There is a natural innate intelligence that resides in all living things. This intelligence heals and allows life to thrive. It is the most pure thing that exists in this world. Without it, a shell exists and life is absent.

Let’s take humans as an example. As humans, we are self-healing and self-regulating organisms. For example, if a newborn child happens to get a cut on their skin say their arm, this cut will bleed of course. But then the newborn child’s blood will clot, then a scab will form, and ultimately new skin will grow to the point where no trace of the cut exists. How? How does this newborn child know how to heal itself? They didn’t learn it. Magical drugs didn’t do it. The fact is they were born with this ability. There is intelligence inside them and every single human, one hundred percent of the time and one hundred percent pure. This is innate intelligence.

This is the same intelligence that can take two cells and transform them into a thirty seven trillion cell human being that breathes, eats, self-heals, and self-regulates. An amazing miracle if you really think about the enormous details and intelligence this feat entails. So what is this intelligence? Well there is a universal intelligence that exists in this world. Science may not be able to explain it but it exists. Some call it God. Some call it a Soul. Some refer to it as Life. The truth is it is all of these and more… innate intelligence. Once again, without it we are a shell, a corpse, without life. Health always has been and always will be about maximizing the environment for this intelligence to do its’ job, which is heal and thrive. Me must give our bodies the proper chemical, physical, and emotional nourishment it needs to allow innate intelligence to do its’ job and keep optimal function within us.

Which leads to my next point… optimal function equals optimal health. That’s right. To reach optimal health we have to be functioning at our optimal levels physically, chemically, and emotionally one hundred percent of the body one hundred percent of the time. But unfortunately in the world we live in and the stresses we expose ourselves too physically, chemically, and emotionally provide massive barriers to our abilities to function optimally. Therefore few, if any, will ever feel or reach optimal health.


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