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It is quite interesting to note that every sport has a strict dress code, which governs the player’s actual performance in the game. Just like every other game, golf follows a stern dress code. For more than a century, golf has being nicknamed as a “Gentleman’s Game”. This attributes to the game’s proper and smart attire. The dapper styled outfit changes the impression created by golf. Though the dapper style differs from one country to another, few standards are meant to be followed by everyone. Common elements of the dapper attire would include the following.

The power of a Polo Shirt

Polo shirts are extremely famous amongst golfers. Most private golf courts and country clubs advise their players to wear comfortable polo shirts. Generally, the polo shirt comprises of a T-Collar. The shirt comes with a placket. Moreover, the shirt encompasses of two or three buttons on the placket. Pockets are optional inclusions in the polo shirt. Moving on, polo shirts worn by golfers would be short sleeved. Typically, the shirts would be fabricated with polyester and cotton blends. If you are new to the game of golfing, remember that solid, brightly colored polo shirts must be paired with neutral or tan shaded shorts.

Choosing perfect golf clothes!

Golfers are expected to wear suitable Docker shorts and slacks! Bear in mind that the shorts you choose must satisfy the following constraints:

  • The short’s hem must be well above knee level. Don’t make it too short or too long! Always remember that people would rank you in accordance with your attire.
  • The short you wear must be designed for the game. It should have the right number of pockets and belt loops.
  • Never wear gym shorts, denim shorts or cut offs for a game of golf. By default, denim varieties are recognized as an inappropriate attire for golfing.

Appropriate shoes and socks! A pinch of elegance and style!

In addition to shorts and shirts, golfers are expected to wear proper shoes and socks. Novice golfers tend to neglect the use of proper shoes and socks. This is certainly an inappropriate move. Most golf courses prohibit the use of shoes with spikes. This is why patrons must make use of shoes that are made of rubber or cotton! Also, remember to check if the shoe has an in built sole that is made of soft materials. A comfortable shoe will definitely change your golfing experience. If you focus on style and elegance, you must match your shoes with the trousers.

The need for exotic headgears, while playing golf

Similarly a large number of people tend to wear hats, while playing golf. Hats that are designed for golfing are framed to protect the head. The hats can be used to shield the eyes and prevent the sun from burning your head! Conversely, you can choose from several different types of hats. For example, you can decide on baseball caps, straw hats and cricket caps! Apart from this, hats for men and women are remarkably different. If you are an individual, who is exceptionally style conscious, you must get hold of hats that synchronize with your shorts, golf slacks and belts.

How should you choose your golf clothes?

When you are about to get hold of golfing clothes, you should follow predestined standards. Three basic guidelines that will help get hold of perfect golfing clothes would be as follows:

  • The golf clothing you wear must be comfortable and elegant. The clothes must confer you with the freedom of movement.
  • Secondly, you should focus on dry and cool clothes. Similarly, the attire used on warm sunny days would be totally different from the clothes used on chilly nights!
  • Thirdly, you should make use of fabrics that are lightweight. The clothes you wear should dry quickly and allow sweat to transpire from your skin instantaneously. Clothes that handle sweat properly will be quite expensive, when compared against the ordinary ones. This falls in accordance with the saying “You Get What You Pay For”!

Create a permanent impression! Golf and its Dress Code!

Moving on, you should realize that the clothes you wear during the game will have an impact on the first impression you create. The attire will generate a clear expression of your attitude and style. Equally, your golf clothing will have a significant impact on your play’s physical needs. All country clubs and golf courses have a special dress code. The unique attire tends to give the golfer a professional and sporty outlook. The good appearance devoured by your country club outfit will certainly have an impact on your ultimate gaming experience. Proper golf clothes will certainly show your respect for the game and others!

Stylish men, who rule the golf floors! Picture perfect clothing!

A recent survey showed that men, who admire golfing, tend to prefer simple dresses. An elegant shirt with slacks and a collar would remain sufficient. This is a basic notion that is followed by male golfers, around the globe. Though simple, the dress would confer its bearer with an amazing appearance. Similarly, you should bear in mind that cut offs, jeans and funky clothes are not allowed in most golf courses.

How should women dress for a game of golf?

Women who are ought to play golf must get hold of comfortable slacks, shirts or hybrid shorts. A large number of women finalize on hybrid shorts because it confers them a feminine look! Also, women who love golf and hate the sun tend to make use of various headgears. Additionally, golfers make use of visors to protect their eyes from extra glare and the sun’s direct rays.

The need for suitable golfing shoes

Finally, patrons who admire golf are supposed to get hold of appropriate shoes. Golf shoes are regarded as a crucial piece of attire. This is because shoes will have an impact on your golf swings. Remember that when you want to shot a ball across 6,000 yards, you will require a firm grip and lots of strength for walking!

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