I Miss Last Comic Standing: Bring it Back!

One of the best shows I have ever seen on television is Last Comic Standing. I really enjoy comedies, and this was great because it put comedians in different situations (and against one another) in a competition. The winner of each season was given their own special, and others that did not win were also benefited in that they were seen by producers and others. Many of the best comedians ended up moving forward in their careers and some are still on television today (and some with their very own shows).

The Games

What I liked most about the show was the games people had to play. It was not just a straight “do stand up comedy and see who the audience likes more” thing, and instead there were various challenges that each of the comedians had to take part in. The winners were safe from being eliminated, and two people had to go head to head to see who was being sent home. This method of competition offered up a couple of different benefits:

  • It put the comedians in to different situations. They are used to doing stand up, but by being thrown in to special situations, they were thrown off guard. I think the goal of this was to see how well they could come up with good jokes and keep everyone entertained when they are not able to sit around making plans ahead of time
  • It helped get to know the comedians better. By seeing how they respond to different things, it helped to understand who they are as a person. It brought about fears, things they were comfortable with, etc. and just overall gave the show that rapport building feel we all know and love

Learning From the Comics

I actually learned quite a bit from watching the comics and how they respond to things. It helps to show you how to get in the right mentality for having fun, regardless as to if you win or lose (although you, of course, are hoping that you will win). The comics were also great sports through out the entire show, being nice to one another even when they were eliminated from the challenges.

And while some of the things you learn are somewhat negative in nature, you also learned how to cope with things. Probably the best thing for this was on the heckling challenges, where you get a better understanding of both how comics can take your comments and how they can dish them back. Of course, the show did not get to the point where some comics do in their stand up, where they get infuriated and end up going off on one of their audience members. It was great to see how they responded, and watching them come up with return comments, as this is something you can expect to happen as a comedian; people just love to heckle and it is something you have to get used to. Getting in to a bad mood because of it is only going to cause problems and make you lose followers (though it can also get you on Youtube!).

Favorite Comedian

I really think that if I had to choose one favorite comedian from the show, it would have to be Josh Blue. He is someone with cerebral palsy that is just awesome. Even with his condition, he has no problem with telling jokes that revolve around it, and he always looks like he is comfortable while doing it. He does not let his condition get in to the way of his job and hobbies, and makes the most of everything. It was very enlightening to see him do his stand up, and I loved every minute of it.

I think Josh Blue also helped show that there is a big difference between someone who does comedy because they enjoy it and someone that is just hoping to get rich off of it one day. I think even if he did not make it as far as he did, he would have enjoyed himself the entire time and continued to give it a go. To me, this shows that even when there are things that are trying to hold us back, we can make it all work if we push forward and ignore the obstacles (or use them to our advantage).


Last Comic Standing was an awesome television show that allowed us to see what it is really like being a comedian. Seeing them plan out their jokes and compete in various events was an awesome thing to do, and I truly enjoyed the show. Watching some of the comics get their own shows now (such as “Inside Amy Schumer”) has also been an awesome experience, because it has helped show that just by being on Last Comic Standing and doing a great job, some of these comics have become extremely successful. It can also be a positive thing that shows that as long as you follow your dream and do not let anyone tell you that you can not make it, you most definitely can. You just have to keep pushing and not give up!


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