Jack in the Box Review

I recently had my first experience with Jack in the Box, a restaurant. The experience I had was so awesome that I just want to share it with you, the public! It is not often that I will go out of my way to do this, but in this case I think that they deserve it. So here we go.

I originally went there because I read a sign saying that they have tacos at a cost of 2 for a dollar (or, rather 99 cents). Being that I am currently pretty tight on funds, I felt that this was worth giving them a try. After all, if I ended up not liking them too much it was not expensive, and if I did love them I would know about them for the future. So I went ahead and went.

What I ordered was 4 tacos, which (with a discount – some offer military, student or senior discounts, you just need to ask) ended up costing under $2 after tax. This was awesome: four tacos for under two dollars? Definitely up my alley! I also got an ice water, which was free. I sometimes do coke or pepsi instead, but it depends on how I feel. I try not to get filled up on sugar and other fattening things (although I most definitely do have some intake of them pretty often).

I would say that the process of ordering took around half a minute. Then I pulled up to the window, my food was already waiting on me. I paid for it and went home. This is where things got a little interesting, and how you feel really just depends on you and what you like.

When I opened the bag, I took out the first taco. I also had some “hot sauce” (I was hoping it would be like what we would get at Taco Bell, but it is pretty tame: not hot at all) so I put that on one of the tacos. But what amazed me is that it looks like the shells are made using fried tortillas in the restaurant. They are not the same ones you would buy in the store; they just seem a lot more fresh. On the down side, the tacos either do not use beef or they use very little and fill the rest with beans or something. It is pretty hard to tell exactly what they are made of but there is one thing for certain, which is that they taste nothing like those you would get at more expensive places. My assumption of them not being beef comes from their pricing and the way they look and taste. I could be wrong on that though.

Now, I came across another pretty cool thing as well. On the receipt (which, as far as I can tell, is every receipt they give out) it has a code for taking a survey online. This gives you two free tacos on your next purchase. So after eating, I did the survey for the code. It took probably a minute to get it all knocked out, then I wrote down the code and put the paper aside. This survey is important if you want to save money because it means the next trip I will buy two tacos for a dollar, and then get two more for free. This makes each taco about a quarter each! Compare this to a place like Taco Bell where they are a dollar each, and you can see the savings. The taste and quality do appear to be different, but not to much that they are not worth eating. I think I have found my favorite taco place.

Note: if you do the survey, you have to complete it within three days of your visit. You then have to use the freebie voucher within a week of the day you do the survey. Failure to do this will void it. So if you want to keep the freebie train going, you will have to visit Jack in the Box at least once a week. For someone who likes to pick up lunch while at work or school, though, this is awesome and should not be too much of a hassle.

Overall, my experience with Jack in the Box was an awesome one and I am glad that I gave them a chance. After years of ignoring them due to what I felt were going to be high prices, I have learned that I was wrong. Now I realize that they are the cheapest taco place around me, and they make some great filler foods for when you need to eat out cheap and are more interested in getting food in your body than you are eating the most tasty thing you have ever had. That is not to say that their tacos are not good, either; simply that their quality just does not seem to match up to other more expensive ones.


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