Interplanetary Cavemen – Annunaki, Pre-flood Civilization, and the Saturnian Cult

While timidly sticking with what one can easily prove or disprove may seem safe, it is not really scientific or particularly entertaining. Wondering through the wilderness of the bizarre can fascinate to the extreme. Open eyes compelled to gaze upon wonders possibilities, the weirdest hypotheses are at least as worthy as the tamest because fiction is often less strange than reality.

Giant carved blocks fitted together like a puzzle, there are ancient enigmas perplexing to behold. It is mystery how some structures and artifacts were built in the distant reaches of history. Attempts to create comfortable certainly about the ancient past are frustrated by the misty shrouds of time. Certainly there is an answer but is it an answer to be found? What is known is that there is much that is not known.

With “space aliens” coming to earth and “having sex with monkeys,” Annunaki theories of origins intrigue and bewilder. Extraterrestrial interbreeding incites as much mirth as it does curiosity but it rarely fails to get some kind of attention. Whether one intones, “look at this crazy stuff people believe” or “look at this crazy stuff that could be true,” the subject sparks interest so assuredly it will be covered.

A long long time ago, but perhaps not so far away, could art imitate reality of a past in some way? Humans are intelligent to be sure but no more so than ancients. Could assuming this time is smarter be nothing but arrogance? The flooding in myths may have swept it away, but perhaps the old stories have some truth to say.

If ancient alien Annunaki is not wild enough, theories surrounding the origins of what is often called the Saturnian cult, may fill the need. Global government and banking conspiracy merely tips the berg. Planets in different places, the world shrouded in perpetual purple twilight, this colorful narrative is strange indeed.


One may already know there are, out there, incredible archeological finds. If not then one certainly will before this adventure in reading ends. Inviting “crazy” theories from the fringe, the truth of these things promises to be equally nutty. Astonishing and weird, megalithic monuments and unexpected technologies challenge us to open our minds. There are those discoveries which thwart any conventional attempt to understand them.

Amazing Structures

There seem to be glaringly undeniable hints at ancient technology found in extremely old structures. These constructs are too large to sweep under the rug. Many have tried yet the alternative crowd cannot be silenced when the evidence is so loud. What else could make it so obvious there is so much which is not understood?

Colossal stones of Baalbek How could these have been moved into place? The enormity of the engineering challenge would likely stump us even unto this day. Certainly nobody has tried for many thousands of years.

Titanic and irregular stone masonry of Sacsayhuanman Shaped strangely, fitted in place as if molded, this architecture is amazingly sound. How this was accomplished, nobody can say for sure. Assuredly, building in this way would not even be attempted in this age. If that is not peculiar enough, similar work has been found in distant lands as far as Egypt.

Evidence of Advance Machinery? (Egypt) Books tell us that this would have been accomplished with copper drill bits and a technology that could not account for the high-speed revolutions needed. If there are those skeptical of “prominent” literature, prominence will have to forgive.

Pyramids in China? Not only are there pyramids in China; there are many of them. Some Chinese pyramids are quite large, yet they are not talked about much. It is the sort of thing which threatens to paint a picture of a different color.

Stone Circles of Greater Zimbabwe

What if one were to be told that there are incredibly old stone circles and terraces covering the entire region of southern Africa? These are not just numerous, they are virtually uncountable. There are estimated to be millions of them. Having no obvious entrances, the ruins may not only be ancient but far older than known history would allow. Anyone’s guess, their purpose is one which has not yet been fathomed. Even this hypothesis is supported with more evidence than the main-stream dismissal they are merely cattle kraals:

Inconvenient Artifacts

Several “out-of-place” and anomalous artifacts have been found which contradict the comfortably familiar historical timeline which has been taught throughout the western world. Many of these have been supposedly “debunked” but there are too many examples to be easily dismissed. This site lists ten of them: The next article shows some not mentioned in the previous one: The following site specializes in weird stuff like this. The link provided deals with “temporal anomalies” in the artifact and geological record: Some of the more notable examples will be highlighted below.

Ancient Aircraft

Some odd trinkets were found in South America predating Columbus’ voyage. A couple of them resembled model airplanes. Dating back long before flight was “invented,” it seems oddly coincidental that they could be replicated with lighter materials and actually flown.1) Was the artist duplicating something he or she had seen? Were the designs based on earlier ones from an older civilization that had flight technology? The only other possibility that comes to mind is even more fantastical: somehow the creator could intuit the aerodynamics of flight. Did the designer have some powers of premonition? As fantastical as it might sound, psychic powers may still be a more plausible explanation that coincidence.

Fossils that Should not Be

There are several anomalies in the fossil record. If one has a penchant for the archaeologically, paleontologically, and geologically inexplicable; impossible fossils will “pop-up” time and time again. The “authorities” assure their overeducated beliefs are intact but with open eyes, perplexing sights will be seen.

“Young Earth” Bible-jockeys insist dinosaurs were around recently but could it not also be that humans have been on this planet much older than is supposed? Here Tellinger shows us an huge example, as if his other findings and are not astounding enough: Scholarly experts convincingly “debunk” one or two of these away but can they all be explained away?

Out-of-place Metal Objects

There are so many unlikely metal objects found where they should not be, skepticism that these all can be put in the context provided by text books is certainly warranted. Nails, a pot, tubes, and possibly even a spark-plug all cast shadows of doubt over respected scholarly theories. This great big rust resistant pillar is not incredibly old but still a lot older than it has any right to be:

Star Child Skull

With a large cranial capacity, the Star Child, as it is commonly known, does bare some resemblance to an human but with many obvious and notably different physical characteristics. The skull cannot be explained away as a simple matter of birth deformity because the mitochondrial genome sequencing still underway has already revealed a significant divergence from Homo sapiens.2) Even more bizarre, the nuclear DNA report revealed “no significant similarity” to any previously known terrestrial DNA. Though little of the specimen’s DNA has been recovered so far, the tests have been verified and reproduced confirming that a substantial percentage does not match any Earthly DNA discovered so far.

Unidentified Painted/Engraved Objects

Though a few cases can be handily dismissed, objects depicted in the skies of artwork from various places and times frequently thwart the paradigmatic. Certainly crying “aliens” may, at times, be nothing more than intellectual laziness, but definitive explanations are not forthcoming. Here is a site that shows us many such instances:

Moses Speaks Out

The scientific establishment cannot always sweep information under the rug which challenges their main-stream beliefs. In one case a television network’s desire for ratings overrode their discomfort about receiving hate-mail from dogmatic supposed scholars. Narrated by Charlton Hesston, the NBC special ‘’Mysterious Origins of Man,” also known as “MOM,” evoked extreme reactions and controversy.

Some of the responses from the “scientific community” can be found here: The response, “…the American public will soon be reduced to a gaggle of conspiracy theorists that will not trust a single thing they are told.” (T.H. Astronomy Dept. New Mexico State University) could actually be taken as a compliment. Why ‘’should’’ the American public trust anything they are told? The premise of science, doubt and disbelief, is the hallmark of a critically thinking mind.

On record, the producer of MOM provided a response to the irate critics: Bill Cote points out that strong language like “morons, liars, and subversives” are emotional arguments not “logical” ones. If a television producer must point this out to the so-called scientific community; it may be suggested that there is something very wrong with what often passes as science.

DVDs of MOM can be ordered from BC Video. A low-definition free version is currently available on youtube:

Reconciling Mythology

Religious texts and mythological stories seem to be the works of incredible imagination; perhaps too incredible. Where did folks come up with such weird ideas? Arthur C. Clark once proposed that, “Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic.” The plausibility of this statement is difficult to doubt. Could it be possible that the tellers of stories told, based their tales on technology old?

Mythical Flight

Mythology is resplendent with flying machines from chariots of fire to allegories even more peculiar. Many descriptions bare a canny resemblance to inventions used in the modern/post-modern age. From the Bible3) to myths all over the Mediterranean world and beyond4), there is no shortage of fascinating stories which, if based on truth, would radically change the accepted history of mankind.

Tip of the Iceberg

This article, even with its links to other resources, barely touches the surface when it comes to evidence which throws into dispute the official paradigm of historical thought. So much of what is believed to be known about the past, particularly ancient and pre-ancient history does not hold up under scrutiny when inconvenient information comes to light. It is easy to believe what authority dictates so many may be uncomfortable climbing out of that box. However, the box, unfortunately, or perhaps intriguingly, does not fit.

Having illustrated the lack of viability of the commonly accepted model of history, the way is open to explore new theories. The remainder of this article will introduce alternatives to scrutinize.


What can be called the “Annunaki Conspiracy,” is a popular alternative theory of human origin which attempts to explain origins based on Mesopotamian and Biblical mythical accounts. Simply entering “Annunaki” in an internet search engine will bring up remarkable ancient alien theories regarding the extraterrestrial “gods” of Mesopotamia. “Those from heaven to earth came” are credited with the creation of modern humans. Some believe they used a combination of their own DNA and that of indigenous hominids to create a slave race to mine gold for them. Theorists, usually basing their work off Zecharia Sitchin, maintain that the Annunaki claimed to have needed the gold to line the atmosphere of their own planet; presumably as a thermal shield.

Bible Connection

Some see strong suggestions that the “Books of Moses” in Genesis, contain scaled-down versions of stories the Epic of Gilgamesh was also derived from. In the Bible the word “Eloheim” can mean “Annunaki” which could mean “gods,” angels, or aliens but the “Eloheim” and “Annunaki” words seem to refer to a race of beings with advanced technology, if we accept Clark’s third law may apply. “Nephalim” would be a hybrid “god-man” thingy.

Planet X

The core Annunaki Conspiracy can also be called “Planet X/Nibiru Conspiracy.” Even if it turns out to be wildly inaccurate and/or filled with Nephalim propaganda, there could be something to learn from all of this. Myths often do have elements of truth. Myths can give us clues to our true ancient history. In the context of none too subtle hints of high-level technology in ancient times, Myths can be interpreted with entirely different meaning. It is suggested that ancient writings claim the ancient invaders came from a rogue planet only near the inner solar system every _____ years.


Common Annunaki theories usually suggest that the ancient gods were actually extraterrestrials but they may have rather been of an extra-dimensional nature.5) Gnostics, around the time of the Great Library at Alexandria, speak of two types of demonic beings known as “Archons.” There is supposed to be a dominant reptilian type and another type likened to a developing fetus.6) Lacking true creativity but proficient in deception, they bare a similarity to descriptions of demons.7)


Though not the ultimate creator God, a lesser deity is said by the Gnostics to have created the world. This deity, known as the Demiurge, is an evil being foremost in authority over the Archons. The Archons are said to be a parasitic race that invaded the human mind, according to some modern day Gnostics.


Whether or not the Archons are real beings existing independently of our psyches they certainly seem real at least insofar as they are part of the collective consciousness Carl Jung spoke about on occasion. More than a few people have had nightmares about the fetal Archon type, sometimes believing to have being abducted by aliens. As for the reptile type, one only needs look as far as the English language to see how reptiles are often a symbol of what is deceitful and predatory. Phrases like “snake in the grass” and “speaking with a forked tongue” are quite common.

Ancient Space Faring Humans

Another angle on the origins of civilization is the stuff of sci-fi fantasy stories. Conan the Barbarian is said to have taken place long before the civilizations known to history although they are depicted having technology we would equate to magic. Star Wars depicts space-faring creatures, including quite a few humans, but it is said to have happened a “long long” time ago in a Galaxy far away. Meanwhile, the Vedic texts of India tell us that humans have been around since time and even before.

One can safely assume that the creators of the abovementioned fiction did not know anything anyone else did not but at the same time it does stimulate the imagination to ask, “what if?” It may be that the Vedics are right and that humans have been around much longer than is supposed. This would suggest that the current evolutionary theory may have some flaws but it wouldn’t be the first scientific theory which would have to be revised when new information comes to light.

If ancient Indian mythology is telling us the truth, not only is the human race far older than currently believed, it also had technology of flight, or at least the ancient “gods” did, whoever the heck they were. If human beings have been around since before time and have had lost the technology of flight, it may be a solid guess that civilizations, on a global scale, would likely have risen and fallen many times but so long ago most of the evidence has been thoroughly reworked by the tectonic forces of the Earth itself. Furthermore, since interplanetary travel has been being developed by humans know, one can assume it is possible humans may have had the ability to travel between worlds but inexplicably lost it.


The enigma of Saturn’s moon Iapetus is more than a little intriguing. The most striking feature of the moon is a ridge running along the equator. No other planetary bodies are known to have this feature. If it were formed by a natural process, the same natural process would likely have occurred with other moons yet no other examples are forthcoming.

The ridge, though odd and difficult to dispute the validity of, other features of Iapetus have gotten some attention as well. At Enterprise Mission, more anomalies are discussed and photographs are posted including some which show the equatorial ridge in detail. The “A Moon with a View” article can be found here:

Granted, Iapetus may not be ‘’the’’ Death Star but it does seem like it may have been man-made albeit over a million years ago. Many would immediately cry “aliens” and with the limitations to the current understanding of evolution this might be the more comfortable hypothesis but what if the human race once had the ability to construct such things? Perhaps we are the “Anunaki” but forgot where we really come from.

Moon and Mars Anomalies

There are many examples of odd shapes on the Earth’s moon and the planet Mars. Some of these are usually explained away as tricks of light or simply ignores so not talked about. With so many weird objects pointed out on the web, it begs another explanation. Once again, several people assume extraterrestrial aliens but, assuming some of the anomalies aren’t just tricks of light, another explanation could be that humans actually built things in these places so far back in human history we may not have record of it even in the Vatican Archives where many a secret pearl of wisdom is said to be hidden from inquisitive eyes.

Extraterrestrial Humans?

If Homo sapiens did have the power of interplanetary, maybe even interstellar, travel, another question that will come up is, “Are humans even from this planet?” With all of the interesting Hominid skeletons lying around here and there, it might seem like a preposterous question but there are holes in our information so it could be that humans may have, at least up to a point, evolved elsewhere. One hypothesis is that extraterrestrial origins of humans could explain some of the shortcomings the species tends to have which seem out-of-place with a species adapted to the conditions on this planet. Some believe this may even be a prison-planet where more civilized extraterrestrial humans send their crazy people.8)

The Deluge

An obvious question would be, “if there was an incredibly advanced civilization in the distant past, what happened to it?” Where did it all go? If a prior civilization had the ability to travel within the solar system, perhaps even beyond, how did it all just disappear?

An important clue may be found in Genesis of the Bible, the flood myth in the compilation known as the Epic of Gilgamesh, and numerous other flood myths around the globe. Of particular interest is how the flood myth in Gilgamesh talks about the Annunaki using a strange fire, perhaps some sort of powerful weapon, in addition to simply flooding the ground. Indian and Zoroastrian myths, as well as many others, talk about a war in the “heavens” which involved extraordinary weapons that, if they are referring to something real, would have to be some sort of advanced technology.

Graham Hancock believes that, because there was a lot of glacial ice which was melting over the course of the last ice age, a sudden change could have caused wide-spread flooding of coastlines across the globe much like described in Genesis. Because most of the inland areas were permafrost, the coastlines were pretty much the only habitable zones. If the coastlines were to have flooded all of the sudden, it would have effectively wiped out civilization on the planet and would have seemed like the entire world, up to the highest mountain visible, would have been covered over.

One possibility is that the deluge may have been set in motion by an ancient nuclear war. Sometimes archaeologists come across ruins glassed and/or radioactive in a way that may be consistent with a nuclear bomb or reactor melt-down. One such instance is discussed here: One will note that there are descriptions of calamity in the myths which bear a strong resemblance to the effects of nuclear disaster.

Saturnian Cult

Finally, we get to the doubtlessly most bizarre theory of origins of civilization one is likely to come across. The theory of the ancient solar system within stories of the alleged Saturnian cult is at once the most intriguing, and the most disturbing historical narrative listed in this article. It is intriguing because it supposes that the solar system has a drastically different organization than it does today. It is disturbing because researching it will result in coming across sad stories of those who guard the hidden knowledge of our past perpetrating violence and atrocity on the unwitting fools who don’t know the truth.

The Cult

Like any good conspiracy theory, even one which has been improvable so far, the Saturnian Cult, also known as the Saturn Death Cult, has its own website.9) The chronologically organized articles are quite lengthy and resplendent with many colorful artistic illustrations. The introductory page can be found here: The first article, in order, can be found here: The bottom of each article has a link to the next one for easy navigation.

When thinking about the Aztec and the Maya, one has to wonder how the priest-kings were able to get people to voluntarily give themselves and their children up for bloody sacrifice. How where these people, presumably human as anyone, convince so many that ritual murders were necessary or the sun wouldn’t come up? It may be that the priest-kings had passed down astrological information for many generations that the commoner couldn’t understand. We know that the Maya, and by proxy the Aztecs, had remarkable calendar systems based on observation of celestial cycles. Certainly they must have known about lunar eclipses, or at least the priest-kings did, so they could have picked exactly the right time for some theatrical doom saying to manipulate the masses into believing the priest kings must be obeyed lest the earth plunge into infertile darkness.

According to Saturn Death Cult theory, there are networks of perverse and bloodthirsty secret societies hiding very similar secrets and are somehow using their hidden knowledge to dominate and control the hapless ignorant masses. By understanding the system, how it used to be, how it changed, and what it is like now, the Cabal, if one were to call the cultists that, is able to exploit our lack of knowledge to great, and dire, affect. Though some of the aspects of the theory are dubious, there is evidence that there has been some odd Saturn-related activities going on the planet for some time now. The peculiar way Saturn is revered more than Jupiter or even Sol in many myths does warrant speculation.

Saturn as the Sun

The secret knowledge allegedly held but the cults of Saturn include information that Saturn was once our primary sun. Remenicent of the Planet Nibiru theories, our entire solar system, at the time of our long distant past, may not have been a part of the Sol system. Supposedly, at the time Saturn dominated the skies, the entire world was permeated by a sort of “purple haze” or “perpetual purple twilight.”

Essentially, all of the planets, at least the ones we had at the time, where aligned with each other and with Saturn. The arrangement and some of the imagined effects that could have resulted, are supposed to explain a whole host of mythologies which do not make sense in the context of our current cosmology. Everything in a line above the North Pole, there would have been no day or night as we know it. Very few stars would have been visible as well. The entire planet Earth would have looked, if the pun is pardoned, alien to the one of today.

When reading up on this, it was found that some speculate that plants would have been red until the solar system changed in a way that they started getting yellow light so adapted by becoming green. This actually does not make sense because red plants would reflect all red light while absorbing only blue and green. Purple, or violet, is a combination of blue and red with little or no green light in it. If, by some strange happenstance, plant life evolved in a perpetual purple twilight, it would explain why they are green. Green would be perfect for absorbing red and blue light while reflecting very little because green light would have been scarce.

It also occurred that the purple light may have been not-unlike that emitted by so called “black lighting.” Even if close, it would have done a wonderful job illuminating neon colors but everything else would have been severely muted. One could hypothesize that our eyes are more sensitive to neon colors because that was all the light available to us when we evolved on, or otherwise adapted to, the planet Earth during the perpetual purple dusk. This is far from proof but speculating in such a way that possible correlations can be identified is a valid way to formulate an hypothesis. Once an hypothesis has been proposed, it may be tested until it either becomes a more established theory, gets modified or gets disproven.

Unfortunately, the Saturnian theory is so wild and roots so far into the past that researchers may never be able to either confirm or deny its viability as a model. Only given time and effort will truth be served, if ever. Perhaps, one day, there will be a devcoin bounty for the creation of open-source time-machine blue prints.

In Review

From naughty Neanderthal loving star children to a plush purple planet, we have covered some of the most popular of alternative pre-ancient histories. Whether one or a combination of theories turns out to be true or something completely different remains to be seen. Because time travel probably does not currently exist as a technology, it is rather difficult to verify for sure. The riddles of our distant past enchant us and beckon us to look beneath the surface because: if it isn’t known where the human race has been, how can guesses be made as to where it is going?


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