Ideas need who to carry them forward.

My very first idea, like the node from which many other tree branches can be nurtured, is a web service or a computer-facilitated service that allows, enhances and promotes the exchange of ideas for other ideas, credits, or goods between people. It could eventually work as a free market, or as a centralized service, depending on the kind of regulation the management of the service establishes.

The process we are experiencing in the beginning of the 21st century can be considered a prolongation and an acceleration of the industrial revolution in which computers are the new ingredient in the capital assets that constitute the means of production. I reckon and emphasize the fact that this is NOT a qualitative change, still we cannot create life through computers. These years then, mine and probably my children’s, people’s work is still needed because of CREATIVITY, which computers lack. Ideas.

I will never carry forward most of my ideas. Many of them are just bad ideas, or awful indeed, some might be good, or not. What makes a difference between a good or a bad idea? Proof, there’s no other way, if it works then it’s a good idea, if it doesn’t, well, it still could be a good idea lacking a proper implementation. One can prove an idea is good, it’s much more difficult to prove an idea is bad.

I end this kind of essay by clarifying my point in writing it. Or should I say “points”, because they are on the one side externalizing part of my psychological drive by outlining a concept that could trigger other thoughts, and on the other side setting the base that could eventually lead to an interesting web service or any other work.

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