How to Use Facebook Ads to Trigger Sales

Getting the word out about your completed site, and starting to get visitors clicking on your landing page is a big hurdle for most site owners, and most site owners implement several marketing strategies to get visitors quickly to the freshly built site to make it popular over a short time. And, once your site is completely functional, you would not like to waste a single day idly, and would start promoting it quickly. But it is not as easy as said to get a thousand visitors a day to the site. Normal online marketing strategies won’t suffice if you want quick results. If you have a sales target, and need a decent traffic to your newly built site, there are good tricky ways which are globally supported to deliver fast results.

Start With Advertising

Advertising is one of the fastest and most effective ways to get the word out, and this is the most effective and age old technique that will never disappoint you, if you care to choose the right platform for your advertisements. While you choose the platform for your ads, you must keep in mind the choice of visitors, and what most internet users are heading for in the current day.

To say it clearly, it’s the era of online social interaction, and people take much interest in social media sites like LinkedIn, Facebook, twitter etc, and most online invest a big portion of their time on these sites. But when it comes to the placement of appealing ads, and getting visitors from all demographics and background and choice, then Facebook is one of the bets platforms online.

Place Your Ads On Facebook

Almost all internet users have one Facebook account which they log into at some time of the day or in a few days in case the user is very idle. And ads are placed in such position on a Facebook page, that they never go unnoticed. This is the beauty and design of this platform.

Now, if you are a smart online marketer, then you will choose Facebook at one go for the initial ad campaign. Most marketing experts will say and agree to this, that Facebook ads are quite expensive as compared to ads on Google and other advertising companies. But Then again if they are expensive, they deliver effective results too which keeps them in demand.

You may start putting ads on Facebook for site and products and see the difference in just days. Though Facebook has this controversial play to pay policy, yet you will find it profitable if the ads are placed right by you. Facebook targets ads to its users based on their age, ethnicity and demographics, and their surfing habits.

Make Sure Your Site Is Complete

As because Facebook ads are quite expensive you need to make sure before placing your ads that your site is totally ready, and fully functional. That’s because most of the traffic you will receive through the ads will stay on your site just for that time till they find it interesting and functional. If a visitor gets this impression that your site is incomplete, or has no utility or does not give the services as promised, then the visitor would lose interest in your site instantly and go back.

You only have a few seconds to impress your visitors, and the first impression of your site matters the most in captivating visitors. Thus, you must be sure that your site is ready to captivate visitors with its design and functionality, and then should place ads about it.

Make An Estimate Of Your Probable Earnings

Before placing ads on Facebook by incurring a good expense, you must consider a few more points. You should analyze the reasons for staking your money actually. When you are placing ads you are actually staking money on the ads so that your site may shine, and get you some visitors. And why do you need visitors – to sell some product or to make a list of visitors to sell some other service in near future.

How much money the site can actually fetch you to make you place costly ads for the site? If it is worth it, then you must proceed, because the money invested in ads would come back to you in a higher value as a return, when you will be able to sell your products efficiently. Otherwise if you are placing high value ads for peanuts, think on it again before doing it. You may be digging it too deep for inevitable losses.

Consultation From Facebook Itself

After placing the ads also, your job doesn’t end there as a marketer. You need to test and see which ads are getting clicks, and if the system is actually bringing you some results or not. If not, then you must call the staff at Facebook. Yes, you can do that, and many internet marketers and site owners do not know this interesting fact, that they can actually call Facebook for their queries or consultation. And Facebook actually does a great consultation on placing of ads.

They actually give you nice and working ideas, which will be effective if only you tell them your requirement and expectations clearly. A Facebook staff can then work on your project to make you ads targeting different demographics and groups of users such that you may see real time results and effectiveness of the placed ads. That is another beauty of this world famous and most loved social media site. They can make your money work for you.

Your Landing Page Will Play The Winning Game At Last

After doing all the above jobs right, you still may slip on one part, and that is the landing page of your site. A fully functional site also loses visitors just because of an unimpressive landing page. Your home page, which is the landing page – the page which visitors find on clicking the link to your site, has to be impressive and captivating. Be it the design, the simplicity or ease of use, easily accessible information, lucid and interactive texts, and nice graphics, all have their own importance; and you will have to see to this, that the whole composition after combining all these elements together can come out so nice, that visitors cannot fly away without stepping on the target page.

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