Is Cliven Bundy Really A Racist Deadbeat Domestic Terrorist?

If you believe everything you hear from mainstream media and Nevada senator Harry Reid, you are under the impression that the Nevada cattle rancher who had the stand off with the federal bureau of land management is a deadbeat, un-American, ungrateful, racist terrorist posing as a patriot. Nothing could be further from the truth.

Bundy's family has had grazing rights going back several generations, well into the 1800s. In the past couple decades. His family was raising cattle on that land not only before Nevada was a state, but before it was officially a territory.

In many instances, families were given deeds for land in return for taking care of it and being producers on the land. In many other instances, families were given grazing and land use rights, which was treated much the same as being given the deed to the land.

Families with deeds would transfer the deeds to their children, from generation to generation. Families with grazing and usage rights, similarly, transfer those rights down through the generations.

Interestingly, some land owners with deeds to their land do not have grazing or mineral rights to the land they own. It is possible to have land but not the right to graze cattle, just as it's possible to have the right to use land and graze cattle on it, even though the owner of those rights does not hold a deed for the property.

The owner of usage and grazing rights can sell those rights, just as the owner of property can sell the deed to their property. On multiple occasions the United States government made offers to buy the rights by Cliven Bundy to “his” property, but Bundy turned them down.

There is no legal basis to say that the Bundy family is not allowed to be on their ranch. If they do not give up or sell their rights, they belong there legally and the government does not have the right to kick them off, even if Senator Harry Reid's son is making money with a Chinese corporation that the federal government has wrongfully promised Nevada land usage to.

Harry Reid's former senior consultant, has recently been made the head honcho in charge of the Bureau of Land Management. Everything seemed to be lining up for the senator from Nevada. His son, his former staff and a communist Chinese aligned corporation all working together to have control of land in Nevada for the generation of corporate profits, but Cliven Bundy has been in the way of this transfer of land rights from American citizens to Chinese (and other) corporations.

Selling off American land and land usage rights is nothing new. Ronald Reagan was probably the originator, but the trend he started went into overdrive when his successor, George H.W. Bush signed on to the United Nation's Agenda 21 treaty in 1992.

Behind the scenes and without fan fare or media coverage, our government has been selling off our assets to globalist forces, while taking measures to get citizens off of rural property and move them into urban centers according to the tenets of Agenda 21.

Make no mistake: This is a worldwide plan and it has been going on all around the planet. In Mexico, farmers have been robbed of their land, which was then sold to Americans for next to nothing, while the farmers were forced to live in Mexico city, exploding the population and creating hellish conditions in the Mexican capital.

Globalists are destroying the sovereignty of all nations, by design, as well as waging war against the family unit everywhere around the world. Make no mistake, the Bureau of Land Management's attack on the Bundy family is a globalist, Agenda 21 operation.

The Bundy's and their supporters are steeped in the United States constitution. They absolutely are patriots, doing their part to save the country from the criminals who have taken over the federal government. Cliven Bundy has been fighting the good fight since the early 90's when he refused to recognize the federal government's attempt to tax him out of business. The BLM unilaterally decided that they could levy grazing fees on all the ranchers. There used to be 53 cattle ranching families in Clarke county, Nevada.

Bundy realized that if he paid the fees, he would not be able to stay in business. The other 52 families played along with the federal government, and they have all gotten out of the business. Bundy is the last man standing.

He is the only rancher in the area to keep his head above fiscal waters because he has steadfastly refused to kowtow to the federal government's manipulation. He would be willing to negotiate if the state of Nevada was calling for the grazing fees, but since it's absolutely illegal for the federal government to grab all the state owned land like they have done out west in recent decades, he simply refuses to the criminal activity as legitimate authority.

He is standing on principles and on the constitution. He is willing to do whatever it takes to make this stand. He is willing to go to prison or even be killed by the thugs who show up with BLM uniforms and sniper rifles. These thugs beat people up, threw people to the ground, including a 59 year old woman recovering from cancer surgery. They literally put their boots on the back of people's heads, forcing their faces into the dirt. They repeated tazed people.

Clearly the BLM does not have police powers granted to them legally, yet they “arrested” at least one of Bundy family members, taking him to a jail in another county for 2 days, only to let him go without any charges ever being filed, (probably when state lawyers informed them they have no right to arrest anyone.} They set up sniper outposts, training their rifles on the Bundy family in and around their own home.

They even unilaterally denied county residents their first amendment rights. They said that anybody who wanted to protest anything they were doing, would have to go to one of two 50 foot by 50 foot penned in areas in the middle of nowhere, or they would be subject to arrest (and of course, that comes with BLM beatings, various forms of torture (like handcuffs so tight, blood circulation is cut off for hours, while sitting in the back of BLM vehicles), along with verbal and psychological assault and death threats.)

They chased Bundy's cattle with helicopters. They killed a number of them and most of them were injured. They corralled them and didn't feed them or give them water for days. They buried many in mass graves.

They brought a truck and backhoe in and dismantled the water distribution systems that the Bundy family had constructed going back many decades. The Bundy's water system had created an oasis on that desert land, helping all kinds of wildlife to survive and thrive.

Ironically, one of the excuses for the actions they were taking was allegedly to protect the desert tortoise. One wonders how tearing out water systems helps the desert tortoise, or any animals.

The other excuse they gave for their actions was that Bundy owes a million dollars in grazing fees for the past 20 years. Instead of getting a court judgement against Bundy (or at least trying to), the BLM found it appropriate to show up with up to 300 thugs in camouflage, many, illegally wearing shirts that say, “police,” and start denying his basic rights while basically threatening to kill him.

Our founding fathers are spinning in the graves over this kind of activity. The stand Bundy is taking is for all of us, whether we are educated and wise enough to even know it. There is nothing deadbeat about his refusal to pay illegal, extortion fees that would put him out of business.

The federal government has wanted the land he has rights to for 20 years now, and when he refused to sell his rights to them, they made up grazing fees that they have no constitutional jurisdiction to do so.

The only terroristic activity that has taken part in this saga has been that of the BLM. They literally terrorized, beat and tazed innocent Americans exercising their God given rights. They think they have the right to stop free speech, unless it's done in a small pig pen in the wilderness.

This is incredibly dangerous stuff that all Americans need to know about and be willing to do something about the way the Bundy family and their supporters did. They decided to simply go to where the cattle were being held, and to free them. The BLM thugs threatened to shoot and kill them.

They simply were not going to stop, even if it meant they were going to die. They were willing to do that because they knew it wasn't just about getting some cattle back. It was about whether a movement would start where American were willing to get the country back from the globalist criminals who are well into their plan of bankrupting the country and merging it into a global dictatorship.

They realize that it's better to die a free man or woman than to live as a slave to the government, or to the criminal cabal that runs the government. Maybe up to 20% of the Bundy's and their supporters were wearing guns in holsters. They would have been no match if the hired snipers the BLM had working for them had been ordered to kill them.

The only guns drawn were of the BLM agents. Despite what Harry Reid said, there were no children present that were put in the front so they would get shot first. There were only peaceful adults, men and women, willing to die if that is what it took to make the stand.

They realize that the time is short to get back to the constitution and the rule of law, of the people, by the people, and for the people. The window of opportunity is closing. Those people are true patriots in every sense of the word; not domestic terrorists, as Reid called them is a classic state of psychological projection.

Reid has all kinds of deals happening for that land and other land across Nevada. He has family financially benefiting from those plans. It would not be surprising if he is not directly, secretly financially benefiting as well.

As far as the claims of racism against Bundy, nothing could be further from the truth. He may be old and not up to date in terms of knowing the politically correct terms. He might say, “colored people,” of, “negro,” but you can tell what is in his heart just by listening to him speak.

The statements that people are accusing him of racism, are primarily statements where he compared the lives that slaves had in this country, to the lives that black Americans are living today. He mentioned the disproportionate amount of abortion happening to black fetuses that never make it to birth (which, by the way is, astoundingly, more than 50% of black pregnancies in metropolitan areas).

He mentioned how being dependent on welfare is not a good situation, and how the government housing projects are less than ideal. He posed the question, wondering if slaves had it better. He said, he wonders.

Ironically, many black leaders have said the same thing and have talked about the incredibly high rate of abortion. Somehow, Bundy is considered a racist because he doesn't want black babies to die in the womb. He wants them to be born.

His critics are saying that he has been on government assistance for 20 years, and yet he is complaining about black people being on assistance programs. They are wrong on both counts.

Those are illegal and despicable grazing fees meant to get Americans off land that can then be sold to foreign nations. They are unconstitutional. He is not on any assistance program. Furthermore, he is concerned about all people who are in a position of dependence.

He understands why people are not supposed to feed animals in the wild. When you go to national parks, you see the signs imploring you to not feed the bears and other animals. The reason, beside safety for humans, is because the animals get dependent and give up their skills of foraging for their own food.

The same is true with people. Bundy is wise enough to understand that in the name of being kind to people, sinister forces in government have gotten large segments of society dependent on handouts. Bundy realizes that one style of slavery has been traded for another.

If you haven't figured it out yet, anything the mainstream media presents in lockstep with each other, is either a total lie, or a big distraction. They do not want you thinking for yourself the way that Cliven Bundy thinks for himself. They don't want you to see what is really going on.

If you think that Bundy is a deadbeat, a terrorist or a racist, the powers that be have you exactly where they want you; a state of ignorance. That's not a pejorative term. You're not stupid. You're just IGNORING the reality of the situation, and the things that really count. You have the power to change that.


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