It wasn't until

It wasn’t a heartbeat until next Tuesday

I found the depth of your core

It wasn’t until I lost everything

That I found you


Teardrops of midmorning day

Only make cry

Cynical view of optimism

Only makes me sneer


And out of everything that I

Have ever been or done

All I can do

Is think of you


Just a boy, a man

Who held out his hand for me

And then that was it

That was where I fell in love with you


Street corner on maine and magnolia

I found you

Or you found me

Either way we found each other


A glimpse of what it would be like

To be in love

To be wanted and feel safe

Mirror images in your eyes


And somehow I lost you

That deviled smile

Fantastic sarcasm and wit

What a fool I was and still am


Maybe if I wait there

You will come back

It wasn’t until this morning

I realized how much I loved you


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