Importance Of Crowd Control In League of Legends

Crowd control is a big part of what makes a League of Legends composition successful. If you have too much CC (crowd control) you will lack the required damage to get kills and if you have not enough the enemy champions will either be able to get to your back-line of squishy carries and kill them or will escape when you try to chase them down.

Here are some example of crowd control in League of Legends:

  • Stuns
  • Suppression
  • Knock-ups
  • Taunts
  • Slows
  • Positional abilities like Janna ultimate
  • Snares and Roots
  • Walls like J4 or Anivia can do
  • Hooks like Blitzcrank & Thresh have

Crowd Control Wins Games

It is very important to have these abilities as a part of your team composition because without them you simply cannot control where your opponents move during the course of a team-fight. Not being able to do this causes a lot of problems when the enemy team has a fed carry like Master Yi, Katarina, or Yasuo which could easily be shutdown with one simple stun or snare, but because you lack the required CC to stop them, they kill 4 or 5 members of your team single handed.

Crowd control can really win games for you. A perfect example was a game I played a few days ago. The enemy team had a Tryndamere and a Yasuo on their team one was top and the other mid. I was Teemo and we had a mid with a stun I think it was Syndra. Anyway, when it came down to team-fights I would always blind one of them at a critical moment so they dealt no damage for awhile and Syndra would stun either the other one, or the same one I blinded if the other one was dead already. Because of this incredible crowd control (my mushrooms were doing mad work too) we won the game even though we were way behind by like 8,000 Gold at one point.

They didn’t have the crowd control to stop our damage but we could stop theirs and as a result we won the fights easily. This goes to show you exactly what crowd control can do in fights.

What Happens When You Don’t Have Crowd Control

In games where you don’t have enough crowd control it is hard to get kills in lane and catch people out which usually results in your carries being less fed when it comes time to team fight. Once that happens your overall damage is lower in those fights and also you can’t CC the enemy champs you need to in order to mitigate their damage, combos, and secure kills on them. So it snowballs into a huge issue as the game goes on. By the time you get to 30 minutes in your lack of CC is completely apparent and unless you happen to have simply been able to roll your lanes you are going to be behind at this point in the game.

Being behind 30 minutes in and having to way to realistically catch people out of position to turn odd man advantages is a recipe for a loss unless the enemy team decides to face-check a brush you are all in or makes a huge misplay. To make matters worse, even when you do catch someone out or get into a lucky 5v4 the enemy team can just run away or sometimes even win the fight due to not only being ahead, but also because you cannot stop their damage dealers or even tanks from going where they please in the fight and damaging your carries. Also, you can’t get to their carries that easily and get kited hard during engages.

What can be done?

Well there are a couple of things you can do. First, you can pick ashe as your ADC. If you have an Ashe on your team you hardly even need any more crowd control because she can catch people out, slow teams, and kite effectively for the entire team. Having more crowd control is obviously helpful, but usually Ashe and a decent support with any CC is enough to be ok in games. You can also just pick comps that have more CC in general. For example if you see your team is a Tryndamere, Akali, Draven, and Nunu team, you are going to need to provide some heavy CC so that these huge damage dealers can get onto the enemy team. You will need to pick a jungler with reliable CC like Zac, Nautalis, or Amumu. If your team is already all locked in and you find you lack CC what you can do to make up for it is push the pace and drive lanes hard with heavy warding. If you do this and keep track of your opponents you can sometimes win the game when they make mistakes walking through the jungle or when they can’t deal with the pressure you are putting on.

I mean a team of 3 pushers like Shyvana, Morde, and Draven might not provide much in terms of CC, but when they all push the lane hard it is difficult to react to all of them at the same time. So a jungler assassin that also has no CC can simply wait in the jungle near a pushed lane and grab some kills when people walk by and then continue to pressure lanes resulting in turrets falling and extra team gold or dragon pickups. If this is done properly it is still a decent chance that you can win a game when you lack CC, but it is much harder than when you do.

Conclusion on Crowd Control

The rule of thumb for me is to always have some reliable crowd control on a team such as a minimum of 3 reliable CC abilities. So any of these 5 examples would be a minimum for me.

  • 1. One stun, one snare, and one slow.
  • 2. One suppression, one snare, and one silence.
  • 3. One hook, one slow, and one root.
  • 4. One snare, One knockup, and one wall
  • 5. One positional ability, one silence, and one snare

Anything less than these is simply not enough CC for a team comp. If you have only 3 reliable CC abilities 2 of the 3 at a minimum must be stuns, suppression, snares, knock-ups, positional things like a Gragas ultimate, taunts or hooks. Slows don’t work too well by themselves. Crowd control is a very important factor in games and cannot be overlooked. Always have some hard CC on your team and always remember to WARD! If you do this you will win more games.

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