Increasing Devcoin's Market Cap – What Needs to Happen

I have to say that I think we are on the right track with Devcoin as of lately. We saw a pretty massive drop in value, just prior to it boosting back up considerably. Now we are floating around a pretty decent value (at the time of this writing we are above the 100 satoshi line again). The goal of this article is to help better understand what we need from Devcoins if we want to increase the market cap. The entire point of the coin is to help foster open source development, while allowing a nice payment platform. To do this we need to keep the cap growing. While we are already on the right track, I think it is too easy for us to get swayed in the wrong direction at this point. Hopefully this will help clear some things up!

I think one of the worst parts about the coin as of right now is that its value is always related to Bitcoin. Being that we can not currently buy and sell Devcoin directly for cash, it has to be converted in to one coin or another. And in most cases this just ends up being Bitcoins. As such, we are limited by where Bitcoin goes, although an interesting thing is that the price of Devcoins in relation to Bitcoin does not appear to be affected by how much Bitcoin goes up. This means that while we are still related to a point, we are also separate (although reliant).

Keeping Prices Stable

One way to increase the market cap of Devcoin is to keep the value stable against fiat. Being that there are more Devcoins created every day, just like any other coin, keeping a stable value means that the market cap continues to go up daily. This is an easy way to keep it flowing, and could lead to the billion dollar and up target that the project is hoping for (to deal with things like building a rocket ship). It will take time to do this, of course, but it would be a lot better than the constant fluctuations we have been seeing on a regular basis as of lately.

Increasing the Prices

Another thing that would help boost the market cap of Devcoin is increasing the prices (and therefore the values) of the coins. This would actually stack on the point mentioned above, which means that each coin that is minted gains even more value, therefore pushing us to a much higher market cap at a much faster rate. This would require a lot of new money moving in to Devcoin, though, which is more than possible as more people jump in and start falling in love with the project. On the other hand, it could take a while before we hit that constant up hill point.

Hurting Progression

Something I am sure we can all agree on is that we are losing a lot of money when Devcoin goes down in value instead of staying stable or going up. Being that the market cap is based on the total value of all coins, when they drop by even a satoshi the market cap drops significantly. And when we see massive drops of ten to a hundred satoshi over a period of a day, that can be detrimental to the value of them as a whole. To counter this, we need to start standing together and work together to keep the coins at a minimum of their current value, while pushing to raise them up even higher.

Doing this is actually pretty simple, but it would require the majority of people to start doing it at the same time. I have seen some people bring it up in the past, and it would definitely work. So what is it? Remove lower sell orders and create higher buy orders. This does two things that are important for the coins:

  • It gives social acceptance of the coin, showing that people are not willing to sell but there are some that are willing to pay a lot. In essence, this is showing that the coins should have a higher value than they currently have
  • It cuts down on the number of people that are pushing the prices down. Even with where crypto currencies are right now, most of them can be manipulated pretty easily due to the small amount of overall money within them. As such, working as a majority to help cut down on these things is what will really help push us above the curve

Both of these lead to the same thing: either the coins stay the same and the market cap goes up or the coins go up in value and the market cap increases even faster. In both scenarios, everyone that is part of the project or owns coins ends up winning. But, of course, the second scenario is much more preferable.


Devcoin is an awesome concept and I like where it has been going. My only real problem with how it is handled is that people that have no idea how economics work keep trying to destroy the price, taking down everyone else and the project with them. By reading this article, I have given two general goals that we should be going for: either stabilized prices (where they are now or above that, preferably) or rising prices. Both of these would be awesome for Devcoin, and both would help contribute to getting better bounty offerings for major projects. Being that we are doing all of this for the open source world anyways, we all benefit from it and so we are really helping ourselves. With that said, taking a bit of quick cash by tanking the price is making people lose more in the long run by making the market cap too volatile and affecting the desire of people to get involved. And what we want is more people involved, rather than less! So work to keep the buy orders going up and the sell orders going up, rather than taking both of them down. As a community, we can make this work out for all of us.


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