I Dream of Jeannie Cusamano Season 1 Episode 13

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Last time ended with Tony and his cronies discussing what to do about the rat, Jimmy. Decisions are made and Jimmy is dealt with. Once Jimmy is taken care of, Tony has to find out who put a hit out on him. The F.B.I. shares their information with Tony and the mystery is solved. This breaks Tony’s heart as it was his own family who plotted to kill him. Now he has to decide what to do about it. Uncle Junior is first on his list. Paulie and Christopher take care of Mikey. A funny chase ensues and Paulie ends up with a bad case of poison ivy. Mikey’s demise was quite a comical event, as far as deaths on a TV show goes. One of the least liked characters on the show is now a memory.

Tony gets a little more time to decide what to do about Junior. He got arrested on unrelated business. His evil mother, Livia seems to be getting worse. Her Alzheimer’s is finally getting her. Or so it seems. She just happens to inform Artie that it was Tony who did in the restaurant. Tony later talked to Artie and convinced him that he was not guilty of burning down his business. Carmella

Back at home, Carmella finally calls Father Johns bluff and calls him out as the slime ball he appears to be. She referred to him as a moocher who feeds off vulnerable women and is an example of a very bad man of religion. Most avid fans of the show are extremely happy he is out of the picture. Say goodbye to Father John. Rosalie and Carmela have lunch at Artie’s newly remodeled Nuovo Vesuvio. Father Phil joins them and tells them the story of where and how he got his watch and how the food was now that Artie finally reopened.

Family Issues

Uncle Junior met with the cops. Jimmy is antsy, leading to the belief that he is wired. Labeled as a snitch, Junior convinces Tony he should go. Tony order Christopher to take care of it. He convinces Jimmy that they are going to an out of the way hotel for a hook up with the hot prostitutes. Jimmy is shot dead, left for some random stranger to find lying in an alley with a dead rat in his mouth. Tony lets Dr. Melfi hear his Isabella dream. She tells him it is his subconscious letting him know there is something going on with his evil mother. She also theorizes that maybe his subconscious was warning him about the real threat of his mother. That pissed Tony off and he smashes up the office and attacks the good doctor. Leaving viewers once again to wonder why she keeps him as a patient.

Coming to Conclusions

The FBI has Tony come in to listen to some tape recordings about the plot to kill him. Agents Harris, Cubitoso and Grasso give him more evidence that it is his own family who is out to see him dead. Tony hears how his mother and uncle are planning his demise. He also hears what they think of his meetings with the good doctor. No one has solved the case of missing Pussy. Junior and his gang are behind bars. For Tony, life is good, for now. Viewers have watched this season as Tony has gone through some peak moments in his life. How he is dealing with them with the help of Dr. Melfi. Ending the season with so much left un attended is a good ploy to get viewers interest peaked to find out what he will do next.

Until Next Time

The seasons ends with a symbolic thunderstorm that maroons Tony and his family in the SUV, their path being blocked by a fallen tree. They turn around and go to Nuovo Vesuvio. Artie wants to close for the day, but Tony convinces him to let them in for dinner. Paulie is there with calamine lotion on his poison ivy having dinner with Silvio. Christopher is chatting at the bar with Adriana. Tony toasts the family, reminding them to enjoy the moments in life that are good. Tony is left with thoughts of the evil plots that are surrounding him and his life.


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