Into the unknown: Part 1

“Where…” … “Hello?” … The air around him was thick. So thick he was finding it hard to breathe. Where did he just go? All he could see was darkness, with a small, almost pinhole like lightness off in the distance. He says in his mind “Where the hell did I just go to? Last thing I remember was, hanging with my friends doing mad hit's of LSD…then….this”, He was scared, but the LSD was still in his system so his mind was wandering out of control. He starts to panic, gets up and starts running toward that small light off in the far distance. He is running, and running, so fast that his body feels like he is flying. After what seemed like an hour, he finally comes to this, now massive bright light. It looks like a void, it looks like…well nothing.. what would happen if he went into it? “there's only one way to find out”. He takes a leap forward into the light, and starts to fell..or so he thought. He continues to fall, then slowly comes to a stop.

What he sees next, insights fear into him like he has never felt before. The air here is musty, almost foul. He looks up and all around him are corpses, in what looks like slimy lizard tentacles. One person yells from the top incubator “HELPP!” “HEEELLPP!”. He starts running. The fear inside him now is almost causing him to faint. What the hell is going on? He looks back, and as he does he brings up into a large creature. This creature was not humanoid, but looked reptilian. The reptile looks at him, blinks once with his normal eyelid, and once with his breathing eyelid. He looks at him as if to say, where did you come from?

The creature grabs him by his neck and drags him down the hall. He brings him into what looks like a laboratory, or a science room. He throws him up onto the steel bed and straps him down. The beast comes close to him and looks him straight in the face, and starts speaking. “tk'chi okem 't!la hppakk'kk!”. He has no idea what he is trying to tell him. The beast yells again “tk'chi okem 't!la hppakk'kk!!!!!”. “I DON'T KNOW WHAT YOU WANT!” Tears rolling from his eyes. The beat looks angry and runs over to a console.

He presses a few buttons and an awkward sound starts from above. Then comes down what looks like a thin but long needle with three prongs on the end of it. The device gets closer, until it finally reaches his chest. The prongs open and with a quick thrust, jabs into his abdomen. He screams…. The machine is injecting some sort of worm, or bug into him. He screams in agony some more.. Eventually he passes out from the pain…



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