Improving Your Home Security

It has been claimed that a burglary happens every 15 seconds. As such, the chances of your own home really being at danger from a break-in are now incredibly increased, and it doesn't make a difference where you live.

On the other hand, when individuals think about a break-in, they consider somebody gaining passage into their home through breaking a few glass windows or breaking through entryways. Yet there are a few things which could really offer a welcome to those unwanted gatecrashers who want to make an attempt at getting into your home.

There are numerous spots which are defenseless against assault from a gatecrasher to your home, and so you must set up a routine which will then furnish them with less chances of endeavoring to break-in. Following I will take a look at what are recognized as a portion of the weak territories in your home security routine which could help to keep any sort of break-in from happening.


Despite the fact that you may think it is an excellent idea, loaning keys to family and companions, in addition to those individuals hired to complete work in your home, greatly expands the possibilities of your keys being put into the wrong hands. Although the individuals you give a key to could be totally dependable, you can not control where the keys are once they are out of your hands, and the odds of them being copied are greatly expanded. So it is vital that you consider to whom you are issuing keys, and keeping an eye on the master copy that you have for the duration of the day. Also, never place keys in those “hidden” locations outside the home, as the brilliant robber will know where precisely to search for them.


Those entryways which have handle locks are simple for a robber to get into, as all he needs is a plastic Visa card or a metal Slim Jim. Therefore, it is best if you introduce great quality deadbolts to all entryways into your home.


Despite the fact that you may have introduced a great lock to your front or back doors, they are only as secure as the actual quality of the door itself. Unfortunately, the weakest region around any entryway is the place the lock is installed, and this is particularly valid for wooden entryways.

Sliding Patio Doors

These security entryways have a few different disadvantages to them when contrasted with regular entryways. The fundamental reason is that they only accept significantly less secure locks on them. There are even some much more established models which, shockingly, might be effortlessly lifted off of the tracks that they run on and furnish any gatecrasher with a method for achieving simple access to a home.


Windows that are left open and unattended give interlopers access, as well as permitting them to rapidly see what is accessible to them.


Both greenery and trees give a method for permitting interlopers to gain access to your property. Not only do they offer effective concealment; they can likewise give them ways to get access to your home effortlessly and rapidly.

Above we have taken a look at areas of the home where aid might be given to interlopers to your property. But in this article, we will be investigating a few methods for enhancing your home security and help to keep gatecrashers from wanting to attempt break-ins in the first place.

Exactly How Secure is Your Home

Everyone believes that their house is secure. Today, most homes are currently fitted with great quality entryways and windows which have great quality bolts and locks on them. Often when we are going out at night, we will close the draperies and leave a couple of lights on to give the appearance that there is somebody home. But there are times, particularly on those late summer nights, when it is still light as you are going out, that you choose not do this, and this tragically is the point at which you are giving an open door to any would-be thief to get access to your home.

Commonly a would-be gatecrasher, instead of attempting to get access to through the front entryway as they are liable to be seen by your neighbors, will then attempt to get access to your property at the back. Unfortunately, it will just take them a couple of tries, and they can readily get access to your home quickly without your neighbors becoming alerted that anything has happened.

At the point when this kind of break-in happens, the criminal will just take things that are not difficult to carry, and most of the time could be thrown into a pillowcase or duffel-bag. As a basic rule they will regularly just take much bigger things like TV's, DVD players and stereos in the event that they feel that they have enough time and are not prone to be detected anytime soon.

Thus it is smart that at whatever point you leave your home for any time, whether throughout the day or during the evening, that you verify everything is secure, and nothing could be seen which is liable to entice the thief to attempt to break-in to your property.

Additionally, in the event that you are having any work completed on your home, it is not smart to allow the workmen to be unaccompanied at the home. I know the lion's share of workmen today could be trusted, yet there are going to be times when the organization you are utilizing is new to you, and you have no clue as to the individuals that they utilize. Therefore when having work done on your home, orchestrate that either yourself or a nearby companion or relative is available to manage them while they are in your home.

Sadly many individuals today will frequently arrange to install a burglar alarm or home security set-up after an interloper has achieved entrance to their property. This is a bit like shutting the stable doors after the stallion has left. It is thus essential that you begin taking a look at approaches to enhance your home security to guarantee that you don't get to be just another newspaper article.

Steps to Help Improve Your Home Security

Most individuals, when they think about enhancing the security of their home, will instantly consider getting an alarm or security system introduced. Although they do assume a significant part in serving to guarantee that an interloper is less likely to attempt to get access to your home, there are some different things that you can do which require very little exertion, and don't take an excessive amount of money to implement. Below I furnish you with a number things that you can do which will help to enhance the security to your home promptly.


On the off chance that you are somebody who prefers to leave a key for their home stowed away under, say, the doormat or over the entryway on top of the door-casing, then you truly are welcoming somebody to take their chances and break in. Truth be told, the first thing any robber will do is look near the home to see whether a key has been left, thereby gaining entrance to an individual's home rapidly and without bringing about a lot of attention.

Consequently it truly is not a great idea to leave your key concealed outside your home. However, in the event that you need to do so, then conceal it in a position that is some distance from your home, and in an area where you think a thief is unlikely to search for it.


The most straightforward and common way that numerous criminals or gatecrashers get access to homes today is through a window which has been left unlocked or open. In the event that you are somebody who does like to have their windows open, then fit security locks which will permit them to open part-way, but insufficient so that a thief can really gain access through it. Plus, when you do really leave your home for any measure of time, then guarantee that all windows have been closed and that they are bolted.


Each house you drive past will frequently have greenery or trees which can be seen quite near the property. These give any potential criminal locations where they can conceal themselves far from prying eyes, until such time as they feel that they are unlikely to be seen by others as they attempt to enter into your home.

Subsequently, take some time and take a look closely at your arrangement and see which bushes and/or trees you have that can serve as cover for these gatecrashers. Ask yourself the accompanying questions:

1. Exactly how simple would it be for them to approach your home without really being seen by others?

2. Can they get access to your home by the upper floors on account of a tree that is near your property?

So it is to a great degree essential that you dispense with any potential hiding spots or routes for them to get access to your property without being seen. Any trees that are near your home ought to be decently pruned and thinned-out to guarantee that there are no branches with easy access to the upper floors of your home. Keep all shrubberies and bushes trimmed to a level that there is no chance for a thief to have the capacity to stow away behind them or in them. Prevention is the most ideal method for guaranteeing that your home remains protected at all times.

In the event that you truly feel it's important to have bushes or shrubs close to your house, attempt to plant those with thistles. Few criminals are ready to risk their well-being (or the sort of evidence this might leave) when there are simpler homes to try for.


Most break-ins to homes happen during the night, as the darkness and the lack of people out and about serves to cover the interlopers from curious eyes. Therefore, having lights installed is a perfect obstacle to any would-be gatecrasher. A wonderful method for forestalling and serving to prevent would-be interlopers is by introducing some motion-detection lights. These are extremely inexpensive, in addition to being not too difficult to install, and in a matter of hours you could soon have an exceptionally successful method for serving to keep a break-in from happening.

Keep Your Possessions Out of Sight

It is best that you attempt to draw as little attention as possible to what you really have in your house. So on the off chance that you have a decent vehicle, and you have a garage, then ensure that you place it in there every night. Unfortunately, a great deal of robbers who see a home with a decent auto parked outside are less averse to taking risks and move in closer to see what else is on display for them to potentially take. Also, put some money into getting curtains or drapes over your windows so it makes it much harder for the potential thief to see what you have inside. Plus, when at home at night and it begins to get dark, make sure you close your shades or drapes, as this furnishes them with less opportunity to really see what is on display in your house.

Above, I have furnished you with a couple of basic thoughts which can help to guarantee that the level of security on your house is increased. The good thing about these specific ideas are that they are not difficult to execute, and are not really going to cost you that much to do.

Approaches to Preventing a Break-In to your Home

Quite a few people today believe that they are not likely to be a casualty of a thief getting access to their home. But sadly where robbers are concerned, they couldn't care less that you may be a decent citizen: all they are taking a look at is a home which they can undoubtedly get access to and take whatever they like, and which is prone to giving them a bit of cash once they fence it.

Along these lines, in the event that you are concerned that your house is prone to be the target of a break-in, there are a few steps you can take to help guarantee that this does not happen. Although these steps will help to keep a break-in from happening, they won't really stop the most dedicated of robbers from getting access to your home in the event that they truly want to.


As opposed to fitting conventional deadbolts to your entryways, install ones which have a longer bolt length. This will make it more troublesome for any thief to separate them from the door-frame. Also in the event that you can, re-do the main entryways into your home with ones which are much sturdier. If you need wooden ones, there are some which you can now buy that have fortifications built inside them. Particularly look to strengthening your door, as well as the frame which contains it.

With respect to patio entryways, a fast and straightforward method for serving to keep a criminal from getting access through these is utilizing a sawed-off floor broom handle or a metal shaft. The sole way a thief would now have to get access to your home through these entryways is by smashing the glass. This they won't do, as it involves an excessive amount of noise and is prone to alarming neighbors as to what is going on. You could likewise utilize this technique on windows that open by sliding.

Burglar Alarms and Home Security Systems

Utilize a system that has originated from a supplier that you trust, or from a company that has a good reputation. Also, place signs around your house to show that you have a security system set up; this can regularly and quickly deter a thief from attempting to break into your home. You can either put in such security systems yourself or contract to have an organization install it for you, but check their certifications and get any references you're able for them. Plus, why not take a look at having a monitored system, for example, those supplied by ADT, which are screened 24 hours a day, 7 days a week?


An extremely inexpensive method for providing security to your house is having a pet that is loud, particularly when individuals get near your property. Often, a dog yelping will by and large keep any would-be criminal from attempting to get access to your home, whether you are in fact present or not.

In the matter of making your home secure, when all is said and done it comes down to you utilizing your practical judgment skills. Look closely at those areas of your home which you feel are most vulnerable, and expand the amount of security that you have allocated to them. Whatever sort of security changes you choose to make to your home, you must remind yourself to keep them inside the letter of the law, as you would prefer not ending up confronted with a legal claim after a criminal has been harmed in the wake of attempting to get access to your home, and you have utilized something which could be interpreted as a weapon to counteract them doing so.

Locks That Help Make Your Home More Secure

Frequently the locks that are commonly fitted to entryways and windows will give next to zero security at all against a robber breaking-in to your home. Truth be told, most expert criminals will have the capacity to get access to an individual's home rapidly by utilizing a plastic Visa card or a screwdriver.

Below, I give some useful data on the various types of locks that you ought to think about having installed in your home, either by yourself or a certified locksmith. By so doing you will make your home more secure, and likewise provide far fewer open doors for a criminal to break in.

Cylinder Deadlock

This kind of lock really gives a lot of security to your home, particularly when used in conjunction with the locks you presently have.

There are available surface-mount cylinder deadlocks which can handily be installed on any sort of door in a very short time.

Tubular Deadlock

These sorts of locks add a deeper level of security to your home, without really looking too unattractive, and they might be installed in any sort of entryway. They frequently require an individual to have a key to open from either side. Keep in mind as a primary concern that this may cause issues when you are attempting to leave the property in a crisis scenario. There are some now which could be opened without a key being utilized on the inside.

The reasoning behind why these sorts of locks are so effective is that, when in the bolted position, they have a bolt which passes through several openings before it goes into the strike. This specific kind of lock then makes it more troublesome for a way to be jimmied. However the surface mounted cylinder deadlocks don't really offer the same sort of assurance as those that are mounted inside the door and casing.

Thus you have to trouble yourself to analyze the locks you have in your home, and on the off chance that you discover them either to be old, worn or broken, then it's long past the time you replaced them. With the specific end goal of giving you better protection for your home, install either new or extra locks as quickly as time permits – the sooner the better. Although you may consider this to be an exercise in futility and wasted cash, which would you lean toward:

Realizing that your house is secure and everything is well-protected, or telling any criminal that they can get access to your home whenever they need to.

How To Make Your Windows More Secure

Glass in windows can be effortlessly broken, in the same way as any other type of glass. Yet any thief would usually want to use a much quieter method for getting access to property, without needing to fall back on such a noisy strategy as breaking glass.

When breaking glass, a criminal realizes that it makes an exceptionally notable sound, and is thus prone to pull in unwanted attention. Also, there is a large danger of them cutting themselves while they are doing the deed. They realize that the odds of them being caught are greatly expanded as a result of the utilization of DNA specimens, which furnish law enforcement officers with a great method for distinguishing any criminal intruding into a property.

Despite the fact that a few criminals will break windows to get access to individuals' homes, most want to utilize a window which is already open. The issue is that, in many robberies, the real criminal has not even needed to attempt to open one, as the property holder has left one open (whether unknowingly or deliberately).

But even for individuals who do have locks on their windows which are shut, these are regularly extremely weak, and in many cases individuals just have latches fitted to their windows. With these installed, a criminal will have no trouble at all in entering an individual's home in just a matter of seconds or minutes.

However, today there are a lot of great quality window locks available which an individual can install and that are inexpensive. Despite the fact that there are a lot of window locks now accessible, which are the right ones for you to purchase for your home so as to secure your windows from being a potential access point for a criminal? Below I will show the different sorts of window locks an individual can now find.

Thumb Turn Locks

These sorts of locks are not secured utilizing a key, and are a good method for keeping the windows on your home from being opened from the outside. The main way a thief could attempt to open one of these might be their needing to break the glass in the window to get access to the lock itself, and afterward unlocking it. Although they may need to break the glass to get access to the lock, once they have, they will reduce their odds of being cut by any glass because they can then open the window completely.

Key Locks

These are the best sort of locks for serving to secure windows. It is best that you remove the key from the lock once the window has been shut, but make sure that it is in an area where it can found without much of a search, and guarantee that all members of the family know precisely where it is. You don't want any members of your family being caught when there is a blaze in the home and they can not discover the way to get the window open. You might additionally find that if a certain window has been designated as an escape route from your property in the event of a blaze or other type of crises, then you may find that the local building regulations forbid you from fitting a key lock to this specific window. Therefore you have to affirm through your neighborhood regulatory body what the codes are, and what they oblige you to do.

The other explanation behind fitting key locks to windows, particularly on the upper floors of your house, is that they could keep young children from falling out of them. Unfortunately, as kids grow up they become a little more curious, and it will just take them a matter of seconds to have the capacity to open the lock and subsequently the window.

The good thing about introducing high-quality window locks in your house is that they are quite visible to those outside your home. Once a thief sees these he recognizes what he is going to be confronting, and certainly in the event that he feels that it is going to be troublesome to get access on the grounds that it is prone to attract attention to them, they may well choose it is best to go and look somewhere else and see what the next house can offer them.

You may well observe that you may need to fit more than one lock on every window, yet this will rely upon the actual size of them. Therefore, the bigger the window, the more strain is going to be put on the lock as the thief endeavors to get access by jimmying it. Also bear in mind to place locks on even small windows you have in your home, as there are a few thieves who can gain access through tight spaces, or who will utilize a child as an accessory to help them get access into your house.

Likewise, always remember to install locks on the windows on the upper floors of your home. Although you may not think this is important on the grounds that a criminal won't try to utilize one as a way to get access to your home. they will. Keep in mind, a criminal will utilize a ladder if necessary, and frequently it has either come from your own patio, or that of your neighbors.

Surely the possibilities of a thief going somewhere else to get access to a home to take an individual's belonging are greatly increased if you have great quality window locks fitted on your own house.

Lights Are a Good Deterrent

One of the greatest impediments an individual can introduce to help enhance security on their house is lights. You have the decision of installing floodlights or spotlights at the corners of your house, which will then bathe the property and give no shadows or areas where a robber can hide undetected.

All lights are moderately simple to install, and could be truly economical to purchase, yet they are an effective method for serving to keep a break-in from happening at your house.


These can either be single or double-headed models; however, generally most security specialists will recommend that you have the double-headed styles installed.


Once more, as with the spotlights, these come in single and double models, and again it is proposed that in the event that you are going to introduce floodlights, you introduce those which have a double floodlight on them. This sort of light really gives more light around a property than a spotlight, as spotlights are steered towards a specific region.

Whichever sort of light you choose to introduce outside your house, it is best that you put them sufficiently high so they robber can not get access to them without a lot of effort. Usually, spotlights are installed approximately half-way up the sides of a house, whereas a floodlight might be installed further up and toward the ends of the house.

When installing your lights, you ought to mount them at the corners or ends of your home, and ought to placed in such a way that they light the different zones of your yard where a thief is prone to seek cover. So, point them towards hedges, walls, screens and trees. Also, mount the lights in those areas around your home that you feel are going to give any would-be thief a place that they can hide. Say, for instance, your carport is separated from your home, and there is a walking path between them - make a point to mount one light to illuminate this space. Likewise, in the event that you have any type of shed or gazebo in your yard, then arrange to have a light mounted that is pointed towards this zone.

Today, most spotlights and floodlights can be wired directly into the wiring set-up that you already have in your home. If you are unsure what you have to do, you can employ a qualified repairman who will have the capacity to complete the wiring for you.

When it comes to installing any sort of outside lighting, you ought to install as many as you conceivably can without creating an annoyance to your neighbors. Certainly, the more lighting you add, the more efficient it will be at serving to keep the criminals from breaking into your home. Also, utilize plug-in timers which can turn the lights on and off while you are far from the property (say on vacation). In addition to utilizing timers for outside lighting, you can likewise utilize them on inside lights too. However, when utilizing timers, it is best to set them so they don't all go on simultaneously every day. Instead, set them at different intervals. Let's assume you set one to go on at 8:00 at night, then you can set the following one to go on at, say, 11:00 during the evening. By utilizing these variations, it gives any casual spectator the idea that there is somebody in the home at all times.

On the other hand, with the outside lights, particularly if you utilize spotlights, you can get programmed timers installed into the principle power line to your home. Through these timers, an individual can then set the lights to go on at set intervals. However, these sorts of timers must be installed by a qualified electrical technician.

Unquestionably, installing high-quality lighting to the outside of your house is a standout amongst the most inexpensive, yet exceptionally efficient, ways of serving to decrease the odds of a break-in happening in your home. However, it is imperative that at whatever time any of the bulbs burn out, they ought to be replaced quickly, else your lighting will get to be totally inadequate in serving to prevent a break-in.

Some Simple Door Alarm Systems

There are various types of battery-powered door alarms which an individual can now placed into the entryways of their home.

These work on the guidelines that, when the entryway is breached or been broken open, the alarm is sounded. Most assuredly, once it has been activated, it is noisy enough to awaken anybody inside the home, and is additionally an incredible method of frightening the robber.

It is vital, though, that the alarm you use is a decent quality one, and will work for long periods of time. Additionally, you ought to utilize only the best batteries within the alarm so it remains working properly. Unfortunately, a battery that is dead won't keep the system working correctly, and indeed, the system will be totally useless, and this is the point at which the criminal will have a great chance to get access to your home.

There are presently ultrasonic alarms designed for entryways which, despite the fact that they are exorbitantly priced when compared with the battery-powered ones, are exceptionally successful.

This specific kind of alarm is set in the corner of a room and it holds a transmitter and receiver, which then soak the covered area with ultrasonic waves. These ultrasonic sound waves reflect off of the walls in all directions, and when the waves are interrupted the alarm is activated. This specific system, once activated, can then turn lights on, or sound a loud alarm, or do both without a moment's delay.

You might likewise need to think about a wireless intercom unit in your house, as this permits you to hear certain sounds as they happen around the home. Such systems require no wiring, and typically they are connected directly to a wall outlet in any room in the home. Also these systems permit an individual to speak with other individuals in different rooms in the home, in addition to permitting you to hear what is occurring all around the house. There are different distinctive systems now for sale, and as said, some don't need wiring (they are wireless), while others still do.

The good thing about a significant number of these systems is that they are really economical and simple to install. If you are unsure about what you are doing and where precisely you ought to be installing them, contact a legitimate home security company and they ought to have the capacity to furnish you with the aid that you require.


All homes today hold things that we feel are greatly significant to us. Along these lines it appears to be just common sense that we ought to guarantee that our house is decently protected against any conceivable attempts for an individual to try and get access to your house.

In this article I have furnished you with some exceptionally easy methods for helping to make your home substantially more secure, and which will surely help to keep a robber from seeing your home as an open door to get access get to and take your prized belongings from it.

Installing a burglar alarm or home security system is just one way of serving to guarantee that the possibilities of your house being broken into are greatly diminished. But at the end of the day, it will likewise give you significant peace of mind that you might not have in the event that you didn't take these measures to guarantee that your house is secure.

Around a third of all thefts happen on the grounds that the thief has had the capacity to get access to your home through a back window or an entryway. However, by installing locks in these locations, you can help to keep a thief from getting access to your house.

Surely the plans I have given in this article will help you to discover ways for enhancing your home security. This won't just make your home secure, but will also guarantee that the individuals who abide inside are also protected and secure.

Numerous criminals today are opportunistic, and they will search for homes that they feel offer them the best opportunity to get in and out without being seen. So, it is vital that you take some time and energy to take a look at your property as though you were a thief, and make changes to those regions of your home which you feel may offer a robber the most opportunities to break into your home.

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