HYPER is a new form of MMOney – a crypto currency for players of massive multi-player online (MMO) games, as well as smaller online games, simulations and more.

The ultimate aim of HYPER is for their coin to be used as an in-game currency across a wide range of different games. In-game currencies such as World of Warcraft gold have been around for quite a while, allowing people to purchase new game items, level up characters, skip past waiting times or difficult parts of the game, and so on. Traditionally these in-game currencies can only be used in one game, and are either difficult or impossible to earn – meaning that they have to be purchased from the company which makes the game. If it succeeds, the HYPER project could bring a wide range of improvements to this situation, allowing people to earn the coin either by playing the game or through PoS minting (there is more information further down the page if you are not familiar with this), and even to transfer their coins out of the game to use in completely different games from other developers, or even to buy things in real life from online stores.

HYPER can be bought or sold for other crypto currencies such as Bitcoin, and in the future it is hoped that it will be able to be traded directly against other gaming currencies such as WoW gold.

As a low energy 'Proof of Stake' (PoS) coin, all newly created HYPER coins are paid out to all of the people who already have a wallet funded with HYPER coins. For approximately the first 5 years this PoS algorithm will pay out 5% monthly interest on all the coins you have in your wallet, no matter how few or how many. This is calculated and paid out daily, and is compound interest. This will then drop to 10% annual interest for another 5 year period before finally dropping down to the final rate of 2% per year.

The initial distribution of coins took place using Proof of Work (PoW) mining and lasted for two weeks after the launch of the coin, meaning that it has already ended at the time of writing this article. A total of 4.5 million coins were mined during this time. There was also a 2.5% pre-mine to provide funds for a stabilization fund and for game development costs.

Games developers will be able to use the PoS interest to help them fund their games, as well as selling in-game items and power-ups for HYPER.

At the time of writing HYPER can be earned through playing Counterstrike on the project's dedicated server. You can also use the coin to buy weapons. In addition to this, a server reviving the cult space strategy game Zandagort has been set up, and it is hoped that HYPER will be integrated into the in-game economy for this title at some point in the future.

HYPER The Game

A longer term ambition of the HYPER community is to develop a new space-based MMO strategy game from scratch, in which HYPER will be used as the in-game currency.

This game is currently in its early stages of development, with work focussing on the game concept and storylines and on finding new artists and developers to fill out the development team.

The basic concept for this game is for it to be “a game in which players grow and develop an intergalactic empire, which earns them the emerging cryptocurrency HYPER.”

Set 10,000 years in the future, and humanity is spread out across the stars. Faster than light travel is achieved using the valuable resource HYPER, which will be the most sought after resource in the game which players will be able to earn through harvesting or trading, or plundered from other players.

In addition to the primary in-game currency of HYPER, it is being suggested that Devcoin, Bitcoin, and possibly other digital currencies may be integrated into this game in some way as well.

Stabilization Fund

HYPER is one of a small but growing number of crypto currencies to set up their own 'stabilization fund' to help provide liquidity for the coin on exchanges, and to work towards establishing a stable long term increase in price.

This fund will start will 100,000 coins as its initial capital.

Additional Information

Website: http://hypercrypto.com/

Forum: http://hypercrypto.com/forum

Exchanges: Bitrex

Multi-Pool (mine other coins, get paid in HYPER): https://chunkypools.com/hyper/

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