It Breathes

It breathes in me
This lifeless body
It breathes in me
It's breathing forevermore

It's breathing in us
It's time for resurrection

I've seen your face
A million times before
I know your lies
I've heard them all, and more

I know your face
It's in my own reflection

You say, you've heard it all before
You think you know it all and more
You say, you've opened up your door

Well you're wrong

Now you've let the beast inside
Nowhere left for you to hide
You will never know the shame
You will only know the pain

Forever you will know
What it's like to be a slave
Where open wound's flourish
And even Death won't save

Bow down before me
And witness your demise
Lay down before me
And drink from bleeding skies

I am the puppetteer
Control with but a hand
Search for your salvation
A prophet you demand

But you're too late

Yeah, nothing is real
You're out of time
And I've made my steal
Oh yeah, you're mine

I am just a player
In this twisted game of life
I just take my turn
And stand you on the knife

It's breathing in me
It's hopeless to fight
It's breathing in me
Clouding out all light

It's breathing in us
Nothing left in sight

It's breathing again
Consuming the night

It breathes
It's here
It's Death
It's Fear

Oh, how it hungers for more


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