It takes a Village to Raise a Child

In the past (and still in many countries) children grew up with regular (even EVERYDAY) contact with their grandparents, cousins and various family friends. This still happens in smaller towns (and poorer areas) in America, but suburbs and city life is killing this idea. Suburbs are making people want to grab a plot of land with a nice box (house) on it. Then fill that box with nice things, and have some kids. Then keep EVERYONE else out of your box, unless it's the super bowl or Thanksgiving.

The idea is still alive in small town America, where people trust their kids to walk down the street alone, and neighborhoods (such as projects and trailer parks) where people are forced to work together to make it to the next month.


This idea needs to come back to life in America, and become something that is less transparent in the rest of the world. This philosophy needs to be given credit. Whenever a kid blows something up, or shoots someone, everyone is quick to blame the village or the media, but when something goes right everyone says that against all odds that person did it alone. Ex: Oprah believes that visualization and her pure will got her the parts that made her famous, but that simply is not true. She needs to give credit to the people that gave her the connections to meet the people she met, as well as credit to the people that say something in her and chose her for the part. AND her family and home town.

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