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Everybody in the world has the intuition to gain access to other people's confidential data. Over the years, it has become very essential in every field of life to have this data secured and unreachable to third parties. This phenomenon has be termed as “ information security.” The demand for information security is on a steep rise as the amount of information stored by companies is increasing by leaps and bounds. Hence, it is very important to have this information private.

It is all about authorizing the access to the information and keeping third parties, intruders and hackers at bay. Any alteration or modification of data can also be crucial in a company's financial perspective. The primary motives of information security are protecting the confidentiality, integrity and availability of information.

Every commercial organization which carries out some business activity have some amount of information related to their business activity. Information about financial transactions can prove too costly as it would deal with millions of dollars. Research information plays a pivotal role in the future of every business. Hence jobs offered to secure this kind of information are associated with generous compensation. It has been a part of the business requirement and is involved in a company's strategic plan. Growth has been immense in this sector and level of importance given to such roles is high as well.

There are many jobs being offered in the software industry, governments, retail industries, as well as real estate businesses for positions such as: information security analyst (to check the level of security measures being taken for the information present), incident responder(the kind of activities that a person has to take up to avoid further damage or loss when a mishap occurs in terms of stolen information or intrusion), network security engineer(to avoid hacking the virtual private networks, scheduled information on the network) information security architect (to prepare a blueprint of the kind of security provided, analyze loop holes and come up with precautions) among many others.

The information security threat has even hit the internet. Especially in social media like Facebook, Twitter, and Linkedin. There were reports of hacked accounts of celebrities and misuse of their private and confidential data. In a way to tighten up the access to information, these sites have implemented a system of authorized and verified accounts where-in the user has to produce their contact number, address, or other identifying information, by which their account gets verified and spam or misusage can be completely ruled out. They have introduced many options to have your valuable information reach only those people to which it is intended. Jobs such as a security analyst are available at all of these social networking websites. On the whole, it is a very exciting, challenging and booming sector in the field of information technology.

Some other information security positions are: information systems auditing, business continuity planning and digital forensics science. To kick start your career in the field of information security, certifications on different types of security measures can be a huge plus.


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