Importance_of_Using_Pictures_and_Videos_in_Your_Google_Places_ Listing

Images and videos have the power to show case your business in a much better way than plain text can. Google Places listings can contai n up to ten images and five Y ou Tube videos , so it is good to supply as many as possible to improve the ranking of your listing in the search results. Google puts a much greater emphasis on v ideo s that are linked to a listing over images. However, creating a video isn’t an option for every business and images are generally easier and cheaper to produce. If your business employs some process as a part of its service , you could create a video about it, post it to You Tube , which has its own marketing benefits , and then link it to your G oogle Places page . This way, your potential customers can see your business in operation. Images and videos aren’t only useful for improving the SEO of your listing . They’re also good for giving your listing a “personal” touch when people see what your b usin ess looks like, pictures of your staff , and pictures of the products that you specialize in . These types of videos and images will make more of a connection with consumers than a product list or just a simple address ever will. If you need help addin g pictures or videos to your Google Places listing, contact me at martinsmarket for a free consultation.

Adeyinka Adeyanju.


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