I Think Therefore You Are

I think therefore you are, so far at least. The next thought maybe your extinction but life is cyclical by nature, until I think it’s rectangular. Creation is a funny thing, it is also cyclical. There cannot be a first, although I could conceive of there being a last. If, by chance, your creation were the last of my thoughts, do you cease to be like me, engulfed in the black ether for eternity? What about the ether? No let’s get back to me first. Questions curse the question asker, for what lies after an answered question but ten more to take its place. At this pace, questions will bog down the answer chase.


Eyes are a window into the soul. Some eyes are just cold. If lips say one thing and the eyes say another, believe the story the eyes have told. Do not lie with shifty eyes but a steady gaze, you’ll be amazed at how many will trust you. Maybe I should write my own Proverbs for modern day living (and sinning).

Peculiar. Criminal. Entrepreneur. Crazy. Honest. Intelligent. Selfish. Rock. Consistent. Under-achiever. Kind. Blunt. Druggy. Hard-working. Dependable. Commendable. Hated. Loved. Hedon. Confused. Tough. Loser. Strong. Tall. Adaptable. Procrastinator. Humerous. Poor. Fast. Skinny.


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