I Can't Breathe - Self Hating Racist Cop Causes Unarmed Caucasian To Suffocate

Written by Devtome wiki contributor Bomac

The cop dashboard video1) to this story is found here.

OK, there are two points to be made in this tragedy. One of them is to be found in the parody headline, although there is nothing funny about what happened. It is absolutely heart breaking to hear a loving wife crying that her husband can't breathe, begging to please let them go to the hospital so his life can be saved.

She had been driving her husband to the hospital who was suffering a life threatening asthma attack. She didn't wait for a red light to change and she was speeding. No doubt, the couple would gladly pay a traffic fine if it were to save his life. The problem is, the traffic stop could kill him, taking precious minutes off the clock.

Sure enough, a cop spotted the violations and did his job by getting behind them on the highway and running his flashing police lights. The woman had to make a decision. Does she try to make it the 2 miles to the emergency room and deal with the angry cop – or more like several angry cops, by that point – if indeed she could make it; or does she pull over and explain the situation?

Being 2 miles away, she made the reasonable decision and pulled over. If the cop had half a brain, he would not only not detain them and or write citations, he would provide an escort, so they could follow him and get through traffic, getting to the hospital even faster than if he had not pulled them over.

But no, this is 2014. Why would a cop operate the way we all remember cops doing in years gone by? He required them to stay put. He called an ambulance, which, of course, is always going to take a lot longer than it would take to get them there. For many minutes, the desperate woman pleads that her husband is dying. Please let them go.

No, can't be done. Wait for the ambulance, because I'm in charge of you, you lowly citizen. I'm a cop and you will do what I say, even if it kills your husband.

Okay, that's not what he said, but he might have well have said it, because actions speak louder than words. The ambulance finally gets there and he is struggling for every breath. No doubt the commotion and the fear of what is happening is making it even worse.

After nearly 3 minutes, the ambulance EMTs have the now dying man loaded, and they are working on him as they pull out. He was pronounced dead at the hospital because a cop had to be in charge do things his way.

As you might imagine, his police chief is praising him for following protocol. As one online commenter on this story wrote, a cop could come up behind any random person and shoot her dead, execution style, and the police chief is guaranteed to say that the officer followed procedure.

Cops on ego trips are totally out of hand. We are seeing stories of cops arresting firefighters for using the fire truck or paramedic vehicle to block the lane of traffic to protect accident vehicles. Since when did firefighters become second class citizens? Cops used to treat them like they treat other cops.

The headline about the racist self hating white cop is in reference to the reality that if this was a black couple and not a white couple, we would likely have a viral campaign on our hands about how the only reason the cop did that was because black and black lives do not matter to him because he is racist, through and through.

The reality is that cops tend to deal with people in a, cops vs everyone else mentality. They don't think non cop lives matter.

I'm not going to say they treat everyone equally. They tend to treat rich non cops better than the rest of us. I can tell you, I have driven nice cars and I have driven beaters. I have gotten pulled over and harassed a lot in the old beaters, but not in the newer vehicles.2)

I do believe there is often an additional maltreatment that goes on when the poor person is black. No, not every cop is like that, but a lot of them are. Yet, that being said, many times when blacks are abused, it has nothing to do with them being black. The abusing cop would have done the exact same thing if all other factors remained the same, except skin color.

I remember working in a fast food restaurant. We had just closed and I locked the doors. A few minutes later a little old lady knocked at the door. I told her we were closed. She said I was only treating her that way because she was old. I have no doubt that little old women sometimes are discriminated against, but I sure wasn't doing that. I'm sure she went to her grave believing I locked her out because I was young and she was old.

In this case of the man with asthma who died because of the cop, if the couple had been black, I think many white liberals and most black people would probably assume the cop was racist. Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson would be all over this, but since the man who couldn't breathe was white, all those people suddenly really don't have much sympathy for him. It's as if white lives don't matter to them… (Yes, including most white liberals. Go figure.)

So, my point is that if the same cop could be called a racist if the couple had been African American, then I can say he's a self hating white racist and the reason that man is dead is because he's racist against his fellow caucasions.

Still, I don't think the white people of his city should burn down their local businesses in protest. Call me controversial, but that just doesn't make sense and it sure the hell doesn't stop cops from abusing people.

In fact, it makes cops want to get back at the people whenever they get the chance. Since they don't really know who did the burning and looting, they just start treating everyone in the neighborhood worse than ever.

In the meantime, I'm trying to put myself in that woman's place, wondering if it were me in that car trying to get my loved one to the hospital, what would I have done. I'm thinking maybe after two minutes, when the ambulance didn't arrive, I would just say a prayer, pull out and hope for the best.

At the very least, the cop would know why I was doing it and where I was going. He wouldn't have to wonder if I just robbed a bank or if I'm a fugitive who would rather die in a fire fight with a bunch of cops than go back to prison. I would pray that cooler heads would prevail and he'd at least let me get my loved one to the emergency room before he took me to jail.

Of course, there is no guarantee that he wouldn't do something incredibly stupid, like do a pit move with his cruiser and push my car into a canal where everyone in my car ends up dying, but I don't know if I could have sat there while a family member or beloved friend – or maybe even a stranger I just gave a ride to – was on the verge of dying.

I'm not putting the blame on the driver. As I said, my decision might have led to something worse than just one person dying at the hands of police egomania and stupidity. It might have been the best move to do what she did, but I don't literally think I could have forced myself to sit there.

I totally can relate to struggling for breath due to asthma. A couple years ago I had the worst relapse since I was a young boy. I managed to drive to the nearest drug store and bite the bullet and pay the $50 for the mist medicine that used to be in a different form and cost $10 and last ten times longer.

A day or two earlier was the first time in decades that I tried to buy the mist, and the old version was no longer available. When I saw the price, I decided to forget it and hope for the best. A couple days later I was hit with an attack so bad, it was downright scary. I had to pace myself as I walked from the parking lot into and through the drug store and then wait in line to buy the product.

I didn't dare waste any breath to speak when the pharmacist clerk tried to make small talk. I just tried to smile. When I got the package, I found an open chair and sat down and and tried to read the directions on opening the liquid and pouring it into the compartment.

It was taking forever and my breaths were getting shorter and shorter. I noticed one of the clerks keeping an eye on me. I could tell she was frightened for me. I got the contraption loaded and took a hit. Within seconds I was breathing a lot better. I was quickly past the point of feeling like I was at death's door.

I took a few more hits in the ensuing couple minutes and felt like a completely different person. I have no idea why they did away with the simple little Primatine Mist product from my childhood that was inexpensive, long lasting and required no large contraption, batteries or individual liquid packs you have to open and load. I just know some corporation is making a lot more money with the new product.

If you were to read my entries here on the Devtome wiki, you would see that I am highly critical of allopathic, traditional medicine and the pharmaceutical industry. However, I always talk about the fact that in about five percent of circumstances, traditional medicine is the correct approach and when that is the case, there is nothing that can hold a candle to it.

That experience was a perfect example. The truth is, if I had been eating a strictly organic, mostly raw, plant based diet for that past year, I would probably have not been experiencing an asthma relapse, but if my Aunt Betty had balls, she'd be my Uncle Van.

The fact is I was struggling to breathe and it was getting scary. No organic broccoli was going to help me. No aromatherapy scent would have helped me breathe. Sticking a high pressure water hose up my yin yang to get the hardened crud out of my intestinal walls wouldn't have done a thing for – nor would going to a chiropractor for a spinal alignment, or having a whole body massage or a foot reflexology session or being pricked with acupuncture needles be of any good to me at that time.

When pharmaceuticals or surgery are the way to go, they are absolute Godsends and I thank God for them. As I alluded to, though, if we take care of ourselves in the first place with healthy, alternative lifestyles, there are going to be hardly any times when we need them.

I'm wondering what the situation was for the man who died. Did he not have a misting medical inhaler? Were they out of money and they didn't have the $50, so they hoped for the best? It's a shame if that whole scene could have been avoided if the medicine had been cheaper.


After this was published, I ran across this story from one of the staff writers at The Natural News. He tells a harrowing story of how a group of almost exclusively black, male police officers – there was one white, female officer – kidnapped his wife under the color of law and held her for ransom, along with their car. They threatened that he would never see his wife again if he didn't come up with a large sum of money.

To them, it was nothing to claim discrimination about. They don't believe that black cops are out to get white citizens. If it was one black female officer and several white male officers kidnapping and threatening a black couple, the odds are overwhelming that the couple and the media would frame the event in terms of racism, instead of the disgusting, plain old abuse of police power that it is. In fact, we would all probably have heard of the story, if the skin colors had been reversed all the way around.

In the meantime, an alarming number of black youths “play” what they call, the knockout game, almost exclusively on non black individuals. In fact, I've never heard of any black victims of this so-called game, where the object is to try to sucker punch someone in the head and knock them out. As bad as the punch is, the worst part is falling unimpeded to the ground, landing your head on the sidewalk. People are not merely seriously injured. A number of people had died.

Yet, the media refuses to deal with the racial aspect of this, and there are no black leaders getting speaking passionately about how awful this is for a relative few people to give the black community a bad name. If it were the other way around, and white people were exclusively doing this to black people, we wouldn't hear the end of it. Indeed, we shouldn't hear the end of it, regardless of what group is doing it to another group. It's violent, murderous thuggery and it's as racist an activity as one can imagine.

We know that white lives don't matter to the thugs and punks who commit these crimes, but they also don't seem to matter to the likes of Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson. The latter of those two men, by the way, was once one of my personal greatest heroes and sacred cows. I campaigned enthusiastically for him for President, twice. I was ecstatic, beyond belief, when he won in Illinois. He said the right things a lot of time, but given time, I was able to see that he didn't walk his talk.

None of this is to say that there isn't a problem with the way a lot of cops treat black people. It's saying that a lot of police abuse that happens to black people, that blacks think is racially motivated, is actually “just” plain old, equal opportunity, police abuse.

NOTE: Perhaps you are black, and these last few paragraph surprised you, because you had me pegged for someone who would never have voted for the likes of Jesse Jackson. If so, that just goes to reinforce my point, which is, we filter events with out own biases and perceptions.

I am often at my most comfortable around black people. Of all the different subdivisions of the human race, I may have the most affinity for black people. I've been called a nigger lover by a number of racist assholes. I tell them that word demonstrates their ignorance, but I love all people.

That doesn't mean I have nothing but love in my heart at all time for all individuals, but it does mean that there isn't a “race” of people that I don't love. The irony is incredible. I know that many people react to things I write – like my belief that Officer Wilson would have shot Michael Brown is he was white and all other things were the same (that is, Brown pushed him, punched him, etc.,) – thinking that must mean I'm racist, when the reality is, I don't deny that black people are discriminated against on a daily basis.

I wish we all could not be so quick to filter everything with out biases. Calling me a racist, as many people have done, is the height of irony. One of my more heroic moments in this life, where I realized I may very well get killed, was I saw a black woman being attacked by two black men. They had here in moving car and she was screaming bloody murder.

I tailed them to a side street. The car stopped and both men were wrestling her in the back seat, taking her clothes off. I had a bullhorn set up in my car, so I turned it on and demanded they let her go. I said, “Let her go and I will let you go.”

They let her open the door and run to my car. She was nude from the waist down. The men took off. She got in my car. I asked her if she wanted me to take her home, or to call the police and wait for them. She opted for the latter, so that's what I did. I would have done the same thing for anybody, regardless of gender or skin color.

What I'm about to tell you next is, to me, evidence of color blindness. To you, it may be evidence of extremely early Alzheimer's, since I've had a this happen more than once, starting in my youth.

I've met people and then not seen them again for years. I remembered what we spoke about when I first met them, but I'd be surprised when I'd meet up with them years later, and be reminded they are black. Go ahead and laugh at my bad memory, but if it's so bad, how was I able to recall the topic of conversation?

I've done similar things with memories of TV or movies. I thought a familiar black actor had played a certain character, when it was a familiar white actor (or vice versa.) The way I see it, more than indications of memory issues, it demonstrates that I'm just not concerned with skin color. I've gone in clubs that were playing music I liked, and would be there for an hour before realizing I was the only white person there.

The reason I bring these things up is because I want not just black people – but white liberals who are quick to play the race card against fellow whites – to realize that the race card is reached for too often. It prevents us from having meaningful conversations that have the potential to make a dent in actual barriers and misunderstandings between groups of people, as well as it prevents us from having real political discourse. If I don't like Barack Obama's policies, it doesn't mean I didn't think it wasn't cool that the race barrier had finally been broken in the White House. I couldn't stand McCain or Obama, but the silver lining with Obama was the race barrier was broken.

When I say that Obama has proved to be as disastrous a President as Bush was, or as McCain or Romney would have been, it has nothing to do with any racism I may have somewhere in my psyche.So what does this have to do with the racist, self hating cop? A lot actually. Everything isn't always about race.

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Before you say that I was driving better in the nice cars, quite the opposite was true. Having experienced the way cops target people driving old clunkers, I drive more aware of cops in an old vehicle.

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