Ideas of the Universe Within

Ideas of the universe within May 14, 2013

We accept life at “home” as something we all strive for. The true acceptance is a life accepting the earth as our home. Not our cage.

My mind experienced a Big Bang. An explosion of thought. Of ideas. Of senses. That is all we (our universe is) are is a thought process in a massive being. As for our own universe, it is only an atom within that being.

I am only as close to being a Buddha as the universe around me. The life before and after this one here.

How will other prisms receive your light? How will they view you? The light you give off is received by each person/animal/being in a different way than the last

We (or planet, our universe) are that small portion of “brain matter” that is used ever so slightly.

More of us are (natzis) notsee's than we believe. -Henry Renteria-Vigil

Trees are upside down lungs. Your lungs have many many capillaries, to capture oxygen cells. Trees , have the same structure they just happen to capture carbon dioxide.

Why is it me that has to never get any sleep? Why is it me that has to be insightful of that which is around me? Why was it me that was chosen for this journey? Some questions will never be answered. And it's not about the answer, it's about the question being asked.

What is it that makes me different than you? We all consist of bones, muscles, hair, teeth, etc. It must be the soul behind our meat that does the differentiating between human beings.

In one square inch, there is unlimited life. How? Simply because you can go as deep into the earth as possible and as deep into specs as possible and stick within that on inch margin. Only because everything is a fractal and everything is unlimited is this possible.

No matter how close to another person you are physically, you can never be closer than a universe away.

Gods name in “the bible” is (I am)

Information, in the form of energy, streams in, simultaneously, through all of our sensory spots, In the form of energy, then it explodes in this enormous collage of what this present moment looks like, what it sounds like, and what it feels like.

Everything is expanding. EVERYTHING. Why do we allow ourselves to be boxed in?

When you dream you see through your third eye and are going thought your own body, each of us are universes. Therefore instead of going to another dimension we go into a deeper understanding of what we truly are.

If you were blind you would see with your mind not your eyes. Things we see are fake and distractions, but if your blind you need to figure out with your mind what the object, sound, smell, etc is without a false reality. Overall I believe a blind person sees much better than a human with 20/20 vision. The blind person is seeing with sonar. You are seeing with deceptions. Eyes lie, your mind, heart and instinct will never let you down, deceive, lie

I go day by day, soaking in my knowledge. I know they say knowledge is power. However they also say ignorance is bliss. Both are true. Knowledge in fact is power, even thought the more you know the more you have to dwell on. Ignorance must be bliss, without the weight of all the worries todays society installs into the human conscious and sub conscious, would very well be better off out of ones mind. Its very overbearing on a soul.

If you aren’t happy being single, you won’t be happy in a relationship. You have to create your own life first before you can share it with someone else.

Suffering is everlasting unless you can find a way of enlightenment

When you eat once every 24 hours every second tells you what truth is

Greed anger ignorance Turned around Generosity compassion wisdom

Violence in the mind causes violence in the world

A tree lives on its roots, if you change the root you change the tree

Earth has gravity Therefore our galaxy must have a gravity pull, pulling in things (asteroids, stars, other galaxy's, etc.) aka OUR SUN

I asked my brother “what do you think god is?” My 8 year old brother said “the first person that died” never thought of that concept. But if we learn and have multiple lives, “god” would just have had more time to understand the universe. More lives to experience.

A fish does not swim it is swam A bird does not fly it is flown

Why not create a machine that is pulled not pushed?

Vril/prana energy force

A tree has one heart beat a year, the changing of the seasons are the heart beat itself

Does the moon effect water pressure levels? Full moon, etc or on a bigger scale as it drifts away from planet earth do the levels of our waters pressure levels go down?

If you see something as a possession, you're sure to lose it along the way. If you see something as a part of you, then you will surely always have it.

Everything is expanding When you die You don't necessarily die. But expand to become one with the universe. Like your parents DNA brought together makes a completely new DNA (your DNA) We are very different Yet… So dam similar

Why are we capable of. If its wrong to do.

We don't perceive life. Life perceives us

If an alien were to take a video of the earth from space they wouldn't see each individual human, they would see buildings being build by “themselves” and machines would also appear to run themselves. We are the bacteria unseeable to something out there

Since it is not possible for the human eye to see everything on earth, would it not be possible that an alien eyes could not see us?

You trying to “understand” god Is like one of your red blood cells trying to “understand” you. God knows we part of him, you don't know you are You know your red blood cell is part of you but does it know the big Picts Its possible, a true understanding of the other, although super difficult to succeed at this.

Vision is not reality, vision is a collection of happenings that form a picture/video of what you , one sees. There's multipurpose (multiple) layers of vision. There's the color something is, then there's the color that the light hitting it is (light spectrum), and lastly it's the color that you create that collides with all the others around the immediate area

Allow yourself to become deeply involved but never attached

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