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Jacqueline's Story along with other stories archived under Project Legacy scripts were originally for use in the Western Visual Novel, Project Legacy. Since the game's development was halted, the echoes of what might have been live on here.

~Jacqueline “Jaki” Sixòn (People call her by the exact way that her last name looks, but that isn’t how it is actually pronounced.)

Bio~ Family overview: Jaki Sixon grew up with her mother, her French “purist” father and 3 sisters on the southern banks of France, near Monpillier (a nod to mah nigga vDJ). Her grandparents lived near her as well. She was born six years before the war started. France, not as modernized as The United States or The United Kingdom, but still well preserved, experienced a more laid back period of war than other countries during the same time period. Jaki and her family were well known chefs in the area, quite possibly the best in all of France. They were widely respected and received a great deal of commendation for their efforts at preserving a long-lost tradition. Jaki, the youngest of her three sisters, learned all she knew from them. Her father, a traditional, caring “family man”, owned a small fishing ship and operated every day in the Mediterranean with his wife, Jaki’s mother. It was the job of Jaki and her sisters to clean and prepare the fresh catch every day and serve it in their family restaurant. It was something that Jaki absolutely loved doing. She could see herself doing it forever. The exhilaration of making something just perfect, the way she wanted it gave her joy to no end. She pretended to be as modest as she could be, but loved when people praised her.

Her family grew up on the slowly declining religion of Christianity, which Jaki does not follow, at least, when she doesn’t need to. Her parents were generally very strict and protective of her, making sure that she was never putting herself in harm’s way. Although, whatever she did, as long as it had to do with serving other people, in France, was fine by her father. As she grew older, her dad became increasingly protective of her, making sure that she doesn’t involve herself with anything to do with the war in other countries.

(This needs to be elaborated upon a bit.) A strange disorder that Jaki had regarding food is that she rarely ate very much. It’s not that she didn’t enjoy eating, or was even concerned with her weight. It’s just that she didn’t feel comfortable eating her own food (which she was required by her father to prepare for herself, because it taught responsibility). She felt much more comfortable serving others than herself. She simply felt that as though it was the wrong thing to do. As a perfectionist, it was difficult for her to destroy something that she had made herself. She wanted somebody else to be the one that took it apart.

Since the cooking practice as a whole had generally declined all over the world, as a girl, Jaki wondered what it would be like cooking in other countries, and being adored for her work there. She was told by her father that nobody knew how to cook like the French, and they probably couldn’t appreciate it as well as the French could. This mindset only made Jaki want to leave France to explore the world more. Of course, she kept this idea safe from the reach of her overprotective father. All of her sisters were supportive of her aspirations but would never think of doing such a thing themselves due to the potential wrath of their father if they even suggested such an idea as leaving. Her grandparents were the only ones that she could tell her secret to. Since the tradition of cooking was carried on from their ancestry, they were just as close to Jaki as her parents were. They understood what Jaki wanted, and let her know that she could do anything and they would be happy with it. Her grandfather even told her once, “never lose that which makes you special” (this is a quote I tried to pass off in my ‘Jaki intro Round 2’ piece, but decided to save for later). And said it would be great if she could pass on her tradition elsewhere and expose more people to her family’s fantastic cooking. Needless to say, Jaki was torn between her father, whom she had been so loyal to and whom she owes her profession to; and her dreams, that seemed to be held back only by reach of her father. Her sisters, children built in the image of their father, all left home to open up successful restaurants all over France. Jaki had a high up bar to meet, but one that she felt confident with surpassing.

Education and family work: Jaki attended an all-girls school in Montpillier, one that most girls in the area attend. She was just as respected here as she was as a chef around town. She was kind and courteous to others, and performed well in school. Not exceptionally above average (like Rika), but she was still respectively smart. Making a sincere attempt to learn unlike some of her classmates, most of her time was spent poring over old history books or doing what she did best, cooking. Her favorite historical empire is the Ottoman Empire (a nod to Rasheed). She wasn’t only interested in the history of France, but also America. She thought America was amazing. Truly believing that she could achieve the American dream there, she did underestimate what she would be in for if she ever got there. Jaki spent a great deal of time while at school teaching others. She felt as though this was a good way to help her gain patience, a critical characteristic of all good chefs. She loved seeing people succeed because of her help.

From the moment she was born, Jaki was put in the kitchen (where da ho belongs lol… No, seriously) she was born for a good reason. As her sisters begun to leave home to start their own restaurants, her responsibilities only became greater in numbers. She was a chef primarily, but helped clean the fish that her father caught as well. Winter time used to be the busiest time for her family. During this time it was hard for her to complete all of her schoolwork because of how much she had going on.

Aspirations as a young girl: In short, Jaki wanted to see the world. She wanted to become the greatest chef. Everywhere. But especially, over all other places, she wanted to go to America. This is what set her apart from her father. Her father wanted her to stay in France, no matter what. He knew that what she should be doing for the rest of her life was cooking and serving others. This doesn’t at all mean that mean that Jaki and her father didn’t have a good relationship. In fact, they were very close. Jaki was close with her entire family. Her mother was somewhat the same way as her father, but she wasn’t as drastically strict as he was. She wanted Jaki to be happy with whatever it was that she wanted to do. But only so long as that was cooking and carrying on her family’s tradition. As said previously, Jaki had a good relationship with her sisters as well as her grandparents. They were the only ones that Jaki could talk to about leaving France without being immediately shot down. They supported her entirely. The main reason that Jaki wanted to leave France rested not only in her love of World History, but also in the fact that she didn’t want her cooking skills to go to waste. She felt as though staying in her homeland was holding her back. She knew that I she ever got the chance to leave, that she would really show the world what she was capable of.

Personality – Likes and Dislikes: Jaki’s has an incredibly unique personality. For most people, being asked to do something is a chore. For Jaki, she feels the exact opposite. She feels the happiest and most at home when she is serving others. When at work, she can always be found with a smile on her face. In fact, it’s hard to see her without a slight smile on her face. She keeps a positive outlook on life, choosing not to dwell on the things that make her feel adversely towards things while talking to others. Even in dire situations she might try and keep a positive attitude over herself and others. She chooses to see the brighter side of a lot of situations. Another thing that Jaki enjoys is, of course World History. Discovering tiny facts about countries all over the world is what she loves best. She loves them so much so that it’s likely to hear her rattle off a fact about a country when you talk about it. She enjoys the English language, but she isn’t perfect at it. She carries a quite noticeable accent. She wants to get better, but it’s difficult to find time to study English between all of the other things that she does. She has a fondness for art as well. Her favorite historical painting is The Birth of Venus. She keeps a somewhat “creepy” (as per request of Ruube) painting in her room on the Arc Valiant. She’s a fan of classical music, especially Frederic Chopin.

Jaki only dislikes a few things. But when encountered with these things, she can be easily peeved by them, practically ruining the entire day for her. The next day, she’ll probably be fine, though. For the rest of that day, though, whatever she was annoyed by will be on her mind. Dislikes primarily include when others don’t like her cooking. It’s not the fact that she dislikes the person for not liking it, but more so in herself for not making it right in the first place. She’ll do whatever she can to improve upon what she did wrong. Usually finding a small flaw or a mistake in a recipe will really get to her. She gets a headache and can’t think straight. Being disorganized is something that really gets to Jaki as well. She tries to stay as neat as possible. In addition, Jaki has a natural fear of tight spaces.

Due to Jaki’s adherence to neatness and perfectionist type work process, she is somewhat OCD. She has the tendency to go out of her way to change something to make it perfect. If her food isn’t perfect, she’ll change it so it is. If there is a problem with anything, she’ll try and fix it. Of course, she loves doing things to help, so this isn’t much of a problem for her. It pains her to be rude to people when she doesn’t have to be. Her almost robotic courtesy is just a natural talent that she picked us as a chef. She likes to avoid pessimistic situations. In a conversation, she’ll try and talk as much as she can when a hot topic has arisen. When a topic of negative properties comes around, Jaki will try and keep quiet or slip out of the conversation. This also goes for when she is around people that she doesn’t particularly like. It’s rare for Jaki to actually dislike somebody, but when she does, she’ll just simply avoid them. Usually this dislike stems from jealousy (hence on the ship why she avoids Cass, for she in somewhat jealous of all of the attention that Nolan pays to Cass.

Jaki has been known to snap back at people when she is concentrating or doing something that she finds particularly pressing. One of those things is cooking. Of course, later on, she’ll apologize for any fear that she may have instilled.

Life Story - Early Years: Jacqueline “Jaki” Sixon grew up in Montpellier, in southern France (Yeah, I’ve said it before but I’m saying it agen n deres nuttin u can do about it faget). As the youngest of three sisters, and daughter to a fisherman mother and father, Jaki was brought up by her family to be a spectacular chef. Encouraged by her parents and grandparents to find a career as a chef, she found that to be exactly what she wanted to do. Her family owned a restaurant in Montpeillier, where she tirelessly worked in the only time that she had off from school cooking, cleaning and providing anybody that came by with food. As time has gone by, cooking has become a lost art, with people relying mainly on the help of (machines that prepare food instantaneously) to prepare food. Jaki’s family, a somewhat conservative one, has decided that they’d stick to what they do best. And they are the best, receiving praise from all over France. Her father, somewhat of a “French supremacist” believes that it is the duty of them to provide the people of France with good food, – but nobody if it wasn’t France. Jaki, a chef in training from her day of birth, is a promising young chef with a good attitude towards honing her skills. Being groomed by her also-chef sisters, Jaki quickly becomes the best chef in her family, a prodigy, according to her parents. In addition to this, Jaki attended a nearby private, all-girls school. Here, she spent most of her time engrossed in the latest history book. She received good grades and this only made her parents more proud of her. Supported also by her more lenient grandparents, Jaki was perfect in their eyes. Known to be somewhat of a perfectionist over her food creations, Jaki was always striving to be better. She spent hours reading over history books constantly wondering what the rest of the world was like. Wondering how people in other countries lived. Wondering if they would like her food. Jaki had interest particularly in the United States. She found life in relatively quiet France to be somewhat dull. She sought adventure elsewhere, in a big city.

(Okay, beyond this point, I was really tired but still writing so it probably sounds like shit). Even hinting at moving out of France drove her father mad. Still, this didn’t stop Jaki from thinking about it constantly in her free time. She talked to her sisters about her aspirations. They were very supportive of her, and wanted her to go for it, despite the imminent backlash from her father. Her grandparents thought that Jaki moving and spreading her family’s prestigious food would be fantastic. However, as Jaki grew older, her responsibilities stacked up. Her sisters left to open their own restaurants and she was condemned to working most of the time, and attending school in the only free time that she had available.

One day, at age 19, Jaki received personal news from (Corporation 2) describing the interest that they had in her cooking ability. They explained how they could sponsor her as a chef in a restaurant in Boston. They felt as though she had a lot of potential to establish Corporation 2 as a company that with deeper reach into public affairs. They promised to provide another chef as help when cooking. Jaki, without thinking about the effects that this could have, covertly communicated with (Corporation 2) to discover a plan to work for them. It didn’t matter what she was paid, but just that she got a chance to come to America.

It didn’t take Jaki long to decide that this was the perfect opportunity for her to move to America. Her only problem was the fact that she had to tell her father. After gathering up the necessary courage, she finally asked him what he thought about her leaving to America, to make food for her own private restaurant. Her father naturally declined this offer. He thought that Jaki was crazy for even suggesting such a thing. Still, Jaki pressed him. She told him that this is what she’d been planning her entire life. Her father couldn’t believe that Jaki would stoop to the low of the “American Pigs”. Her mother, slightly more lenient than her father suggested that maybe it could be good. That it was what Jaki needed. And if she wanted to do it, she could. This opinion was also backed by Jaki’s grandparents. Jaki’ father at last decided that he could agree to these terms, just so long as Jaki never returned to France again. This hit Jaki hard. She loved France. It was her true home. But she knew that working for her parents for her whole life would never get her anywhere. She thought quickly about it but never turned back. She eventually decided that her best choice was to take the job. She could probably just find holiday time to come back to France and visit her family. In an emotional goodbye, Jaki packed her bags and went on her way.

America (Age 19 – 26): Upon arriving in Boston, Jaki was immediately given residence by (Corporation 2) above her restaurant in a small high class suite. Albeit tiny, it was still a nice place to live. She felt somewhat claustrophobic at times, but it wasn’t really a problem. She was just happy to finally be where she had wanted to be all her life. Living just above the restaurant was good, it reminder her in some ways of home.

In an apartment nearby the restaurant lived her fellow chef, Felix Santiago. With awkward introductions, Jaki and Felix finally met each other and began discussing their lives before moving here. As it turned out, Felix’s family comes from Tijuana. Here, his family lived just like Jaki’s. Extremely prestigious because of their preservation of cooking as an art. He was also offered a job by (Corporation 2) to work alongside Jaki. In this way the two connected. But not on a sexual level at all. Jaki felt comfortable being around someone who has a similar background to her. IT wasn’t long before Jai and Felix made friends with each other. They loved sharing recipes and family stories. Felix had a thing for Geography, as well. Jaki liked him for that. Sometimes while cooking together they spent hours poring over things such as the crazy landscape of Greece and how it affected their development in prehistory, and how the Ottomans were incredibly wise with their conquering of Europe.

Felix was tall and skinny. He was pretty outgoing, and kind to strangers. He’s an easygoing guy that knows what to say at the right time. He immediately started liking Jaki as soon as he met her, but of course didn’t tell her this. He was actually pretty similar to Jaki. He made good grades and loved serving others. Jaki loved working alongside of him. But only working with him. She wasn’t attracted to him at all. He wasn’t much one for drinking alcohol, but when he did drink, he was all over the place. The restaurant that they opened up together was a fantastic success. As the only two chefs employed, they were constantly working to keep order over the clamoring crowd. It was exhausting, but enjoyable, somewhat for her. Employed also were a total of 5 other busboys, hostesses and waitresses. Although Jaki, just being Jaki, couldn’t help but talking to the people that she served herself. She was met with critical acclaim from all over the Eastern Coast of the United States. She made plenty of money from her job, but that wasn’t what she was in it for. She was there for the love of the job itself.

Jaki’s manager, a middle-ranking (Corporation 2) officer, was adored for bringing together French and Mexican food to create a unique atmosphere. This gained (Corporation 2) a great deal of respect among the people just simply from publicity. Just by simply being around her manager, Jaki heard quite a few things about (Corporation 2). She was up to date on most of the missions being undertaken by them, some of which she thought were top-secret.

Felix’s advance: Jaki and Felix worked side by side for 8 years to widely critical acclaim. One night while working, Jaki and Felix were just about to close up for the day. It was a relatively slow night for them. Nobody had been in the restaurant for about an hour. The waiters left early and the only ones that were still around Felix and Jaki, just in case someone was to come in. The manager sat in his office accounting the sales from that week. Felix had been drinking sporadically for the past few hours from a bottle of Jim Beam that he kept hidden in a back cupboard. Jaki didn’t stop him, she knew that he was pretty responsible nonetheless. They were about to leave, anyways.

It got to the point where both of them were standing in the kitchen talking about current events. Felix was slurring his words and stumbling a bit. He continued to make sexual advances towards Jaki to which she of course rejected. At first, she thought that he was just kidding, so she didn’t really take it too seriously. When his advances didn’t stop, she got slightly annoyed and moved into a back room. Felix followed her and –cornered- her. She made no attempt to yell out for the manager because she figured it wouldn’t bode well for her if the manager saw Felix.

At the exact time that she left the kitchen, a single customer entered and waited for service. In the backroom, Felix was already unbuttoning Jaki’s shirt. His hand managed to find it’s way down her pants. She was pushing him away, however this didn’t stop him. He proceeded to –molest- her for a few minute while she was struggling. She eventually yelled for the manager and he came running in a few seconds later. Upon seeing Felix and Jaki, he immediately fired Felix. He pleaded with him, saying that she was asking for it. However, this didn’t change her manager’s mind. Felix stormed out of the restaurant in a drunken daze. He managed to find his way home and passed out immediately.

Jaki, now traumatized made it to work the next day. Her emotional sadness combined with her lack of extra help made the work continue to pile up on her. She was too distracted to cook. Her manager decided to close up shop indefinitely. Truthfully, she missed Felix. But hated him at the same time. Later that day, Felix came to apologize to her, insisting that he was out of his mind for what he did. Jaki wasn’t able to fully accept his apology, but thanked him for coming by. Ever since that night, Jaki had been different. She was a bit more reclusive than she was before.

Joining Nolan (Age 26): Meanwhile, Nolan is coming home from a small-scale mission with another chef aboard. A low budget one that was lazy, arrogant and inattentive. Nolan, disgusted with his behavior, decided to fire him, and quickly seek out new chefs that were more devoted to the job. Hearing about two of the finest chefs in Boston in a food –magazine-, Nolan decided to test his luck with them. Maybe better food could get his team to be more engaged in working.

Contacting Jaki and Felix, Nolan asked if they would like to join his crew on his missions to space. Felix of course accepted, and was happily brought aboard. Jaki, before knowing that Felix had already joined, thought long and hard about it. She wouldn’t want to leave her spot as a chef in Boston, but space exploration was beyond her wildest dreams. Eventually, she did accept, leaving her previous job employed by (Corporation 2).

Upon learning that Felix was the other chef that Nolan had hired, Jaki decided to stay quiet about the history that she had together. She wouldn’t want Nolan to regret hiring her. Jaki thought it couldn’t hurt to try and patch things up with Felix. Until the main story picks up they have gone on one somewhat awkward mission together, but were able to both become well respected by the crew of the Arc Valiant.

Jaki’s story Tldr: Jaki was born in France to a large family of chefs. She excelled highly in school. She wanted to move to America her whole life. Soon, she was offered a job by (Corporation 2) and hesitantly joined, just so long as she never returns to France on the terms of her father. She moved to Boston and opened a restaurant with another great chef, Felix. Their restaurant met critical acclaim. Felix was drunk and molested Jaki. Felix was fired. Jaki got sad. Nolan hired both Jaki and Felix. They both work on the Arc Valiant as well respected chefs.

Personality Breakdown: Pros: • Unimaginably Courteous. • Excellent chef. Very enthusiastic about cooking. • Interested in learning, good student. • Loves World History, especially the Ottoman empire. Prone to rattling off random historical facts. • Fan of Classical Music. • Loves art. • Strong ties to Corporation 2 • Perfectionist. Cons: • Known to snap at people who interrupt her deep thought. • Will try and edge out of uncomfortable situations. • Mediocre relationship with her father (good with the rest of her family). • Easily annoyed by little things. • Can’t stand knowing that someone doesn’t like her food. • Somewhat OCD over the smallest of things. • Afraid of disappointing Nolan. • Kind of shy ever since she was molested at work. (Conflicted relationship with Felix, a fellow chef on Arc Valiant).

Appearance: Average female height. Maybe slightly shorter. Green eyes. Straight black hair, ending just above mid chest. While working, she is always seen sporting an apron and a rolled-up sleeves pinstripe button-up shirt underneath. She wears a tie as well as suspenders. Below that, Black dress pants and dress shoes. If you want more details please contact me. I’m terrible at describing this in a biography.

Project Legacy

- Written by Dr. Doak, Mid 2012.

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