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When you're trying to lose weight, one of the hardest parts is just getting started. Researching different diet programs can consume all your time if you let it, while you keep gaining weight until you're disheartened by this turn of events.

In many ways, the most important decision you can make is the one to lose weight. After that, every decision seems somewhat smaller. As long as you're following the age-old standard of eating less, eating better, and exercising more, you're bound to lose weight. If you want to speed up the process, diet programs are the way to go.

The cost of a diet program like Jenny Craig may be intimidating, but chances are good that you don't really know how much you've been spending on your food each month. The average American spends a tremendous amount of money on packaged and processed food. Since this diet program focuses on replacing your unhealthy meals with packaged, healthy ones while you learn to cook lean and green meals yourself, it will not change the amount you spend on your own food each month by that significant a number – perhaps a dollar a day!

Weight loss is worth more than a dollar a day to most people. If you knew you could get to that target weight, feel better about yourself, get more energy, improve your health, and learn to cook better, wouldn't you invest that much?

Consumer Reports, a leading consumer magazine that ranks products and services of all kinds, studied seven major diet programs and declared Jenny Craig number one. After a two-year medical study on 332 dieters, they discovered that 92% of Jenny Craig participants adhered to the program, which is quite high for any program.

The combination of counselling and support (because emotional support is critical if you want to succeed) and food that will help you lose weight is perfect for any would-be dieter who just wants to stop dieting and live their life at their target weight. The Jenny Craig cost is minimal when you look at the benefits.

Many women feel too pressured and busy to learn how to cook lean and green meals from scratch every day, like some diet programs demand. On the other hand, other diet programs demand that you eat their foods in order to lose weight, and once you transition to regular food again, your weight returns.

Jenny Craig balances the two by giving you pre-packaged meals while you learn how to cook healthy meals on your own by following clearly set guidelines and recipes. This helps you prepare one lean and green meal each day.

After you reach your target weight, you transition off Jenny Craig cost effective foods and onto your own meals, which can be even less expensive and just as healthy, allowing you to maintain your ideal weight.

In the world of diet programs, you might have come to expect even the best programs to involve trying to trick yourself into thinking you're having fun and eating delicious food while losing weight. Most programs do pitch their core ideas this way, but it's not always accurate!

In an attempt to find the diet programs actually worth following, the Consumer Reports magazine compared seven top programs, including Jenny Craig, which edged out six others to take the number one rating of them all. The other programs included household names like Atkins and Weight Watchers, making Jenny Craig's accomplishment even more noteworthy.

Why it Works

One of the reasons Jenny Craig was declared best is primarily the fact that it has a very high adherence rate. As you probably know, a diet won't succeed if you can't stick to it, but Jenny Craig retained 92 percent of the participants in a two-year study of 332 dieters. Your ability to stick to it isn't just a reflection of your own willpower – if a diet program is designed poorly, it will be less motivating and ultimately less successful.

The way Jenny Craig is structured, it is easier for you to continue dieting than it is for you to quit, and not much more expensive, either. If you have never budgeted for food, you may end up saving money in the long run.

The Food Factor

Many diet programs rely on having you eat pre-packaged meals for at least the first little while, as you attempt to get down to your target weight. This fixes problems with portion control, unhealthy cooking habits, and snacking. You can learn to create lean and green meals yourself with proper portions and eat an adequate amount each day.

The only issue with this approach is that it can encourage dependence on the pre-packaged meals. If you're familiar with diet programs, you know that weight loss comes from the foods, and when you try to transition off them, you gain weight again. Not so with Jenny Craig, which encourages you from the start to eat five Jenny Craig meals and snacks per day, plus one “lean and green” homemade meal. Once you have reached your target weight, you transition off Jenny Craig to your own homemade meals daily.

Rival diet program Nutrisystem scored in a taste-off in the low end of the “Good” rating, while Jenny Craig scored in the high end of Good.

The Importance of Support

Some diet programs emphasize a “go it alone” approach. It's true that you can only lose weight if you're determined to do it yourself, but having a support system is just as important in many ways. Jenny Craig includes weekly counseling sessions to help get you through the rough patches of weight loss so you can reach and maintain your target weight with less heartache and time.

Best yet, six of the diets included in the trial (Atkins, Jenny Craig, Ornish, Slim Fast, Weight Watchers, and the Zone) were scientifically tested, validating the result that Jenny Craig is truly the number one option by nearly 30 points over its closest competitor, Weight Watchers (85 versus 57 points respectively).

Jenny Craig has found the perfect blend of conseling and portion control, education and nutrition. The Consumer Reports review rightly designates Jenny Craig as the ratings winner of these seven major diet programs.

Why the Jenny Craig Cost is Worth It

If you desperately want to lose weight, you probably know all about the options open to you. For starters, some people recommend eating less and exercising more, but this isn't always effective and takes a lot of time to master. You can speed it up by seeking out a nutritionist to help you, but it's expensive. The “middle way” is to enroll in a diet program that teaches you how to eat to lose weight while providing you with the support you need.

Jenny Craig is one such diet program that has been clinically proven effective, and better yet, Jenny Craig cost is fairly minimal compared to the benefits you'll receive. Many people invest hundreds or thousands of dollars into every single failed weight loss attempt. When you choose an ineffective program because it costs less, it will end up costing more as you have to try it at least once, then go to find a program like Jenny Craig that really works.

Jenny Craig is the top-rated diet program

Consumer Reports magazine analyzed seven top diet programs, including household names like Weight Watchers and Atkins, and declared Jenny Craig number one for several reasons.

The food was rated as tasting better than any other program, and this helps to increase the likelihood you will stick to it. The counseling sessions each week help you get through rough times and answer any questions about the program instead of leaving you floundering. Finally, 92% of dieters stuck to the program over a two-year program to achieve weight loss.

The final rating for Jenny Craig was 85 points, making it much more highly recommended than the next leading diet program, Weight Watchers with only 57 points.

What the Jenny Craig cost includes

The price you pay for Jenny Craig is very reasonable considering the success of the program (as Consumer Reports found, 92% of dieters sticking to the program is very impressive for any diet program!) and the amount of support you receive.

You first request a consultation to see if the program is going to be right for you, and speak to a consultant to discover the difference between Jenny Craig and other programs. If you're interested you can then join the program, either on a short-term or long-term plan.

Rather than purchasing entirely pre-packaged meals, you will buy five snacks or meals each day and learn to prepare one on your own. This can be even more cost-effective, and teaches you how to cook healthily without putting you under pressure to make a nutritionally sound, gourmet meal for every meal of every day.

Does it work?

Success stories abound of people who lose weight – young and old, female and male, working and stay-at-home, everyone can benefit. The average Jenny Craig client will lose 1-2 pounds per week, sometimes more or less. Once they pass ten pounds of weight loss, it's an amazing feeling; twenty pounds lost is miraculous; dropping thirty pounds is a life-changer. Even if you're looking to lose fifty or more pounds, others have done so successfully, too!

Minimizing the Jenny Craig cost

If you're concerned that it will cost too much, you will be relieved to know that there are ways to minimize costs. If you choose your menu items carefully and learn to shop wisely for ingredients for your once-daily homemade meal, you can save money while losing weight.

A number of Jenny Craig participants actually spend the same amount of money or less on food each month than they did before the program. This can easily happen because many of us were never taught the truth about nutrition: fresh, healthy meals like you will learn to prepare on Jenny Craig are less expensive than unhealthy, processed foods that make you gain weight.

The average Jenny Craig client spends $1 per day more when they purchase Jenny's Cuisine meals than the average American spends on food – and that's assuming you know how much you truly spend on food when you count grocery shopping, fast food, and snacks purchased without a budget. It's very easy to learn to budget and save money while losing weight on Jenny Craig.

Is the Jenny Craig cost worth it?

If you attempted to get the same level of support as Jenny Craig provides on your own, you would likely have to hire a nutritionist to help you learn about healthy meals and choices and ensure you're getting enough of all the vitamins you need, a chef to prepare pre-made meals for you, a personal exercise trainer to keep you burning calories, and a lifestyle coach to motivate you and provide counseling.

How much does weight loss mean to you? If you know it would make you happier with yourself, more fulfilled, more energetic, healthier, and even improve your outlook on your whole life, would you invest a dollar per day, or even make a little more effort and save money while losing weight?

If you're like most of us, you'd do anything to get that perfect waistline back. Jenny Craig provides you with the support you need from the very first call, and continues to cheer you on while you reach your target weight and maintain it.

There's a reason Jenny Craig is the number one diet program available: it's simply proven to work through everyday clients' experiences and clinical trials alike. It combines the benefits of healthy and great-tasting food with all the support you need and this proven method.

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