr. and Ms. Et Cetera

Those were some of the people who seem generally interested in justice, truth, and keeping me entertained. Only a few of the many individuals and organizations worth studying have been mentioned here. There are many more which may come up in future articles. Some of the worthy subjects are household names but most at this time are not. Using celebrities as role models is akin to idol worship which is generally not recommended. We don’t need to wait for celebrities to show us the way; we can make the way through our own determinism.

International Banking Cartel

There are certain “things” that there seems to be a consensus among informed circles. The revelation of the debt-based fractional-reserve created money supplies is one of “those” things. A little bit of amateur investigation will illuminate shocking facts at the very core of what we currently call money. A good place to start investigating might be the Federal Reserve. A fun cartoon film to watch an about fractional reserve banking is called the American Dream Film. It’s pretty raw but I am endorsing, without compensation, the American Dream Film based on entertainment and educational value, they have a website; it’s pretty easy to find. Parental Advisory: cartoon banker hanging content.

Basically, all money is created through the creation of loans which have to be paid back with more debt-based money. Our global economy is based on perpetual debt and nothing else. Fiat currencies only have value because we believe they have value. Fiat currencies can seem like magic but they are susceptible to mathematics.

Finance-based economies work like fire. The language used when discussed can be revealing. An over-heated economy is one that is expanding too fast so is unsustainable. When too much cheap debt-based credit is introduced it causes a “boom” which will end in a “bust.” Whether one believes this sort of thing is the expected result of market-economics or believes there is a Capitalism that isn’t ruled by “Cronyism,” the fraudulence of the financial system is laid bare when basic facts are known.


If there’s anything more outrageous than the financial system, the inter-locking/inter-dependent networks of major corporations and government agencies is it. John Perkins gives us a taste of how corporations and interact with economies in a way that oppress people’s economies. Remarkably, included amongst strategies outlined by Perkins, was the realization that military forces are used toward the end of exploiting people and securing assets on behalf of international corporations rather than defense or genuine humanitarian concern. As a former soldier, I was aware of compartmentalization so have an understanding how it can work outside that realm. The left hand never knows what the right hand is doing. One way to get an idea what’s going on in the world would be to consume conglomerations of international news because the host population never knows what foreign populations know about the host populations isn’t told about what applies to them. It might be helpful to learn about a thousand languages and dialects or so.

General Smedley D. Butler, often quoted about the true nature of war, once said, “I spent 33 years and four months in active military service and during that period I spent most of my time as a high class muscle man for Big Business, for Wall Street and the bankers. In short, I was a racketeer, a gangster for capitalism.” He also remarked, “I helped make Mexico and especially Tampico safe for American oil interests in 1914. I helped make Haiti and Cuba a decent place for the National City Bank boys to collect revenues in. I helped in the raping of half a dozen Central American republics for the benefit of Wall Street.” If that isn’t scathing and self-deprecating enough, he goes on to say, “I helped purify Nicaragua for the International Banking House of Brown Brothers in 1902-1912. I brought light to the Dominican Republic for the American sugar interests in 1916. I helped make Honduras right for the American fruit companies in 1903. In China in 1927 I helped see to it that Standard Oil went on its way unmolested. Butler was quite candid in his best-selling book, War is a Racket. The retired General sums up his take on military campaigns he participated in three sentences, “Looking back on it, I might have given Al Capone a few hints. The best he could do was to operate his racket in three districts. I operated on three continents.”

I could rant about the military-industrial-complex and the fascist nature of business and politics all day long because it is truly bizarre. When you find out what’s really going on right in front of your face it’s like waking up in the Twilight Zone or a bad comic-book episode. I have identified two different ways of looking at systemic corruption (evil) and I believe both perspectives are valid approaches to understanding the serious situations in human society. I call, each in turn, of these models of understanding, “It’s the Money Stupid,” and, “It’s the Evil Stupid.”

It’s the Money Stupid

When you find out that many politicians and their contributors have a vested interest in warfare, it suddenly becomes less difficult to believe there are those willing to cause great pain and suffering to profit in some way. It becomes easier to believe that pharmaceutical companies want us to slowly suffer and die, not out of a sense of sadism, but because it’s profitable for them. In this light, we aren’t shocked to find out that major corporations collaborated with the Nazi’s.

For many of us, true sadism is outside our experience so it’s more believable that someone would, coldly from a distance, make decisions that benefit them isolated from the true inhumanity of their actions. Essentially, it’s easier to accept that there are people out there willing to hurt you and your family to make money than it is to accept that there are people out there, drawn to positions of power and authority, who can and do hurt you and your family because they enjoy it because it is their particular nature. This way of explaining corruption has merit because material incentive is always an integral part of any criminal conspiracy.

Of ‘’course’’ chemical companies would rather make more money by monopolizing the industry with crops that require petroleum-based insecticides. Of ‘’course’’ they don’t care if it kills people in the process so long as their bottom-line is protected. Of ‘’course’ it all goes much deeper than profit motive but even the most optimistic student of humanity has to concede that the “money as root of corruption” argument has merit. The corruptive nature of greed is undeniable. If money, a symbol of material wealth, is not the root of all tyranny, it is at least an important element.

It’s the Evil Stupid

Regardless of whether you fancy yourself a “free-market capitalist” like Thomas Jefferson, a “Democratic Socialist” like George Orwell, or whatever, your research and investigation can only take the “it’s the Money Stupid” argument so far. Sooner or later, enough digging will reveal much more than simple material greed and apathy. There is a seething cauldron of simmering black evil brewing underneath the thin veneer of human civility.

In the novel 1984, George Orwell depicts the end of power to be the causing of perpetual suffering throughout society world-wide. The twisted logic of the authoritarians was to promote a dehumanizing agenda with fear and hatred. It was purposeful tyranny, carefully constructed to exploit the worst of mankind toward the end of its own oppression. Looking around it’s not hard to see parallels in the world of today.

Evidently, how tyranny happens, can and has been explained. The way tyranny can build up has been depicted in stories and studied in laboratories. In regard to stories, yes they are fantasy but it must be kept in mind that fiction is always an exploration of the human condition. In Lord of the Flies, William Golding depicts the interaction of a group of lost youths gone wildly out of control once separated from adult supervision for an extended period. Several different personality types are demonstrated and eventually those with the greatest capacity for criminal and authoritarian behavior take over with murder and mayhem resulting. It is a fictional representation of the same psychological and sociological phenomenon explored by the Yale Milgram, and infamous Stanford Prison experiments.

As scientific and agnostic as academics like to be when studying human behavior, even Philip Zimbardo, who himself was responsible for the Prison experiment, referred to invasive corruption as “systemic evil.” Even referring to abusive behavior and environments as merely “corruption” is to euphemize a serious concern. No matter what one’s beliefs, some behaviors are too sinister to candy-coat with psychological jargon.

Philip Zimbardo takes an interesting approach to attempting to resolve evil behavior. Instead of demonizing any particular group of people, he calls upon us to understand that creating an environment permissive to abuse will be an environment where abuse manifests. It seems that anyone can be corrupted by a prison-like system and many people, who would ordinarily commit little or no harm in other circumstances, will start exhibiting behavior which can be described as evil. Zimbardo calls on us to be “heros” as a way to combat negative societal trends.

To get an idea what he means, we can look at how the experiment by his Yale colleague, Stanley Milgram, was recently replicated but with an added twist. The Discovery Channel repeated the original Milgram experiment but, for some of its trials, an additional person was added to great effect. In the episode “How Evil are You?” part of the Curiosity series, it is demonstrated that if one person stands up to abusive authority, others will follow.

Question Authority

For some reason, human beings are suckers for authority and when they resist they are often seen as immature and irresponsible. As best as I can figure, the very same social tendencies which allow us to thrive as a species can be easily perverted into a propensity to tolerate, and even participate, in remarkable systemic abuses. That aspect of human psychology, which allows us to cooperate in growing crops and building aqueducts to the benefit of our peoples, is that which is coopted so warped into horrifying activities ranging from torture to genocide to child kidnapping rings.

What I believe is important to learn from the results of the new enhanced Milgram experiment is that the cloak of authority, in the shape of a badge, uniform, or lab coat and the like, thought remarkably effective, can be easily thwarted through conviction and moral bravery. By ourselves, we can be a lot more susceptible to participating in unethical behaviors because we are wired to show loyalty to a family unit or tribe. When someone else, you for example, are there to stand up and say “no,” we aren’t going to do that, it makes it easier for us to resist authoritarianism as well. It seems like we all, or at least some of us, require an authority to make us brave. The real trick is learning how to be that authority when the current authorities have lost their moral high-ground.

I can’t recall who is generally credited with saying, “all that tyranny needs to triumph is for good men to do nothing.” It may have been Thomas Jefferson or some such, I don’t remember off-hand but frankly it doesn’t matter; Joe Schmoo the High School janitor could have said it and it wouldn’t be any less true. Howard Zinn, a prominent anti-war activist, has remarked that the problem isn’t with sinister authoritarians but in our compliance. Without the common man’s cooperation, tyranny cannot hold. So long as people remain willfully obedient instead of principled and brave, authoritarians can cause great harm, sometimes on a massive scale.

How Does Nazi Germany Happen?

To many, the fact that the most “enlightened” western nation in the world became one of the most ruthless and genocidal is still an enigma. We ask ourselves, “How could that have happened?” Or, worse even, we just accept that it did and assume it can’t happen “here” without putting any real thought into it. There are many more historic cases of advanced and socially conscious nation-states becoming brutal regimes but Nazi Germany probably captivates the attention of us in the United States more than any other because we can relate much more to Germany than Modern China, Cambodia, or even ancient Rome.

In terms of culture and language, Germany bares striking similarity to other western civilizations. This is particularly true of English speaking cultures because German and English are the only two Germanic languages spoken today. There is no language closer to English than German. Also, other European peoples look essentially the same as Germans. When people look like us it can be easier for us to identify with them. It is because Germany is so similar to other western civilizations, including the United States, that it gets our attention.

A thoughtful person will ask, “if Germany is so similar to the United States and the United Kingdom, and whatnot, then how did ‘’it’’ happen there and why can’t it happen here?” An informed person will stop asking those questions after a while because, not only is it possible to figure out what happened, as we have briefly discussed so far, but it is also exactly what is going on world-wide now with the United States military at the forefront. If you are asking, “What do you mean? There is a huge difference between the United States of today and Germany of the 1930s,” be aware that there are some things you haven’t noticed yet but you will soon if you really desire understanding.

Truth is, there are remarkable parallels between the US now and the Nazi’s of decades ago. We might as well name a few here to establish a base-line for comparison. The following points are very basic. Tyranny gets a bit more complicated but there are some glaringly obvious signs. I will mention aspects of Nazi tyranny and for each I will say “check” for those which resemble the US.

  • Demonized religious and ethnic groups as a way of focusing attention of the people away from the authoritarian government.

Check: much like the Nazi’s demonized the Jews, Russians, Poles, and many more, the United States demonizes Islamic peoples and nations characterizing them as all fundamentalists and terrorists. Instead of paying attention to international trade agreements currently being discussed which will bring in more fascism; we are kept worried about a “rag-headed” boogie-man.

  • Exploited and even created crises toward the end of curtailing rights and freedoms of the masses.

Check: much like the Nazi’s burned down the Reichstag to blame Poland, setting the stage for foreign conquest, the US has also exploited, perhaps even created, terrorist attacks to justify starting a perpetual war which can never end. The result in both cases is the same: both Nazi Germany and the US of today used the situation to rationalize passing laws and establishing procedures which greatly limit civil liberties and create an environment of fear and paranoia all in the name of “homeland security.”

  • Committed warrantless acts of foreign aggression leading to mass suffering and death on a grand scale.

Check: though the corporate-owned media rarely mentions it, the United States is the aggressor in dozens of countries all over the planet. Some reports say that more than 80 nations, none who demonstrate a clear and present danger, have US predator drones, ground troops, and other forces causing death and mayhem.

  • Guilty of wide-spread use of torture.

Check: Guantanamo Bay Cuba is the most well-known instance but not even remotely the only one. The United States is rounding up people all over the globe and subjecting them to torture. Sometimes ocean vessels are used as a way of circumventing laws that restrict how prisoners are treated. This is particularly horrifying when one learns that, not only is terrorism not a significant threat, it can only be exacerbated by bombing villages and torturing human beings.

  • Incarcerated people in mass.

Check: the Germans had their internment camps but the United States has more people in jails and prisons than the rest of the world combined. The sheer volume of imprisonment within the US alone, not counting foreign prisoners abroad, is so vast that if far surpasses anything like it throughout all of known history. America has more people locked-up than China, Russia, and Iran combined… By a LOT. Nobody locks up people like the United States locks people up.

  • Conducted invasive surveillance operations on own people.

Check: it should be common knowledge at this point that the United States government is using high-tech surveillance both home and abroad to such an astounding degree it couldn’t even be dreamt of decades ago. Surveillance in George Orwell’s 1984 doesn’t even approach the pervasiveness of so-called “intelligence” operations. What may be worthy of note is that it’s not a government body, or even a government agency who performs much of the snooping, but rather numerous corporations and private companies sub-contracted by agencies whose very existence is constitutionally questionable at best.

  • Was Fascist but claimed to be Socialist.

Check: George Orwell’s Animal Farm and 1984 both depict how power-hungry authoritarians would claim to be for justice and equality when in reality they were just dressing up the pig that is Fascism to make it look friendlier. Just like Germany claimed to be Socialist, even thought they were really Fascists, the United States claims to be a friendly mix of Capitalism and Socialist programs but it is deeply in bed with major corporations, in some cases the exact same major corporations who did business with the Nazi’s during WWII.

  • Officials forced citizens to do and undergo dehumanizing activities.

Check: strip-searches, naked body imaging, and official grouping are becoming common-place in the US. We all know that Nazi Germany, Soviet Russian, and Maoist China would stop people for any or no reason and violate their inalienable rights to be free from unjust, unwarranted, and unlawful searches and seizures. If other people don’t have the right to not be grouped, detained, and strip-searched without due process then I don’t either. The less people stick up for themselves and their families, the harder it is for me to stick up for myself and my own. Make no mistake about it: the pretext of doing all of this to fight crime or terror is not the real agenda. The real agenda is to condition us to submit to the State like so many consumable livestock.

  • Criminalization of civilian gun ownership.

Check: though the United States is still one of the most tolerant when it comes to private weapon ownership due to its cultural bias, there seem to be new stories coming out of the pipe every day about how we need to put more and more restrictions on citizen firearms to “save the children.” For anyone thinking this is a positive aspect, and surly there are bound to be some positive impacts, researching history is recommended. Disarming citizens, which is always preceded by registration, increases violent crime but it also makes the general populace more vulnerable to predatory government. Civilian gun ownership may actually be the key to having a stateless or at least reduced-state society which, despite what tyrants would like you to believe, would absolutely be a good thing. The closest any country has come to this ideal is Switzerland, which, it is worth mentioning from time to time, was never occupied by the Nazis for any prolonged period of time despite its incredible strategic importance.

  • Consolidation of power.

Check: or more aptly, checks and balances are not working. The President and Congress all seems bought and paid for by massive corporations and other predatory organizations and they have been corrupt for so long the Supreme Court is packed with traitors to the Constitution as well. Often, when we think of tyrannies we think of individuals like Adolf Hitler, Joseph Stalin, o Mao Tse Tung. Are these charismatic individuals godlike magical beings who can create an abusive prison-like system with the wave of a magic wand? Of course they’re not. We need to keep in mind that it is groups of criminally-minded individuals conspiring amongst each other that make these things happen, so long as we can be lulled into a complacent and misinformed state. Hitler wasn’t solely to blame for Nazi aggression any more than George W. Bush or Barak Hussein Obama are to blame for the numerous abuses going on now. It takes an entire network of diabolical schemers and a thoroughly propagandized public to create tyranny but cowards always need someone to take the blame to insulate themselves from the consequences of failure. This may explain how historical tyranny has been characterized by an emphasis on certain heads of state while the true influences behind the figureheads are deemphasized.

  • Excessive bureaucracy.

Check: and then some. Just think for a moment all of the “alphabet” agencies who threaten to control every single aspect of our lives. There is the FBI, CIA, FDA (also known as Monsanto), CDC, OSHA, CPS, FCC, ATF, DHS, FAA, et cetera, et cetera, et cetera. There are so many government agencies, it’s doubtful any one person could name them all. What makes matters worse, the State and Federal governments often grant these organizations ridiculous amounts of authority which is supposed to be the sole responsibility of the legislators themselves. Some may argue that, at least some, of these agencies are necessary but that is a debate for a different time. The point here is that excessive bureaucracy is a characteristic of both Nazi Germany and the United States today and is commonplace with oppressive imperial regimes.

  • Was a Fascist society.

Anyone who hasn’t realized that there is a revolving door between government and big business has been living under a rock. Cabinet members, congressmen, and government agencies have all been taken over by the very organizations they are supposed to be regulating. This incestuous relationship is sometimes referred to as Fascism or Corporatism. Backing up just a bit, it would seem that unrestrained Corporation is a fairly new form of Oligarchic Government unheard of prior to the US Civil War. With the East India company, the British Monarchy discovered that corporations where a real threat to their monopoly on power through the use of force which is why governments used to require a charter with an expiration date to even allow a corporation to even exist legally. Despite often demonizing the word corporation in general, when I do I’m not referring to instances where people incorporate outside of the Fascist control agenda. Rule by corporation, or perhaps more accurate merger between big business and government, is fascism by definition. Benito Mussolini said so himself and his name is synonymous with the word “Fascist” so we can be pretty sure his is an apt description. Who can better identify the characteristics of a beaver damn than a beaver?

  • Promoted disturbing eugenics philosophies.

Check: Yes, this is also a check. Eugenics programs at work within the United States are somehow less obvious but it must be mentioned that the death camps in Germany were unknown to most citizens until after the war had ended. Most eugenics policies are “hidden” in plain sight but there are plenty of sinister plots which, though not bandied about on the corporate-media, can still be confirmed by referencing documents and listening to certain interviews. Those who would arrogantly believe they are genetically superior to others tend to get rather boastful about it. I’m not going to get into too many details at this time as eugenics is worth an essay all on its own but if there is any doubt that there is brain-washing going on, ask yourself, “are there too many people?” If you answered “yes” you are not alone. We have all been indoctrinated into this pervasive view that there are too many people but when asked the follow up question, “who gets to decide who is worthy of living and who is worthy of dying? What if someone decides the gene pool would be better off without you?” generally the responses range from dead silence, distasteful joking, and/or grandiose, almost megalomaniacal, illusions about one’s own sense of worth.

Nazi Merika

That was just a few of the parallels between Nazi Germany and the United States. There are many more. Frankly, the nature of tyranny is universal. All of our recorded past if full of examples of shameless control freaks dehumanizing, exploiting, and even murdering their own people. The idea that “it can’t happen” here would be hilariously funny if it weren’t so seriously dangerous. It can happen here, it is happening here, and we shouldn’t be surprised.

Addicted to Oppression

It seems like we can’t get enough tyranny. We remain willfully ignorant of serious political concerns even when all of the signs are right in our face that everything is absolutely not okay. We get betrayed by our supposed “leaders” and then they bomb the hades out of some third world country killing mostly civilians and creating havoc yet we return to the polling booth again and again to vote yet another corporate-owned crony into office. We seem addicted to systemic evil.

Step One

When dealing with addictions, like substance abuse, the general consensus is that the first thing that needs to be done to beat an addiction is admitting there is a problem. Though it is perfectly understandable that some would like to avoid this line of thinking, believing that positive thinking will change the world in a positive way, it is important to keep in mind that informing people about real concerns is not about being negative but rather about being informed.

Step Two

We absolutely have to admit that we have a problem, a whole host of them really, with rampant corruption before we can even begin to take steps to do anything about it. There are a number of good people, patriots and the like, who fancy themselves Atheist. If that works for them then fine but I suggest that everyone would be better served, and provide better service, in giving oneself over to a higher power. All of the twelve step programs have this as step two.

Step Three

As remarkable as we are in some ways, humans are limited beings who can only handle so much. There is a powerful psychological advantage to be gained by most through submitting to a sort of deity. This deity doesn’t have to be something taught to you in Sunday school but that’s okay if that’s what works for you. One may give oneself over to Justice, Reason, Wisdom, and Compassion. If it helps to personify these archetypes then go ahead and do so; recent discoveries in physics suggest what mystics have been saying for ages. It seems that the physical realm is actually created by consciousness rather than the other way around.

Step Four

Once we have a firm spiritual foundation to build on, we can have the strength to conduct a fearlessly honest moral inventory. In the context of this subject, this means doing a personal moral inventory, for sure, but it also means doing a moral inventory of the whole system. You may find, if you are to be quite frank with yourself, that many of your non-traditional moral beliefs have actually been subverted by propaganda. The decadent western world, particularly the US, is rife with moral depravity. Much of the immorality may seem harmless and certainly we are all guilty of our share, but it must be kept in mind that when an eugenic elite tries to normalize certain behaviors there is probably an agenda behind it. At the very least, loose morals will serve as a distraction from important issues.

Step Five

It is important to admit at this time, having taken a moral inventory, that we are actually to blame, not for the problems created during our childhood and before our birth, but for not doing enough to move things in a positive direction. Any other attitude is a victim mentality. As adults we are responsible for everything. The buck stops with us and there is always more we should be doing to make the world a better place for our progeny.

Step Six

When we reach this step we are ready to let the archetype of everything moral and good, usually referred to as God, to purge the defects from ourselves so that we can fight combat the defects in society. After this we have to “ask.” Exactly what “asking” would look like to someone holding onto an entirely materialistic world-view is unknown but must be done.

Step Seven

We then ask the spirit of Truth and Justice to remove our shortcomings. This doesn’t work, by the way, at least not permanently. It is still a necessary step but rarely are shortcomings completely and forever removed from anyone… However, by giving ourselves over to a “higher power,” we can effectively be better than our selves by rising above our character flaws to be the person we want to be rather than the person we are afraid to become. It’s all a matter of potential and reaching out to realize that potential. Don’t worry: you won’t ever be perfect and neither will society; mistakes will be made and crimes will be committed. The hope is that a massive reduction in overall corruption may be possible.

Step Eight

When we make a list of all the people who we have harmed, we can feel overwhelmed. Once you are fully cognizant of how much harm is being done on a daily basis and how much we are failing to do about you may be shocked. When think of people I have harmed directly and indirectly both through action and inaction, it feels like a boulder of chalk climbed into my throat. It is not a fun feeling. We have to try to make amends. The desire to make amends must be tempered with the realization that not everyone will accept our apology or even realize we owe them one and that, ultimately, what’s done cannot be undone so we can only do as best as we can going forward.

Step Nine

Alcoholics and drug addicts are supposed to make direct amends whenever possible unless it will cause more harm. This can and probably should be applied by anyone attempting to recover from any sort of obsessive pattern of abuse including the tyranny problem. Apologizing and trying to make up for our wrongdoings may not seem like an obvious strategy to fight our addiction to oppression but it is. Systemic corruption is due to a lack of or corruption of principals. It can only be cured by an application of universally accepted values. To fight the good fight we have to be the best people we can be and that includes a willingness to admit our errors and attempt to make them right as much as we are able.

Step Ten

Remember that whole “personal inventory” thingy? Were you glad that it was all finished? It is never finished. We must continue to be reflective because we must be self-aware in order to heal and grow as individuals. Only through individual prosperity can the collective be stable and sound. We’ve been failing to safeguard liberty. We routinely submit to “authorities” even when they infringe on our constitutionally protected rights. In doing so, we make it harder to stand up for our human dignity. We have to take ownership of our shortcomings.

Step Eleven

In my instruction Plato’s “the good,” as it was translated, was the source of reason virtue light life

Step Twelve

Repeat steps indefinitely.

Your Uncle Might Have Said Life Was Fair But…

A virulent case of cancerous evil tyranny isn’t something which can be treated with, for example, methadone. It may be more dangerous to quit tyranny than heroine at times but it must be done. Just as it can be dangerous but necessary for a heroin addict to kick their habit, fighting off system-wide tyranny can be dangerous as well. Like the heroin addict, society needs to kick tyranny to avoid certain doom but it isn’t going to be easy like building a bear at a Build a Bear Workshop. The very lifestyles and value system we possess must be inventoried to create the new world sensibly.

Permaculture and Other Sensible Development Strategies

Permaculture attempts to use nature to advantage rather than trying to fight against local climate. This is a far-ranging topic. The use of “microclimate” effects, fish in aquaponics systems, green roofs, and much more are included in permaculture. Earthships and other earth berm homes are a form of permaculture; so are water collecting roofs.

It’s all about using what we know to create systems and structures that make sense. We don’t necessarily have to create everything out of mostly landfill materials thought we should exploit such resources when sensible to do so. We don’t necessarily have to make structures out of the most durable of materials as suggested by Jacque Fresco, though oftentimes this may be a good choice to keep repair, maintenance, and replacement to a minimum. In the true spirit of sustainability, rather than some distorted Orwellian/UN agenda 21 trickery, Permaculture is about bringing wisdom to development.

Understanding physics, ecology, and other related disciplines allows innovation in infrastructure. The human race has the knowledge it needs to start transforming our landscapes to maximize civilian sovereignty and dignity. Perhaps we could alter the current prison-like into a garden like environment which could be a step toward a heaven on earth. Anything is possible but maybe a brighter future is probable as well.

Be sure to check out the article “Fight The Power With Permaculture”2)which links to additional information.

In Reflection

This time we started off with a synopsis of an embarrassing time in my, the author’s, recent history, brought up a few other topics, including Rosanne Barr, and ended with urban hippy landscaping strategies. A lot of important ground was covered here today and surly there will be more unless I get hit by a bus. Until next time, unless I get hit by a bus, this has been Caprigon.3)

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