The Jokecoin project was started by Barnacle_Ed in an attempt to give a proper title to the many mock-altchains discussed by members of the Bitcointalk forums and in the “trollbox” on BTC-e. The project will consist of several altchains that are intended to not be taken seriously - similar to the initial idea behind BBQCoin. However, rather than just consisting of a single currency, the Jokecoin monicker is intended to describe a wide variety of digital currencies under a single umbrella term.

Motivation Behind the Project

A lot of altchains turn into pre-mined pump and dump scams which harm users and the overall health of the cryptocurrency community. Even if they are legit and not premined, some of them (arguably) still add little in the way of positive growth, being little more than clones of existing coins. At the same time though, creating new coins is an interesting project, and some altchains have introduced beneficial new ideas not first considered by Satoshi.

What this project will aim to do is separate the “silly” and potentially “scammy” coins from “serious” coins by establishing a well-defined moniker for currencies obviously intended as a project - or even as a joke, as the name “JokeCoin” implies. The core intent is to keep the creativity of new coin development alive (with a dash of humor thrown in for good measure), while at the same time hopefully reducing the anger and number of scam accusations flying around the digital currency communities these days.

Secondly, this will serve as a sort of “incubator” for outlandish ideas surrounding digital currencies. By providing a fair warning that a currency is to be treated less-than-seriously, certain inhibitions may be alleviated and other crazier ideas - which would otherwise have been discarded - may be taken into account. Although this theme is somewhat already present in the Bitcoin testnet, it never hurts to have a second environment within which to experiment; such is the spirit of decentralization, after all.

Third and finally: The Jokecoin project is all about humor. There are a great many services which Bitcoin and all other currencies offer, but pure comedic entertainment seems to be under-represented despite the wide array of options. The success of this project may prove that there is, in fact, a marketable use-case for humor centered around digital currency - as there already is around almost every other facet of life (politics, people's insecurities, world news, etc) and medium (puppets, talk shows, slapstick, etc).


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