The latest update to this list was on April 09 2014.

  • Glyph hacking (the minigame you can enter to get bonus items while hacking portals) is accessed by long-pressing the “hack” button. Only works if you’re in range, and the portal is hackable (not in cooldown, not burned out).
  • Remotely charging a portal is available only if you have a key for it. Also, there’s a distance penalty (shown as a percentage and called Range efficiency).

  • Remotely recharging a portal works, but don’t expect very much. You can usually defend just the high level resonators, as the delay between the first burster is fired and you receiving the notification is more than enough for a high level player to destroy the lower level ones. And a committed adversary will destroy any portal regardless of recharge.
  • Portals have a high chance of giving you a key (probably > 90%) if you do not have another one in the inventory. Drop the key from the inventory before hacking if you want to acquire another.
  • How far you are from the portal when deploying resonators is how far the resonators will be from the portal. Stand on top of it - all the resonators are gathered at the base. This is called “campfiring” in some circles and is an easy way to make a non-defendable portal.
  • Holding the fire button when firing XMPs charges them, but the effect is timed. Let go too soon or too late and the effect is gone. You can add up to 20% more power to the attack if you do it right, though, and there’s an nifty animation that shows when the effect is highest. Try to let go when the energy gathers near you. You’ll figure it out!
  • You can skip the beginning (acquiring position) animation by pressing the “back” button on your phone. Also, you can skip the field and link animations the same way. Timesaver.
  • You can destroy an enemy portal, “campfire” the resonators on it (see above), then fill the mod slots with link amps (best done with a mate, so all 4 can be deployed), then use a virus to change it back to the original faction. This way, the original faction players can’t upgrade the mods and can’t destroy the portal to build it “right” again. The portal is useless as a link anchor (no shields, very vulnerable since it is “campfired”), it’s useless as a high yield couch farm (no multihacks, no heat sinks) and can’t be easily fixed. Best done to home portals as an insult or joke, or strategically on high importance remote portals that always seem to have fields on them. Also, link amps are a dime a dozen, and players seem to find a lot more viruses for the other team than for their own.

There are two “viruses” in the game.


  • Viruses give the portal they are used on invulnerability to another virus for the next hour, which makes sense in a way. Unfortunately there is no easy way to know if the portal has been flipped in the last hour, so be very careful because you lose the virus if you try to use it on an invulnerable portal. The best way to see if the portal has been flipped recently is to look at the “All” tab of the COMM, and check the logs there. It will show the portal being flipped; also a dead giveaway is the fact that all resonators should belong to the same person - if one player owns more than one level 7 or 8 on the portal, it has been flipped using a virus.
  • Virus use costs XM per portal level: 1000 x portal_level. So a level 8 portal will require 8000 XM to flip. However, players start having 8000 XM at level 6. The rule of thumb is you can use a virus on portals from level one to your level + 2 . A level 4 player can flip portals that are level 1 through 6.
  • Viruses are not lost if you don’t have enough XM on you when you try to use them.

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