Is This Right?

A take on life in snippets, quipets & questions


This is a book I wrote several years back. Of course there's no money in book-writing (yes, we all know about J. K. Rowling - but that's just like some jerk winning the lottery) so here we go … you get this for free.


It seems to me that, unless we're lucky in having the right parents or in coming from the right (rich, smart, well-educated, well-connected) background, we either get told nothing about the way life is and what people are really like, or we get misinformed about these things, either deliberately or because the people advising us don't know what they're talking about. There's also a tendency to tell kids what life should be like and what they should do in an ideal world, rather than what it is really like and what they will have to do - and cope with - in order to get on and have some degree of success and happiness.

This little book is just a collection of my own views and opinions - along with an occasional question. You might agree with some of what you read, or none of it. I'd be surprised if you agreed with all of it. But if you're not too keen on what you read here, why not go and create your own book and let other people know what your views and opinions on life are? That's the joy of this era of free self-publishing: if you don't like the books other people write, you can always write your own!

I hope that even if you don't agree with what you read, you still find it interesting reading.

achieve financial independence

This should be your first goal in life. You need to have enough unearned income to be able to work only because you want to, to be able to be where you want to be, have what you want to have, do what you want to do, be with the people you want to be with … in other words, to live the way you want.

life is just a game

But most people don't have the nerve to go all out to win it.

the people in your life should be there for a good reason.

Don't let people into your life without knowing what benefits you want from them.

it's the physical stuff that matters.

Smart people use words and images to trick dumb people into giving them the physical stuff that they want.

except for friends, family, loved ones and work partners, people should be used, outsmarted, deceived, beaten or ignored.

In the beginning was the word, and the clever people used it to get money, power and status.

A rut is a living grave.

We hate people who have the same faults as ourselves.

What utter crap religion is.

One of the worst inventions ever. Made up and appropriated by cunning people, adopted by hypocrites, and used to deceive and manipulate the stupid and the gullible and the desperate.


What does it mean? People who do with you what you want to do with them, or who happen to be in the same situation, organization or establishment as you? That seems to be what friendship means.

Boring men make the best husbands.

If you work on the basis that everyone is a piece of shit, you will occasionally be pleasantly surprised.

People who work should spend more time thinking about how to get other people to work for them.

Apart from marrying for money, there really is no reason to marry.

One can have sex, children and companionship without signing a marriage contract, so why sign one?

A person who tells you about their problems is just trying to get you involved in their problems.

Have none of it. Keep away from people with problems.

There's something so undeveloped about people over thirty who still listen to pop music.

The frequency at which humans vibrate is about 7 hertz. Set up a vibration at this frequency and you'll unsettle them without them realizing why.

It's true, i tell you!

Go for it!

Just make the effort and try to get what you want.

To control people …

… have them depend on you, especially for income and accommodation. It's also not a bad idea to have them fear you.

Money doesn't necessarily make you happy.

But that's not its purpose. It's just there to enable you to buy what you want … which can include happiness, if you know what makes you happy and where you can buy it. Anyway, poverty certainly doesn't have a reputation for making people happy.

Frustrated failures usually lie and say that they're content with what they've got and with their position in life.

They're not brave enough or honest enough to admit how disappointed they are with themselves and how they wish their lives were completely different. They can't admit that they failed to get the life they wanted or that they weren't brave enough even to try to get it.

A man learns a lot about women when he finishes with one and next day sees her out with another man.

Apparently this also works the other way round as well!

The only people who are faithful are those who are too boring, too unattractive, too cowardly or have too few resources to be unfaithful.

When the balance of power changes in a relationship, the relationship often ends.

The most important thing in life is money.

After your health, of course. Treat money as if it were your best friend. Occasionally it might even be your only friend! Once you've got plenty of money, you must annoy other people by telling them it's really not important at all and that it means absolutely nothing to you.

Don't fill your head with irrelevant knowledge.

Knowledge should be useful, not just interesting.

Vulgar people say they “love having fun” and are “up for a laugh”.

Everything begins with an idea, a decision and action.

Western democracies are probably as corrupt and sleazy as third world countries. Some democracies would be third-world countries if they weren't living on borrowed money.

Perception often blinds people to a reality that is completely different.

It's not the reality of a situation that necessarily matters; it's people's perception of the situation that matters.

Be without emotion.

Be rational. Before you act, calculate risks and opportunities, costs and benefits, upside and downside.

Pretend to be feeling a particular emotion if it helps you get what you want.

Such as anger (to dominate), or love (for sex).

The one thing it's really worth being passionate about is …

… your work.

Happiness is …

… for you to decide. But here's one possibility: have domestic and financial security and sufficiency; be diligently and passionately absorbed in your vocation; be your own master, in your work and in your life in general; have a loyal, supportive and congenial partner; have friends who are a pleasure to be with and who benefit you, either in material ways or in terms of helping you or educating you; have good health.

Stop thinking about what you want …

… once you've decided what you want. Concentrate instead on doing what you need to do for and with other people in order to get what it is you've decided you want.

Discover your vocation.

This is where your talents and abilities coincide with your passion to use them to benefit other people. Your vocation is what you would do even if you didn't need money (although you will of course do it for money).

Little people shouldn't concern themselves with big issues.

Get your own life sorted out before you think about sorting out the world's problems.

The mind seems to act as a magnet.

It somehow seems to draw to you what you desire or feel very strongly about. (so be careful about hating things or people, because you'll end up attracting them to you.)

Losers watch television …

… and listen to music endlessly, and surf the internet for hours, and play computer games, and …

Ignore other people's words. Instead look at their actions.

Look at the physical reality of what is going on. Words cost little and are used to deceive. Even with good intentions, people often can't or won't keep their word. Also people say things without knowing all or even any of the facts. Find out the facts for yourself.

See things from the other person's point of view, but still try to get your own way and get your views accepted.

Avoid anything you're not good at or don't like.

Get other people to do all that stuff.

People who cannot cope with or accept reality turn to the unreal world of religion for comfort.

If you really want to make use of organized religion, use it as a sort of social club and just pay lip-service to the religious mumbo-jumbo.

Get noticed …

… by the right people (those who can help you get what you want), for the right reasons (the reasons that will make them think it's in their interest to associate with you and advance your interests).

Being with the public is pointless.

You should know who you want to be with and why you want to be with them. The public are people that you haven't selected, so why be with them? If you can't avoid them, at least minimize the time you spend with them.

Find the work in which you excel

Be the order-giver, not the order-taker.

Know exactly what you want your life to be like.

And then do anything and everything that's necessary to get that life. But remember the old saying - “if you don't know where you're going, you'll end up somewhere else.” a lot of people aren't happy and successful simply because they haven't defined precisely what it is that 'happiness' and 'success' would be for them.

Think carefully before heading down a particular path in life.

A lot of people mindlessly allow their lives to go in a particular direction (in terms of choosing work or a career, or settling down with someone, or living somewhere, etc.) And are then surprised to find that they don't like the life they've got. Think about whether the life-path you're considering taking has at least the possibility of leading you to the sort of life you want. The wrong choices not only waste your time and resources but it can also be extremely difficult or even impossible to change paths and get on to the right one at a later date.

A lot of situations seem to have both a clever side and a stupid side.

If watching television is stupid, working in television is not. Playing computer games might be a waste of time, but building up a company that creates and sells computer games might be a very clever thing to do. When looking at a situation, make sure you get into it on the clever side.

Politicians hate telling the truth and hate admitting they've lied or made mistakes.

Bit like little children really. However, if you accept that getting what you want in life sometimes - or even often - involves lying to people and deceiving them, then there's no particular reason to be surprised by what politicians do or to dislike them or criticize them. Perhaps they should be admired for their shittiness. The worse they are as people, the better they are as politicians. 1/10

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There's no reason to be attached to the country or place of your birth.

Or even to your family for that matter. Anything that you yourself haven't chosen (homeland, upbringing, relatives, etc.) Should be looked at dispassionately and if you wouldn't choose it now, there's now reason why you shouldn't move on, leave it behind, and find something better. Re-invent yourself. Have friends instead of family. Move to another country. Change your career if you only entered it to please your parents. Everything about your life should be what you want and it should be deliberately chosen by you.

The creative types are the most important and valuable people in life.

Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to …

… serve your own interests and get what you want by serving other people using your natural talents and abilities and being passionate about doing it.

Get pleasure from serving other people.

Whilst at the same time benefitting yourself, of course – materially, physically, mentally and/or socially.

It seems that happiness is relative.

If you have a good income and mix with people poorer than yourself, you'll probably feel pretty good, but if you have the same income and mix with people who are richer than you, you can start to feel inadequate and depressed. We see ourselves relative to other people, and our happiness changes according to that view.

Before you enter, plan your exit.

Business investors do this. People getting married should do this. Before entering into any serious situation or commitment, you should make sure you have at least one way of getting out, preferably advantageously.

Get paid for your mind, not your body.

With the exception of the creative types such as craftspeople, artists and performers, the most successful people seem not to physically do anything. Instead they get other people to do everything.

Think about divorce before you marry.

Potential downside should always be considered before you get carried away by anticipated upside.

Why buy when you can rent?

Renting can give you so much more choice and freedom and flexibility. You may get bored or dissatisfied or find something better. Renting makes it easier for you to change and move on. This idea applies to people as well as things. Marriage is a form of attempting to own someone. Living with someone makes it easier and less expensive to move on if this is what is wanted … By either side. If you run a business, employ staff through an agency so that you can get rid of workers quickly and easily and not have them as ongoing financial liabilities.

Have no personal debts.

If you're doing the right thing financially, which is creating positive cash flow that pours cash into your pocket, you shouldn't need to have any personal debt.

Always be selling something.

Try to sell as much as possible of some product or service and do it as profitably as possible. Create a big inflow of money. To do that, you have to create a big, profitable outflow of goods or services.

The only information that should interest you is that which influences what you decide to do now or in the future.

Add value.

This is what creates the profit for you on the goods or services you provide to others. You can also apply this to relationships. If you can add something positive to other people's lives, they will want to add something positive to your life.

Crime is sometimes just business that the government has decided to declare illegal.

Relationships are essentially business deals.

They are exchanges of benefits with an acceptance of costs and other negative aspects. Both sides should feel that the positives outweigh the negatives.

The only business debts you have should be unsecured.

Avoid putting your own money and assets at risk. However, if you can borrow without giving personal guarantees, it can be a good idea to do that and to do it on as large a scale as possible. This might be so as to grow the business as quickly as possible or, if the business isn't profitable and the house of cards is likely to collapse, you can always pocket some of your creditors' money before letting the business fold. For some business people this is the only way they are able to make money for themselves.

Arouse strong emotion in people when you want to put them in a state where you can manipulate them.

If you can't see the profit before you do the deal, don't do the deal.

Don't fight other people's battles.

Smart people get dumb people to fight their wars, earn money for them, do the dirty jobs they themselves don't want to do. Don't fall for it. Even better, take a leaf out of their book and start using other people to do things for you. When somebody asks you to do something, ask yourself who is going to be the real, main beneficiary - you or them? In the situation in question, whose shoes would you rather be in - theirs or yours? Then make sure you're in those shoes.

Destroy the evidence.

It's not doing bad things that is bad; it's getting found out. Leave behind as little as possible that can incriminate you. Better still, leave nothing. Killing witnesses is probably taking things a little too far!

You think you want to have complete personal freedom, but …

… how are you going to get it, and what are you going to do with it when you've got it?

Only do work you can do wearing a suit.


It's a good way of finding solutions to problems and finding ways to achieve your goals. And, if nothing else, it at least temporarily stops your mind being full of crap.

There are only two ways to make money.

Selling, and stealing. Sell as much product or service as possible. (if you are an employee, you are selling yourself.) Use maximum leverage. (use other people, other people's money, machinery, the media, etc.) Add maximum value. Get the maximum amount of cash pouring as profitably as possible into your pocket.

Be yourself …

… must be the worst advice you can give to some people. In general though, this has to be one of the big goals in life - to be able to get away with being yourself!

Asceticism is better than indulgence.

Minimum possessions (but maximum money). A meager diet, mostly if not completely vegetarian - plenty of fruit, salad, vegetables, nuts and seeds. Minimum carbohydrates. Maximum activity!

It's more important to be in the right place with the right people than to have ability.

Eradicate, suppress or conceal your weaknesses.

In that order. Some people say you should work on your weak points to make them less bad. Don't bother. Your weaknesses aren't really important unless they obliterate your strong points. It's your strong points that will enable you to achieve everything you're going to achieve in life. If you're successful enough, your weaknesses will often be tolerated.

Don't shit on your own doorstep.

If you have to indulge in bad behavior, do it away from the important people in your life who wouldn't approve of it and who could cause you loss or harm if they found out about it. Instead do it amongst people who accept it, and do it in a place where it won't be found out by the people who would disapprove.

If you reasonably can, avoid using public transport.

Once you can afford it, live according to your own rules.

And fill your life with people who accept your rules.

Don't read books: write them.

Reading is such a waste of time. Anything worth learning should be learned face to face from other people.

Work like a lawyer.

Win or lose, lawyers still get paid. Arrange matters in your work life and your private life so that you always benefit no matter what happens.

Marriage …

… allows the transfer of money and/or possessions from the person with more, or all, to the person with less, or nothing. If you marry, be sure you know which side of the deal you're on.

If you've just heard about where the smart people are and what they're doing, they've probably already moved on and are doing something else.

You'll never get anywhere working for a fixed income.

You have to open yourself up to the possibility of unlimited financial upside. In the world of employment, the big money is made by people who get bonuses, share options or a share of the profits.

Be in business or be a creator/performer.

These are the people who make the big bucks. (of course there's also the option of becoming a top politician and stealing all the money you want.)

Don't complain when someone else takes the village bike for a ride after you've had your go on her.

Always be asking yourself, how many people am i serving and how well am i serving them.

The people closest to you are the ones most able and most likely to hurt you.

Live alone if you really want maximum freedom.

Few possessions and lots of money.

The basis of a happy life.

If you come from a crap background, get away from your family, childhood friends and place of upbringing as soon as you can.

Get well known for the work that you do.

Your friends should be such that you would feel proud, or at least comfortable, introducing them to anyone.

Don't gossip.

And don't listen to gossip. Get on with doing things that others will want to talk about.

Don't tell other people what you are trying to achieve …

… with the exception of those people whom you need to help you achieve it. Somehow it seems to jinx you if you reveal your goals, intentions and plans. Of course it also helps enemies and competitors to know what they have to do to beat you, block you or hurt you.

There's really no good reason ever to be impolite.

Avoid vulgar speech, bad behavior and scruffy clothes.

All the above are so prevalent these days that if you manage to avoid them, you will at least be in a select minority. 2/10

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Whatever life brings you, make the best of it.

Don't be judgmental about other people.

Of course if you're thinking of having a working relationship or personal relationship with them, that's different, but there's simply no point having an opinion about people you're not going to have any meaningful relationship with or even connect to in any way. Do, however, be judgmental about yourself so that you can improve your strengths and deal with your weaknesses.

Aim to earn money even while you're asleep.

You don't want only to be able to earn money when you're working. You should have a system in place that uses people or technology or assets to produce the outflow of goods or services that people will give money for and that will channel this money back to you.

Think big.

It doesn't take any more effort than thinking small. It's even arguable that big achievements are easier to attain than small ones because with the big stuff you have to get help from other people and/or technology, whereas with the small stuff you are likely to end up doing everything yourself.

Dress thoughtfully.

Choose your clothes deliberately so that you present a clear, distinctive image to the world.

Eat and drink only at fixed times of the day.

(for example, my ideal times are 7am, 1pm and 7pm.) Don't snack or drink between these times.

Keep trying.

If one attempt to reach a goal doesn't work, try again, and again. Then perhaps it's time to try something different. But whatever you do, keep trying.

Have only positive thoughts, attitudes and emotions.

The worst emotion you should feel is indifference. Accept whatever the situation is whilst working out how to improve it or gain some benefit or advantage from it. Stay focused on achieving your goals.

Find out as much as possible about other people before allowing any sort of relationship to form.

Ignore your own opinions about yourself.

Instead get the opinions of intelligent, worldly people who know you. If you don't know such people, try to look at yourself objectively as if you were a disinterested observer. Examine your looks, behavior, speech, possessions, work, relationships, family, friends, achievements, pastimes, everything. Then improve everything as much as you can.

Your work should fill you with energy and enthusiasm.

It should totally absorb your mind. You should be reluctant to break from it and look forward to re-starting it. Problems are not deterrents but interesting challenges. Time should fly when you're doing it.

Immoral is bad. Amoral is not bad.

Ignorant people have no idea how much they don't know.

Know what you want from people and what they can do for you before getting involved with them.

Women love being loved more than they love their lover.

Nothing you do is of any significance unless it impacts, preferably positively, on other people.

Practice, practice, practice.

It's not enough to have talent and be keen. You must practice all the time so that you keep improving.

Some people drink champagne because they're too thick to work out how to use a corkscrew.

Even people who should know better have tattoos these days.

Break large goals down into smaller, more easily achieved sub-goals.

Make each step not too difficult, and make sure that each step follows naturally on from the one before and leads naturally on to the one that follows. Almost without realizing it, you will have reached your major goal.

It's good when your vices fall by the wayside and you get your pleasure from serving other people.

Give yourself rewards and treats.

The former are bigger and are what you give yourself when you achieve some goal or sub-goal. The latter are smaller and are what you give yourself regardless of what is happening or not happening in your life. They encourage you to stay positive and to keep working to make your dreams come true.

Exclude and simplify.

Ask yourself, “do i need this thing, person or activity? Do i, or will i, benefit from having it in my life?” Unless the answer is an unequivocal “yes”, you should exclude it from your life.


In the sense of being able to tell the difference between what is good and bad, important and unimportant, consequential and inconsequential, urgent and safely able to be put off.

If you can't have something, pretend you don't want it anyway.


Not everything is of equal importance. Focus on the big, important goals you want to achieve and busy yourself doing what is necessary to achieve them. Leave the small stuff for later, or, better still, for someone else to do.

Better to be the biggest fish in your own pond than a small fish in someone else's.

Some friendships require an unjustifiable degree of tolerance.

Get rid of your bad habits.

It probably takes a month or more of not doing something for a habit to disappear. Perhaps the best way to stop doing something unproductive or, even worse, self-harming, is to replace it with some positive, constructive action that you become equally obsessed with doing.

Not all respected people are good, and not all good people are respected.

Look for changes to make.

Look for change before it comes looking for you and forces itself on you. Always be looking to see what you can alter in your life to move towards achieving your goals, having a better life, improving yourself and so on. Of course there are areas of your life where you want stability - in financial matters, close personal relationships, etc. - but as you are only looking for positive changes to make, you can look at any and every area to see if there is room for improvement.

Whatever your means, live within them.

Money and an expensive private education make stupidity acceptable.

Accept responsibility for your life.

Of course the stuff that happens to you through chance and as part of life's chaotic randomness may not be of your own making, but your reaction to it is entirely your responsibility. If you see yourself as being 100% in charge of what you do with your life and what you do with what life does to you, it stops you from making excuses and from blaming other people and it forces you to accept responsibility for your choices, decisions and actions and the resulting consequences.

Compassion, sympathy, regret, love, etc..

All meaningless. Either do something or don't do something, but what you feel or say you feel is totally irrelevant. Only action counts.

There are a surprising number of lesbian couples looking for sperm donors.

Men can put themselves more in touch with their feminine side by sitting down every time they go to the toilet.

Quite often, to be successful you simply have to have the nerve to make the attempt.

Look into your future.

See what you are doing now and imagine what will happen if you keep on doing the same things next week, next month, next year, next decade. That's your future. If you don't like the look of it, you'd better start doing something different now.

Have a mission.

There should be something lasting and great you want to achieve in life.

You only need to think about yourself and what you are doing or will be doing.

This isn't as selfish as it sounds. Many people's heads seem to be full of thoughts, fantasies, opinions and information about other people and other places and other times. None of that is of any consequence. It's only what you do that matters. The reason why thinking in this way is not selfish is because what you should be doing is doing things for and with other people - nice things, interesting things, mutually beneficial things. Being of service to other people while simultaneously serving yourself is the opposite of being selfish.


Have control over as much of your life, over as many of the various elements and aspects of it, as possible. Most importantly, have control over yourself.

Be the leader, the boss, the decision-taker, the instigator, the person who has the ultimate responsibility.

These are the people who drive life forwards and who get the material rewards and the power and the status and who attract other special people.

As a motto, what about this …

… “love. Create. Serve.”?

Don't tell anyone your secrets.

Not even the people closest to you.

Think of the consequences.

Think about the possible ones, not just the likely ones.

Limit the downside risk and make the upside potential as unlimited as possible.

Have your own home, your own money, your own friends and work of your choosing.

Relationships should be mutually beneficial.

Other people's money.

Somehow you have to get it and keep as much of it as possible for yourself. It has to be cash or cash in the bank. Not property, not some other supposed asset, not bits of paper like shares, not i.o.u.'s. Cash. Get as much opm passing through your hands as possible and keep as much of it as you can.

If you have a problem, make it someone else's.

Pass the bad things of life onto others. Keep the good things for yourself.

Always be honest …

… unless being dishonest is the only way to get what you want.

Being nice to people becomes more and more pointless and gets you less and less of what you want the older you get.

Be generous.

It's a way of buying friendship, company, respect, affection and other things you might want from other people.

When you're winning, life is rather a fun game.

When you're not, it's more a mixture of struggle, boredom, frustration and disappointment. 3/10

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Deceive other people by telling them the truth.

Just don't tell them all of it.

A lot of couples get together only for financial reasons …

… and then don't split up even though they really want to, again also only for financial reasons.

Only have those possessions you need to be happy.

Mix with the people you want to be like.

Mix with your superiors for advancement and your inferiors for pleasure.

Everybody thinks they're right. Everybody thinks they're behaving reasonably.

Know yourself.

Many people think they are this person when in fact they are that person. If you don't know what material you've got to work with, you won't know what you can make of it.

What's the point of sending greetings cards to people you haven't seen for years and are unlikely ever to see again?

People are for being with, not writing to (except possibly rich, elderly relatives).

Play bad things down and boost good things up.

Don't be afraid of death.

It's just the process of dying and all the problems and incapacity that come before it that you want to worry about. Really the thought of death should act as a spur to drive you on to do all the things you want to do before you die or become incapacitated or even lose your motivation.

Global wealth seems to be moving east and south.

This is obviously from the perspective of a 'westerner' (most of whom are also in the northern hemisphere).

The lower down the social scale, the more negative the attitudes.

Be the person you appear to be.

Be a person of integrity … in an ideal world, at any rate. In reality there are plenty of people who are utterly false and deceitful. Worse still, those bad qualities can be part of the reason why they're successful.

You have to be rather dense to idolize anyone.

Focus instead on doing something that will make others idolize you.

Don't get really attached to anybody or anything.

Make the most of connections while they exist, but be prepared for them to end at any time.

Understatement, not exaggeration. Calmness, not excitement. Modesty, not boastfulness.

In a relationship, control the resources as much as possible.

Be able to bestow benefits or withdraw them. Be able to cause loss or harm to the other person if they don't abide by your rules. (sex and the ability to have children count as resources.) Watch out for the other person going elsewhere for resources, or simply to escape being controlled.

Don't concern yourself with what doesn't concern you.

It's only your own interests that should interest you.

Speak clearly.

If what you're saying is worth hearing, make it as audible and intelligible as possible. And there's no benefit in having a regional accent.

Live in the here and now but with an eye on the future.

No “what if's”, no “if only's”.

Bedwetters learn to swim earlier than other kids.

Other than to learn what positive lessons you can learn from recent experiences, have no thoughts about the past.

There's not much point in praying when what is needed is action.

Nothing matters much, and most things don't matter at all.

Money - the best tool ever invented for manipulating and controlling people.

Setting goals in terms of what you want to achieve doesn't seem to work.

Just saying to yourself, “this time next year i will be a millionaire,” won't make you a millionaire by this time next year. Instead, in this case, set yourself the goal of doing something particular during the next year for other people in return for money, the possible consequence of which is that you might become a millionaire. In other words, set your goals not in terms of achievements but in terms of serving others in a measurable way.

Life is a game of choices, decisions, actions and consequences.

It's simple really … all you have to do is get all of these things right!

If you really want to be a free spirit, have as few liabilities and commitments as possible.

Time heals.

So don't do anything rash when you're upset. What seems important today won't seem important in the future.

Use your genitals for choosing who to have sex with and your brain for choosing who to live with and/or marry.

The things people most regret are the things they didn't do.

If you don't know any successful people to emulate, look at the losers around you and do the exact opposite of what they're doing.

If you're going to play, play for real.

There should be real consequences to what you do, otherwise what you're doing is pointless.

The only education that some women need in order to get on in life is learning that men's brains are in their trousers.

When people say they want equality, they mean they want equality as a stepping stone to superiority.

When people tell you their reasons, excuses or opinions, they often throw the only real one in at the end almost as an apparent after-thought.

Hope for the best and plan for the worst.

Only do work you love and that you would do even if you didn't need the money.

Life is a game played with other people's minds.

Nothing matters except what you do for and with other people.

Create something that lives on after you've died.

Mistakes and failures are unavoidable stepping stones to success.

A tiny minority of people lead while a massive majority of people follow.

As is often the case, it's better to be in the minority.

'Pay' people with medals, trophies, awards and certificates instead of giving them real material rewards.

Fiction is for people who don't like real life.

A sense of humor is a great asset.

It can comfort, and it can disarm

How lucky you are often seems to be a reflection of how well you're working and how cleverly you're behaving.

Try to do work such that no one can dictate exactly what you do or when you do it.

Life is about doing things, not having things.

Trust no one.

But rather than distrust people, try to arrange things so that no one can cause you significant harm, loss or inconvenience if they betray or disappoint you. Don't waste time feeling hurt by betrayals and let-downs. Just keep on trying to live how you want to live and to get what you want to get from life.

Know other people's weaknesses if manipulation is your aim.

Exploit weakness. Avoid fighting against strength. What is the other person's weakness? An obsession? An addiction? A fear? A need? Find it and exploit it.

Small vices lead to bigger vices.

Whoever you mix with, some of their qualities will rub off on you.

Therefore you need to mix with people whose qualities you would like to have. This could be in terms of character, appearance, behavior, lifestyle, occupation, possessions, social life - all sorts of things.

Romance is really sexual, social and financial bargaining and deal-making.

Respect has to be earned. It can't be commanded.

Authority, however, can be imposed.

People come and go, but your vocation should always be with you.

Employ the most talented people you can.

When you feel down …

… stop thinking about yourself and instead think about what you can do for other people.

Be ruthless.

If you really want something, do whatever is necessary to get it.

People's principles go out of the window when there's something of value at stake.

See situations in terms of possibilities and probabilities instead of black and white certainties.

Have a clear-cut and instantly recognizable image and personality.

Moderation, not excess …

… in everything except possibly your work.

Democracy is the absurd idea that the opinions of the stupid and ignorant are worth as much as those of the clever and knowledgeable.

In business and as a performer or creator, ignore the critics. Just keep the paying punters happy.

The last resort of some people sacked for being no good at their job is to accuse management of being motivated by racism or sexism.

Some people have dropped out of society to such an extent that the only people they have left to talk to are themselves.

What was clever yesterday might not be clever today.

Work. Relationships. Business ideas. The place you live in. Friends. All these things and more that you have and do at any particular time can be fine at that time but totally wrong at another time. Keep looking to see if you need to make changes.

Better to be alone than be with people who are neither useful nor a pleasure.

The death penalty might or might not be a good idea, but if you're going to have it, carry it out immediately after sentencing, in private, as painlessly as possible (by sleep-inducing gas followed by lethal gas) and do it without any fuss or ritual or ceremony.

Sex does not require love or even friendship.

Have absolute self-control and self-discipline.

To conquer yourself is the first step to getting the life you want. 4/10

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Everything counts …

… in large amounts. Everything takes on some significance once it passes a certain threshold. The problem is knowing where that threshold is and getting past it.

There are some people who can't stand their own company, so they go and inflict themselves on other people.

Some people's only good point is that they have no bad points.

You only need to be good at one thing to be successful.

So find the one thing you're good at and leverage it until you become successful.

A bad memory is the next best thing to a clear conscience.

All your opinions are always right …

… so long as you have the power to impose them on other people.

Avoid contradicting others.

To argue when you don't have the power to make your views prevail and be acted on is pointless. Better to keep your opinions to yourself, listen to what the other person says, consider it dispassionately, accept any of their views that seem more right than yours, adopt those views as your own and discard everything else. If they don't want to do the same with your views, that's their loss.

When things are going well, prepare for the bad times.

Lay up reserves. Prepare exits.

Friendship should only last as long as it's worthwhile.

Many people cling on to their friendships for far too long after interests and personal circumstances have changed and the friendship is no longer worthwhile.

Train yourself to get used to feeling slightly hungry all the time.

It's pretty unlikely that your wife, husband, girlfriend or boyfriend is as special as you imagine them to be.

Do it now.

If your idea is so good, why not act on it now?

There's rarely any real gratitude.

What seems to be gratitude is often just the hope that there might be more benefits in the future.

Help solve other people's problems …

… in return for what you want.

Help satisfy people's needs and wants …

… again in return for what you want.

Patience and persistence.

You might just win in the end. If not through ability, luck or connections, then through keeping going when all the others fall by the wayside.

Some rich people say they are socialists, yet they send their children to exclusive private schools and help them to get elite jobs. If that's socialism, sign me up, comrade!

Have charm.

It is cheap and easy to produce, and when backed up with the right words (whether true or false) about who you are and what you've got and what you can do for the other person, you can often get them to do things for you that they wouldn't do if they saw you as you really are.

Many old people are as stupid as they were when they were young.

Work should begin at 10 am and finish in time for a 3-hour lunch at 1 pm.

Then after lunch one should take a nap with a friend, then get up and go out for the evening's revelries.

Think what you like, but fit in with the people around you.

The best position in a hierarchy is sometimes the number two position.

You get many of the benefits that the number one gets but you don't get noticed so much and you don't get your head chopped off when things go wrong.

There are two routes to the top of the pyramid.

Either get to the top of an existing pyramid or create your own pyramid beneath you.

You could eliminate the majority of pen-pushers in any organization and everything could still be made to run satisfactorily.

Those who can, do. Those who can't, criticize.

Civilization is a very thin and very brittle veneer masking our real animal nature.

In business there is rarely any need for the meetings that are held.

Getting angry usually just reveals that you're annoyed with yourself for not having power over the person you're angry with.

Nothing is of any consequence that doesn't materially impact on you.

It is not what is happening to you but rather your attitude to what is happening to you that determines whether your life seems good or not.

If you want to change your life, don't think about the way it is now; think about the way you want it to be.

Money is a form of energy

Western societies are decaying partly because they try to be too nice to people who should really be ignored or punished or got rid of.

Get people when they're ripe.

Someone worth having yesterday might not be worth having today. Someone not worth having today might be worth having tomorrow.

Nobody really misses you when you're gone.

Really they just miss the benefits - real or imagined - that they were getting from you or thought they were going to get from you.

God said i could do it.

Isn't it wonderful how religious people can do all sorts of bad things like stealing, committing adultery and even murdering people, and still insist they're religious?

If you have to disagree with someone, at least do it in an agreeable way.

Be consistent with your friends and in your business dealings. Be unpredictable with your enemies.

When things go well, take the credit. When things go badly, blame other people.

Cut your losses.

If you're losing, face up to the fact and stop doing what you're doing.

Get over it.

So you've been hurt or you've cocked up in some way. Accept it and move on.

Rather than chasing other people, make yourself such that other people chase you.

Chasing after people you want to have some sort of relationship with can be rather like chasing after shadows - the more you chase them, the more they want to get away from you. Instead it's better to make yourself appear to be what they want, then get noticed by them and let them chase after you.

Better a live and healthy coward than a dead or crippled hero.

Money is life.

Literally, it can be exchanged for life in the most extreme cases. In a broader sense it buys possessions, time-freedom, the ability to do things and go places, and it allows you to mix with and connect with people. Life without money is just existence.

Make sure you can tell the difference between lucky success and clever success.

A lot of people get lucky and think that their achievements and profits have come from their own genius. Fatal! The next time they pile into some venture or situation, their stupidity and lack of ability come and bite them and reveal to them the truth of their earlier success.

The easiest, simplest and quickest way to get what you want is …

… to buy it. This applies to people as well as to things.

It's silly to imagine you're ‘loved' for who you are rather than what you've got or what you can do for your ‘lover' (or what you'll let them do to you).

One way to get leverage over people is to get them in your debt, but only to an extent that they can repay and only if they've got something you want to be repaid with.

Be who you want to be. Live the life you want to live.

Easy to say, difficult to do, but it's the goal to aim for.

Bearing a grudge only hurts you, not the other person.

As jackie o's dad said, men are good for one thing and one thing only …

… money.

We both agree there's nothing wrong with schizophrenia.

Seriously, maybe it's not a bad idea to split your life into two or more separate but self-contained compartments. Monday to friday, 9 to 5, you might be a paragon of virtue and respectability. At the weekend you go to meetings of the rubber fetishists' club or hang out in down-market bars or you're some pot-holing base-jumping rock-climbing adrenalin-junky. People don't have to have just one side to their personality. It might be necessary, however, to keep your different characters' worlds separate.

Do it with confidence and boldness or don't do it at all.

Be like a swan.

Effortless superiority on the surface, and out of sight is all the hard work and frantic activity that makes it possible.

Discard what you don't need and don't want.

Success is largely a matter of focus and willpower.

Give other people choices, but only give them choices such that you'd be happy whichever of them they chose.

It's often easier to manipulate people through their emotions than through reason.

Softlee softlee catchee monkee.

If you're trying to get someone to do something which you know they don't really want to do, move them unnoticed step by unnoticed step nearer to doing what you want until they've done it before they even realize it.

Always be working to get what you want.

Stop before you get found out.

Doing bad things can be ok if you stop before you get found out and that way avoid problems and negative consequences.

Religious people are worse than irreligious people.

Religious people are exactly the same as non-religious people and do the same bad things, but because they're religious they have the added vice of being hypocrites.

Don't let people know what your intentions are.

People being what they are, they're much more likely to try to thwart you than help you.

There's something pretty weird about the idea of human beings dancing.

Don't reveal to anyone the bad and stupid things you've done in the past, no matter how close a relationship you might be having with that person. 5/10

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Love, friendship, acquaintanceship – often they're just passing phases, and when they're over, the person you were involved with might want to use against you the information you've given them, either for revenge or for gain.

Look only for the good in every situation.

Whatever happens, make the best of it.

Be free to have whatever sort of relationship you like with whomever you like.

This can be surprisingly difficult if you're married or living with someone!

Don't allow yourself to be distracted from achieving your goals.

You can put your feet up and indulge yourself when you've got what you want.

Having the right to do something does not mean that doing it is right.

Be patient.

It's better to get what you want later than you would have wished rather than not to get it at all.

One wrong move can undo everything you've achieved through a hundred right moves.

Any idiot can spend money, but it takes brains and character to make the stuff.

Look and behave like the sort of person you want to be, not the person you are.

Do this until you become the person you want to be.

Really nobody gives a damn about anybody except themselves.

Life's losers can only make more money by working harder and working longer hours.

Smart people make more money by working less.

Work and play should be one and the same thing.

Better to have one good mentor than a thousand good books.

There's nothing wrong as such with making mistakes …

… so long as you make them either accidentally or with good intent, and so long as their consequences are not so drastic as to handicap you from trying to do other things in future.

There is no reason why employers should pay money in the form of pensions to employees who no longer work for them.

Your hopes and dreams are irrelevant unless you take action to make them real.

Make things happen rather than let things happen to you.

Be a player, not a spectator.

Get maximum enjoyment and use out of what you've got.

To have it but not be able to find it or use it is the same as not to have it.

Get as rich as you can as quick as you can so that you don't have to think about money. Only when your mind is free of money concerns can you get on with living life to the full.

Religion is lies and gibberish used by clever hypocrites for the purpose of manipulating gullible and desperate people.

Art is …

… taking material of little value and using imagination to sell it for a profit

Rich men pay a fortune for the women that poorer men have had cheaply.

When trying to snare a husband, a promiscuous woman who is being pushed by her intended victim to admit the number of men she's slept with should halve and halve again the real number.

Better still, she should refuse to discuss the matter at all.

If you're in bed and awake, get up and do something.

Connect, connect, connect!

As the old saying has it, it's not what you know, it's who you know. Make connections as an equal (in terms of friendship if not in terms of status or wealth) with the highest status, richest, most talented, most successful, most useful people you can.

Don't think about luck.

Just get on with doing whatever it is you think will get you what you want.

The shorter and/or uglier you are, the more money/fame/power/status you need to compensate for it.

With one eye on the establishment and the other on any non-establishment people who can get physical power over you, do what you want.

Sleep less.

Sleeping isn't exactly the most interesting or most productive way to use time, is it?

Be polite, but otherwise pay no attention to people who can't either help you get what you want or hinder you from getting it.

To have good children, be a good parent.

Be a generous, useful friend.

The worse sort of person is one who is always making demands of their friends or imposing on them or bringing problems to them. You should aim to make your friends' lives better, not worse.

Sleep is the best cure for insomnia.

Always make it clear to people what benefits you're offering them.

The only information that has value is that which you can use to your advantage.

Let people see that it is in their interests to promote your interests.

“fuck you!” money is the right amount of money to have.

Join the right clubs. Join the right societies. Work for the right organizations. Go to the right schools. Go to the right universities. Live in the right places. Party with the right people.

Children are so irritating to be with, no wonder people with money pay other people to look after them.

No conscience, no morals, no feelings, no regrets.

Just an eye on what is physically happening and what is physically going to happen.

Don't live in a declining nation.

Move to a nation that is in the ascendant - economically, socially, militarily, culturally.

Children who come from really bad families would probably do better in life and have fewer problems if they were brought up in well-run state orphanages.

Your possessions should be aesthetically pleasing and/or they should add to your ability to live the way you want.

Fear nothing.

Not because there is nothing to fear - there's plenty - but not only is fear counter-productive, it also attracts to you what you are afraid of. Fear does not solve or get rid of problems - only positive action does that - so focus on choosing and taking positive action.

Give in order to get.

As they say, what you give is what you get. You want a million dollars? Offer at least a million dollars worth of benefits to other people. Always offer (or at least seem to be offering, if you're the deceptive sort) more than you want in return.

Avoid talking about yourself.

Unless it's to convince the other person you have something to offer them. Otherwise why give away potentially useful or damaging information about yourself? And how are you going to learn anything if you are busy talking?

Ask the person who's got what you want if you can have it.

Sometimes it pays simply to ask for what you want.

Your worst enemies are almost certainly inside your own head.

Keep your word …

… unless there's a good reason not to.

Know the difference between an asset and a liability.

Some people regard anything that has monetary value as an asset. Other people think that an asset is something that not only has monetary value, but it also puts regular, spendable cash income in their pocket. If something costs you money to keep, in cash terms it is a liability.

Hardly anybody has, or can give you or will give you, what you want.

Don't waste time and energy on such people.

Some men would invade another country just to look big in their daddy's eyes.

Many teachers are semi-illiterate …

… but fortunately their students are completely illiterate, so no one's the wiser.

Crime doesn't pay …

… unless you're a government or you do it on a large scale … or of course if you simply manage to get away with it!

Never be provoked.

If you do, you're allowing the other person to dictate your behavior. Your aim should be to control yourself and the situation.

Pride …

… a disease that can afflict those too stupid to realize they have little or nothing to be proud of.

There is nothing to be gained by having negative thoughts.

Train yourself to forget those things that it is not pleasant or to your advantage to remember.

Never think about revenge.

It's unlikely to benefit you to hurt another person, and frequently it backfires so that you end up suffering. Instead it's better just to focus on trying to get all the positive things you want.

Better to remove a problem completely than to keep tinkering with it and finding only partial solutions.

Every day, reassess everything about the way you live.

Have a sense of humor but don't use it at other people's expense.

Only the rich can experience life to the full.

It costs money to do things and go places and to meet people and to participate in activities with them, so don't think you're going to have a 'big' life without spending big money.

Posh people don't have parents, they have 'people'.

There are two sorts of children - those brought up until adulthood by their two natural parents who are married to each other … and the rest.

Government is legalized mafia.

What is the point of having good health if you don't have money?

Thanks go, i believe, to george soros for that thought.

Men often end up paying a high price when they try and get sex for free.

Come on, guys! One way or the other, you have to pay for it!

Success usually comes slowly and is long anticipated, while disaster strikes quickly and unexpectedly.

The past and the absent are not worth thinking about.

Poor people have children instead of having a pension.

It's too late to be thinking about someone when they're dead. 6/10

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Own businesses.

That's what makes rich people rich.

Nobody is objective.

Focus. Eliminate. Specialize. Do less, but to greater effect.

The worst class to be is lower middle class.

Desperate not to be seen as working class and bitterly disappointed at not really being middle class.

Think every day about what you really want and what you can do to get it.

People who don't change their friends as they go through life aren't developing as people.

Opportunity, and the knowledge that we could get away with it, would make criminals of us all.

What on earth is the point of emotion?

Some friends are more of a liability to you than your enemies are.

Travelling doesn't necessarily broaden the mind; it can just give you a well-travelled small mind.

You won't realize that you've had sex for the last time ever until an awfully long time has gone by.

Intelligent people can be surprisingly thick when it comes to practical matters.

Only marry when you can hardly believe your luck.

Wow! This rich idiot wants to marry me! That stunning girl is prepared to let me bang her brains out and get her pregnant! I'd better marry her and make the most of it before she sees me for the loser i really am!

Fasting occasionally is not only a good way of cleansing the body and mind, but a good way of maintaining self-discipline as well.

Have more in reserve than other people think you have - hidden capital, always more than one source of income, more than one place to stay, and friends that your other friends don't know about.

Poorer people have to do what richer people don't want to do.

Money has all the characteristics that one might imagine god having.

Invisible, all-powerful, mysterious …

Some people are incorruptible simply because their price hasn't yet been met.

Little children, little troubles. Big children, big troubles.

Some people go a long way looking for a shortcut.

You don't have to like your relatives or even have anything to do with them. After all, you didn't choose them.

Fools work for clever people.

It's ok these days for women to poke fun at men, but try doing it the other way round and you're a sexist.

When people tell you that what they're suggesting is for your benefit, it's more likely to be for their benefit.

Get involved with a fool and there'll be two fools.

Stupid people think they don't need to learn anything.

There are crooks, there are crooks in suits, and there are crooks in uniforms.

They say everything comes to him who waits.

What utter bollocks!

Run a mile when you hear the word “investment”.

“investment” is code for “we just want to take your money off you”.

Better to be envied than pitied.

Suicide is god's way of telling you you've got things out of proportion.

The only work you should do should be thinking and talking.

If you're not looking for something in particular, you're not likely to find it, are you?

Know exactly what you want at all times in every situation.

If you want big money, go to where the big money is.

When people say they're doing something “as a matter of principle”, principle is the last thing they're concerned about.

Write a 200-word obituary for yourself if you want to understand what you have and haven't achieved in life.

Debates are often won by the biggest bully, not by the best argument.

If you're inadequate, compensate for it by having a sense of humor.

Smart people don't watch television.

Truly worldly people can speak several foreign languages.

For successful business-people, getting money isn't necessarily the most important thing; money is a way of keeping score to show how well they're playing the money/service game.

It's mean to tell the truth if it's going to hurt someone and not produce good consequences either.

Love turns to hate and then indifference.

Losers dream. Winners act.

Better a lie that heals than a truth that wounds.

If you want to be successful, you must get up every time you get knocked down.

When everybody tells you you're stupid, it's time to start thinking that they might just be right.

Half-knowing is worse and more dangerous than not knowing.

Haste won't get you where you want to go if you're heading in the wrong direction.

Don't praise or criticize yourself.

It's one small step from the sublime to the ridiculous.

There are lots of men who think they're the father when they're not.

A man shouldn't assume “his” children are his, and children shouldn't assume “their” father is theirs.

Some people have their heads stuck so far up their own backsides that they can't see everyone else laughing at them.

Most people aren't successful simply because they haven't even tried to be successful.

Grab opportunity with both hands when it appears because it almost certainly won't be coming back again.

You might as well tread on people on the way up because even your friends are likely to kick you on your way down.

Eat less, think better.

Just an opinion, but clogging up the body with food also seems somehow to clog up the brain.

Failure doesn't mean you don't make mistakes; it means you don't learn from them.

It's almost impossible for heterosexual people to be “just friends” with someone of the opposite sex.

Few people think their own thoughts.

Most people think other people's ideas.

You attract that which your thoughts are most passionately focused on.

The best way to learn is by doing. The next best way is by talking to people who are doing what you want to do. The worst way is by reading books.

Unsuccessful people think about what they don't want and don't like. Successful people think about what they want and what they love.

The ultimate happiness is finding your life's work and doing it.

If you really loved someone, you would want them to do whatever was best for them …

… even if that meant leaving you or forming a close relationship with someone else.

Nobody “belongs” to anybody else.

God invented beautiful flowers …

… and hay fever.

Opportunities appear more often the more you look for them.

You've got to be pretty insignificant not to have at least a few people who hate you.

Many things are best left unsaid.

Don't ask for what you think something is worth; ask for what it's worth to the other person.

Success is largely a matter of developing successful habits.

Charm, a sense of humor and deceit lubricate life wonderfully.

Most of what we think will happen never actually happens.

The best thing that some parents do for their children is to drop dead.

Happiness is a mental attitude that can be cultivated.

Better to set an example than to tell people what to do.

Enjoy what you have while trying to get what you want.

The worst friends to have are those who have the same failings and problems as yourself.

Find people who've got what you want and who want what you want to give.

Be, do, have, in that order.

It's easy to believe in socialism when you've got nothing, and it's amusing to say you're a socialist when you've got everything.

Find the places where the people you want to be like congregate, then get in there.

Society could be greatly improved by simply getting rid of the worst and most useless twenty percent of people.

How crazy that people have to have a license to drive a car but they don't have to have a license to have children.

If the world was run by women, soldiers would have really nice uniforms.

Get yourself in front of and above other people.

Rich relatives never seem to know when to die.

What a relief it is for some people when they find themselves widowed.

Never take advice from losers or depressed people.

Women teach men some painful lessons.

Whereas men, of course, lead women gently and compassionately along the path to wisdom.

Generally life is simple - either you can afford what you want, or you can't.

The more people of the right sort that you connect with, the more - and better - opportunities will come your way.

Having an addiction means that you are not your own master.

And being master of yourself and your life is surely what the whole game is mostly about.

People criticize the things they can't do and the things they can't afford.

Honor and respect and fame may be nice, but cash is essential. 7/10

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When winners have financial problems, they think about how to make more money. When losers have financial problems, they think about how to spend less.

It makes sense for people to “bug” and spy on people they have significant connections with so as to know what those people are up to and what they are saying.

The future will take care of itself if you do the right things today.

Factory workers have see-through lunch boxes so they can tell whether they're on their way to work or on their way home.

The pursuit of pleasure can cause a lot of pain and misery.

The way to get a better life is to try to make life better for other people.

The people who say something can't be done end up watching other people doing it.

What it might be a good idea to say to one person, it can be a bad idea to say to another.

The best time to influence children is 100 years before they're born.

Just because someone doesn't agree with you, it doesn't mean they're wrong.

Don't mix with people who are always complaining.

Keep away from unlucky and unhappy people.

They may well be nice people, but you don't want to run the risk of being pulled in as they drown in their misfortune and misery.

The sort of people who get things done often don't talk about what they're going to do until after they've done it.

What they don't teach you at school is all the stuff you need to know to get on in life.

Fat lot of use it is to try to drum a foreign language into a kid's head if they're going to spend all their lives working on a supermarket checkout or mending automobiles. Education should have a purpose, and that purpose should be to help enable you to get the best life possible, taking into account your desires and abilities.

Good teachers fight a losing battle against bad parents.

A man suffers from unrequited love when he can't make ends meet.

Limit yourself more and more to doing only what you really want to do.

Experts in the same field have lots of different opinions, so how can they all be experts?

Drinking or taking drugs does not solve any problems.

It just lets you fantasize yourself away from them for a while.

Follow life's less-travelled paths.

Better still, make your own path.

Turn your thoughts outwards so that they are focused on other people, not inwards so that they are focused on yourself.

Confidence and self-belief are important if you are to be successful.

Many people are preoccupied by symptoms instead of dealing with the causes of the symptoms.

Law is not the same as justice.

Mind your own business, not other people's.

You are what you are today because of what you thought and did in the past.

Fools listen to themselves instead of to other people.

By all means give your money away …

… when you're dead.

Know exactly what you want, think all the time about getting it, and always be actively pursuing it.

Better to do nothing than make a mistake.

To be described as a personality, there has to be something excessive and unusual about your behavior.

Leave the past behind, and the people from it too.

Most people have too many possessions and not enough money.

Avoid almost everything that common people like.

Love is the delusion that the person you love is different from everybody else.

Nothing matters until it produces physical consequences.

Knowledge is not wisdom.

Keep busy serving and being involved with others.

Once you have overcome the lack of money, you can use your money to acquire some rarer and more interesting problems.

The greatest happiness comes from being completely absorbed in your work.

Many children believe their parents are special when in fact they are nothing of the kind.

When a romance ends, fools go to pieces, sensible people set about finding another lover, and smart people carry on with the lover they already had in reserve.

Wealth and indifference are better than poverty and love.

The most important work you can do is to work on your own mind.

At least one partner in a marriage should have married for money.

Fools talk even when they have nothing worth saying. The wise talk because they have something to say worth hearing.

Always be changing your mind …

… for the better.

If a parent wants to help their children financially, the way to do it is not to give them money, but instead to help them be able to get money off other people.

A good single parent is a rarity.

Parents should come in pairs, not packs of one.

Much of what is important in life is invisible.

If you're not happy with your lot in life, do something different.

Time should be your servant to use as you please.

You don't hear slave-owners complaining about slavery.

Delegate everything other than pleasure, profit and vocation.

Look beneath the surface of people and situations to see if the reality is different from the appearance.

Turn a blind eye to things that it's not in your interest to notice.

An educated mind is purposefully inquisitive and always learning.

You have to be either very inexperienced or very experienced to be an optimist.

Try to live and work at the limit of your present capacity and abilities.

There's something not right about people who don't have a spouse or partner.

After a certain age, one should stop reading and concentrate on living.

They say the only two things you can be certain of in life are death and taxes, but some people never pay tax.

False accusations of rape are sometimes made by women out of spite or because the woman doesn't want her friends to think she voluntarily went to bed with the guy involved.

You don't get rich by saving money; you get rich by making money.

Clever nurses marry doctors.

A fool can fall backwards and still break his nose.

Some people are so incompetent they can't even manage to be proper shits. They're just shitlets.

Find people who are like what you want to be like, and copy them.

The best way to become successful is to meet and form relationships with people who are already successful.

Once you know your destination and the route that will get you there, take the first step. Then just concentrate on taking the next step, and the next, and …

Charm - a cheap currency to pay with, a worthless currency to accept.

Youth is when you have the energy but don't know how to use it. Old age is when you know what you should do but no longer have the energy to do it.

If you're not getting the results you want, try doing the exact opposite of what you're currently doing.

Government forecasts for the future are often just lies or propaganda.

Life begins at forty …

… at least that's what forty-year-old failures say.

You'll keep on making the same mistakes until you realize what you're doing wrong and change your thoughts and actions.

Two essential steps to becoming successful are to want to be successful and to believe that you can be successful.

To make friends, offer acts of friendship to the people you want to be your friends.

Dysfunctional families are hereditary.

Fame that can't be turned into material gain is pointless.

If in doubt, strike first.

Pornography for women would be videos of men opening their wallets.

All that many people would do if they won the national lottery is more shopping.

If you're not enthusiastic about what you're doing, you shouldn't be doing it.

To make money, do what other people want. To be happy, do what you want.

If you're fortunate or clever, the two things will be the same.

The fear of something is often worse than the thing feared.

Our friends are reflections of ourselves.

Clever women marry rich men.

Women are prone to having sex with their male bosses.

More than anything else, it is economic forces that shape society.

There's rarely anything to be gained from knowing what's going on outside your own little world.

Your friends and relatives are quite possibly holding you back in life.

They might not want you to move onwards and upwards above their social and financial level because that would make them feel dissatisfied and/or inadequate.

Put your earned income into assets that will provide you with unearned income.

How come the poorest people are also the fattest?

The wrong people have the most children.

Your partner might be with you because at the moment they can't find anyone better or because they're too unambitious, lazy or cowardly to try to find someone better. 8/10

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Jokes for the lower classes, wit for the higher classes.

Quite a few women live with men they despise.

To be emotionally attached to your children is pointless. Just do what's best for them and then let them go.

The real reasons wars are fought can be very different from the ones given by the politicians.

Better to do nothing than do things that are neither pleasurable nor beneficial either to others or yourself.

Put some urgency into your life by reminding yourself every morning that you are one day closer to death.

Sex with prostitutes can work out cheaper than sex with a wife or girlfriend.

Get paid for doing what you love.

Complete honesty is rarely the best policy.

Self-discipline and self-control are the greatest personal achievements.

Aim to have time-freedom, money-freedom and people-freedom.

Be able to afford to do what you want, when you want with whomever you want.

Happy but not content is the ideal state for being motivated to make things happen.

To grow as a person, move away from the people you know and the places you are familiar with.

When people say they've got something to tell you, it usually means they've got something bad to tell you.

There are few things more pleasurable and interesting than spending money.

Some people are such failures that they even miss when they try to blow their brains out.

Connect with others in ways that are as mutually beneficial as possible.

Make your life as big as it can possibly be.

Stop thinking about what other people are doing and instead focus on yourself and what you are doing.

Set yourself goals that make it necessary for you to improve yourself if you are to achieve them.

If people get money without earning it, they often end up losing it.

Some people not only take the wrong turning in life, once they've taken it they insist on hurtling along it as fast as they can.

Don't waste a second thinking about the people who don't want you. Just keep looking for the people who do want you.

Before setting out in life, choose your destination and plan the route that will get you there.

There's very little real democracy in supposedly democratic countries.

Find sponsors and mentors.

The underclass are not quite people.

They're more like a cross between a low-grade human and some sort of wild beast.

Moral, if not legal, corruption and dishonesty are often necessary if you are to be successful.

Why do couples think that it takes two people to do the shopping?

Being slyly humorous with another person is a good way of testing how thick or bright they are and what sort of personality they have.

Do they spot the humor or don't they? If they do, how do they respond?

The quickest way to lose money is to go into business.

The best way to make money is to go into business.

Buying a small business is like paying someone to give you a job.

If you own anything other than a basic car, you're more interested in making a personal statement than getting from a to b.

Self-control. Self-discipline. Thoughts focused on a particular goal. These are what lead to success.

A real business is a money-making system that you could go away and leave for a year and when you came back it would be doing better than when you left.

Sex with the same person soon becomes boring.

Strong emotions lead to mistakes.


It's so much cleverer than giving.

Always be on the look out for opportunities and threats.

Pursue pleasure, but don't be surprised if it turns round and bites you.

Find the place, people, activities and work where you seem to be most lucky.

Every time somebody you know dies, it should remind to you to live life to the full because the same fate awaits you.

Having future goals helps and motivates you to overcome present problems.

One bad habit can be enough to ruin your life.

If you must marry, marry a friend rather than a lover.

Create, build, grow, improve.

Truly stupid people think they are clever, whereas clever people are aware of how much they don't know.

Sometimes it's a good idea to feign deafness.

It can also be a good idea to feign stupidity and pretend you don't understand something - insults, for example.

Find your strong point and earn your living from it.

Choose your friends for what they can do for you and what you can learn from them and what you can do with them.

Taxation is a sort of government protection racket.

You try not paying the protection money and you'll soon find your protector is actually an enemy who will deprive you of your liberty, money and property.

Your friends should be people you want to be like.

To have knowledge is to know the truth. To be wise is to know how to use knowledge.

Boys should be made to lick oysters in sex education classes.

You sometimes have to take a rather indirect route to get to where you want to go.

The more you date, the more you mate.

A lot of things in life are just a numbers game. Do more with more people and you'll get more.

Some people think they're in love when actually they're just surprised that they've found someone who's prepared to have sex with them.

Refine your tastes - aim for better companions, better places, better possessions, better activities.

Keep doing what you're doing and you'll keep getting what you're getting.

It's amazing how many people keep on doing the same thing whilst hoping to achieve different results.

We often feel envy rather than pleasure when our friends succeed, and pleasure rather than sympathy when they fail.

Your work should give you money, autonomy, power, status, satisfaction, and it should allow you to be creative.

Be as good as you can, but expect other people to be bad.

Ideally you should aim to harm no one and to benefit as many people as possible as much as possible.

Public libraries are no longer places for people who love books.

They are places for the unemployed to sit in the warm, and for youths to play on the internet.

Having children in the house encourages a man to go out and do some work.

People don't so much debate things as deafly assert their own viewpoint.

Being ascetic removes distractions from your life so that you can focus on the important stuff.

Be anything, but don't be poor and low class.

Faith is belief that has no evidence to support it.

Be rational, not emotional.

People who get upset when their partner is sexually unfaithful feel no qualms if they themselves are unfaithful.

Be slim. Be healthy. Be fit. Be clean. Be well-groomed. Be well-dressed.

Financial advisors don't care about their clients, only about the commission they can earn from their clients' money.

When you fall on hard times, other losers invite you into their circle and hope to keep you there.

Working-class people always put the toilet roll so that the paper hangs down the back of the roll.

Success sometimes comes when you accidentally stumble upon a formula that happens to work for you.

The great thing about having a spouse or partner is that it gives you someone to cheat on.

Old people now are as ill-mannered and inconsiderate as teenagers.

Jealousy and envy are pointless other than to let you know that you need to make some big changes in your life.

It's the results you achieve that count, not the effort you make.

Welcome criticism as being something that you can use to help improve yourself.

Working-class parents and arty types do seem to like giving their children silly names.

Most sex takes place in the mind.

Clever young people set about making their fortune and advancing socially while their friends are doing childish things.

Sometimes you're just in the wrong place at the wrong time and nothing can save you.

Disease, poverty and divorce are all contagious.

It takes a lot of poor people to make one rich person.

Have as much sex as you can while you can. One day you won't want it or you won't be able to get it even if you do want it.

Don't allow anyone, including your friends, to waste your time.

Money, power, influence, connections - they are all means to an end, not ends in themselves.

Be in the best physical condition possible …

… or at least be in good enough physical condition to be able to do the things you want!

You can hardly think about controlling other people if you can't even control yourself.

The presents you get from other people are rarely what you want or need.

Make sure you don't need help yourself before you start thinking about helping others. 9/10

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If you can't be cool and self-possessed, be indifferent.

It looks the same.

Get up early.

If you must do something unpleasant to other people in order to get what you want, do it efficiently and effectively.

Arouse strong emotions in others to learn the truth from them or to be able to manipulate them.

Boarding schools are a great idea.

You can get rid of your children and then tell them you made all sorts of sacrifices just so they would get a good start in life.

Fact is much more fascinating than fiction.

Try to turn every situation to your advantage.

It is not equality that creates stability in families and societies; rather it is having just the right amount of inequality.

Generate positive cash flow. Have more cash in your pocket or bank account at the end of the day than you had there at the start of the day.

If you're the first one to see that you've made a mistake, you at least have a chance to hide it or correct it before anyone else spots that you've made it.

It's a good job the lower classes put stickers in their cars saying they have babies onboard, otherwise we'd all be crashing in to them.

Sometimes the only way to get what you want is to trick other people.

You'll always find another fool to encourage you in your foolishness.

Is there anything as pointless as watching sport?

Never ask if you can have or do something if instead you can simply take it or do it anyway.

Alcohol makes people honest, but at the wrong time and with the wrong people.

Why discuss anything with someone who knows nothing and whose opinion counts for nothing?

You can only call yourself an artist if your work sells.

Being late is a way of showing that you consider yourself more important than the other person.

How much longer will printed books, magazines and newspapers be around?

The lower the class, the more gestures and facial expressions.

Why aren't alcohol and tobacco illegal?

Losers are always fantasizing about what they're going to do in the future.

Masturbation helps develop the imagination and should therefore be encouraged.

People who can't bring up children other than with state benefits and state housing shouldn't be allowed to have children.

When a business goes bust, sometimes the owners buy the profitable bits for a song while writing off the debts from the unprofitable bits.

It's just a way of continuing trading without having to pay the creditors. Nice business!

People need very few of the possessions they own.

Avoid causing problems for yourself or others.

The best diet is …

… water and raw food.

A silent fart and a disapproving look at the person sitting next to you on the train is a good way to start a rail journey.

Often it's not the love of money that makes people do evil things; it's the lack of money.

All people are not born equal.

How dumb would you have to be to think that class and money and parents and environment with which and into which a child is born do not have a great bearing on how that kid's life will play out? On the other hand, whatever your birth circumstances, you should do your best not to let it define or limit the adult that you become and the life that you end up leading.

For some people, being unemployed is a full-time occupation.

It takes exactly the same amount of time to do nothing as to be busy! Also, somebody somewhere still has to pay for idle people to be idle. Don't be idle, and don't pay for the idle.

We spend decades improving our roads to make them smooth, and then somebody invents speed bumps.

Fear keeps people well-behaved.

The less money a person has, the greater the number of people they leave it to and divide it amongst when they die.

Welcome even enforced change as a chance to improve your life.

Being poor is like not being alive but not quite being dead.

Do nothing without getting something you want in return.

Even if it's only satisfaction.

Parents don't feel unhappy about making their own children unhappy.

Other people will say you're a great conversationalist if you let them do all the talking.

The things nearest to a man's heart are his wallet and his privates.

There comes a time in every woman's life when she becomes invisible to men.

It's better to have sex with two twenty-year-olds than one forty-year-old.

Either one should be passionate about food or completely indifferent to it.

The clothes you wear are a large part of your identity.

Some things in life are impossible to undo and simply have to be accepted and then either ignored or somehow turned to one's advantage.

People are charitable for selfish reasons.

Snobs are people who are insecure about their position in life.

Cockroaches break wind every 15 minutes.

Women say they don't want to be treated as sex objects and then get annoyed if they're not.

In money-matters, there are those who prey and there are those who are preyed upon.

Words spoken in anger are usually true

Don't let success go to your head or failure get you down.

Find out what you are passionate about and then share your passion with others.

Too much tolerance invites abuse.

Parents have children because they hope vicariously to re-live their own lives …

… only this time they think they'll do it better.

The most successful people are most in tune with the laws of nature.

War is a good way of diverting tax revenue to the companies that supply and support the war effort without it seeming unacceptable.

Everything that happens to you is a lesson from which you need to learn something.

Never tell your friends what you really think of them.

People who say they are in favor of wealth redistribution really mean they want to see other people's wealth redistributed to themselves.

What governments want is more government.

Don't be surprised if people kick you when you're down.

That is, after all, the easiest time for them to do it.

It would make more sense to invade and/or colonize other countries than to give them aid.

Art and culture exist for people who have more money and time than they know what to do with.

A man should not adopt a woman's children from a previous relationship.

This is how a woman tricks a man into having legal and financial responsibility for children that are not his.

The subconscious mind can solve problems that conscious thinking could never solve.

It's necessary to put up with small losses if you want to make big gains.

Hint to your offspring that they're going to be very well off when you die. This will make them treat you well.

But quietly sell everything off and spend all the money on buying annuities for yourself which will cease on your death. This will teach your offspring not to be motivated by the desire for easy money and to concentrate instead on working to make their own money. They'll thank you for this … By spitting on your grave.

When arrested by the police, the correct thing to say is, “i have nothing to say.”

Sex is a good way of studying anatomy.

Professionals use jargon to make their knowledge seem more special and important and valuable than it really is.

If you have no choice but to do something, always give the impression that you've chosen to do it.

There's nothing to be lost by becoming religious on your deathbed.

It's like taking out an insurance policy without having to pay a premium.

The game of “love” is fun so long as you only play at it and don't take it seriously.

Nothing that happens to you is bad if you choose not to attach any significance to it.

You should have just enough morals to get you successfully through life.

the end

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