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Innovative Revenue Sharing Bitcoin Directory CryptocoinD Launches

CryptocoinD is proud to announce its official release. The Bitcoin community is in need of a sustainable directory resource that remains current with the latest community developments; as a resource to both Bitcoin newcomers and veterans alike. One issue that Bitcoin directories face is one of motivation. The community has only weak incentives to update existing Bitcoin directories, with novel websites and mining pools causing records to quickly fall out of sync with the rapidly evolving Bitcoin ecosystem.

CryptocoinD offers a unique solution. CryptocoinD is the first crowdsourced, revenue sharing directory that rewards site contributors for their time and effort. CryptocoinD features a Revenue Sharing System that pays each site contributor for their entry. When a user clicks on a directory link, they are directed to the listing through a brief interstitial Bitcoin related advertisement, which generates revenue. We permanently share 100% of this revenue with the site contributor, paid in Bitcoin. This incentive will encourage individuals to contribute to the community, and support CryptocoinD as the self-sustaining and up-to-date Bitcoin directory. CryptocoinD is also working on a mobile app to serve mobile users. CryptocoinD is slated for release on both Android and Apple platforms in late 2013.

A redesigned website with a thorough set of features including user reviews and comments will follow shortly thereafter. CryptocoinD is eager to become an integral resource in a community that represents the most exciting paradigm shift of the century.

To learn more please go to: http://www.cryptocoind.info/

Facebook: http://fbl.me/cryptocoind

Twitter: https://twitter.com/CryptocoinD

Media Contact:

Name: Michael Pinter

Email: contact@cryptocoind.info

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