Injuries faced while Playing Golf

Injuries tend to happen in all kinds of sports. May it be the professionals or novice players, injuries help people nurture their skills. Just like every other game, golfing is related with a unique collection of injuries. These injuries train the player on how to remain hale and hearty, whilst playing the game. Nevertheless, it is wise to remember that golf injuries can be exceptionally dangerous at times! It will have a real setback in the game you play. Lots of players with golf injuries, have worked hard and tirelessly to regain their lost fitness. The comeback is never easy or quick in golf.

A quick walk through golf injuries

The injuries imposed by golf would en cover over major regions in your body. For instance, it would affect your muscles, joints and skin! This attributes to the game’s open nature. A golfer is expected to take a full swing, when he or she is ought to strike the ball. The swing makes use of the hip, back, shoulders, arms, ankles, knees and wrist. Thus, if you are at the verge of facing a golf injury, your joints and muscles would become weak. A certain set of golf injuries are common, when compared against the others. Here is a quick walk through common golf injuries.

  • Common Elbow issues - Golfer’s elbow is a common injury. The injury falls in accordance with the tennis elbow. This is a special kind of pain that occurs inside the elbow joints. The injury is caused due to extensive use of the tendons and muscles near the inflamed region. This would make arm movement extremely difficult. Moreover, the process of recovering from golfer’s elbow is certainly a difficult chore. Serious Golfer elbow disorders would require a minor surgery. However, the pain can be oozed with the help of various antibiotics and ointments!
  • Pain near the Wrists - Wrist injuries are extremely common in golf. Naturally, the wrist injury is caused due to the swing. On the contrary, wrist injuries are sustained by many! Tendonitis is a common type of wrist injury faced by many. The inflammation involves pain in the tendons. As tendonitis in the player increases, they will witness weakened joints. The joints can be strengthened only with the help of proper exercises. Also, proper care must be undertaken, to prevent permanent wrist problems. Nevertheless, it is quite interesting to note that patrons who battle against wrist injuries will have the ability to portray greater stability and movement during their play!
  • Common Back troubles - Back injuries are also quite common in golf. Back injuries near the “lumbar region” attributes to 20% of major golf injuries. This is because players have to take a sharp twist while taking the shot. Also, extensive use of the lower back region would place more strain on the back, resulting in deepened pain.
  • Strains near Shoulder - Shoulder injuries are also common amongst many golfers. As you take a full swing motion, key areas in your body would be affected. Also, remember that extensive shoulder injuries would occur as a result of poor techniques. When you place unnecessary pressure on your joints and shoulder, you will definitely strain it! Shoulder injuries tend to range from simple strains to major rotary cuff disorders.

Apart from physical tremors, golfing is linked with heat injuries. Any game that involves lots of humidity and heat would result in heat-related problems. This is a health disorder that cannot be avoided easily. Famous heat related problems would include heat stroke, heat exhaustion and heat cramps. A recent study showed that extensive heat that is related with golf makes the sport very difficult. One has to take into consideration their physical abilities, before exposing their skin to the warm sun. Unlike conventional heat related problems, extensive heat whilst playing golf will affect your overall lifestyle significantly.

Heat related diseases can be overcome by following several principles. Initially, you must keep your body hydrated. As the amount of water in your body decreases, you will become tired and you will undeniably witness bigger joint injuries. Similarly, you should bear in mind that stress would be triggered, if your joints are void of moisture. When you play golf try setting up a shady place. Thus, remember to carry a sun umbrella when you move into a golf course.

How to fight against excess heat, while playing Golf?

Here are few more tips on how to combat heat injuries. Try scheduling your golf training sessions in cooler places. If you are new to the fascinating game, decide on evening and morning activities. Take frequent breaks when you play golf! Always let your pulse return to its normal level. Drink at least 12 ounces of water every hour. Water will keep you hale and hearty. Remember that golf has a predestined dress code. Always wear loose, light colored and cool clothes during the game. When you are ought to make use of sun screens and medications, read through the bottle labels before using them. Don’t consume alcohol before playing golf.

Health is Wealth! The power of a properly played game!

Irrespective of the kind of game you play, always remember that “Health is Wealth”. If you want to enjoy a better gaming session, you must focus on your health. Patrons, who sacrifice their health, tend to battle through various challenges. This is why you should understand the benefits of a properly played game of golf. Some of the best and finest lessons will be learnt only when you realize that you are playing the game wrong! In golf, many things would affect your gaming experience.

Thus, revolve your thoughts around proper health for an enriched golf session! Also, don’t feel embarrassed when various health injuries affect you due to poor gaming practices. Fight against them with positive energy!

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