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How to Slow Down Aging

“The three most common killers (heart disease, stroke and cancer) are diseases connected with the Western way of life rather than with age alone. African tribes which still follow a more primitive way of life don’t have a high incidence of these diseases.”

Unless you are willing to make the right lifestyle decisions, you will not be able to slow down your aging. New scientific insights make it possible to slow down aging in certain parts of your body. With the help of modern advancements, you have the biological potential to live 120 years.

Shigechiyo Izumi, who was born in 1865, lived to be 121 years old, and Jeanne Louise Calment, who was born in 1875, lived to be 122 years old. If a man and women born in the 19th century could live so long, we can do so in a world with advanced medicine.

Biological gerontology, the branch of science that studies aging, has most of its research done in the US. Studies demonstrate that symptoms of aging start to pop up when one is about 35 years old. Toxic chemicals, “free radicals,” and genes affect aging. Your immune system is affected by aging, and your body will start failing to repair damage because it lacks the energy.

Old age is just another natural stage in a person’s age. Being optimistic can minimize the undesirable aspects of aging. In other words, worrying about getting old can cause aging. An active lifestyle slows aging also.

Research indicates that people can extend their lives 10 to 30 years if they would prevent heart conditions, strokes and cancer. Having a positive attitude, eating healthy food and exercising regularly can decrease symptoms of aging. Don’t smoke and consume alcohol only in moderation.

For men between the ages of 25 and 40, exercise at least three times a week and use broad-spectrum antioxidants to stay healthy. Once you are 41 to 55 years old, participate in less rigorous activities and focus on exercising your mind. Qigong is great for your mind and body.

Once you are 46 to 70, do daily stretches to retain flexibility, take prostate supplements if necessary, consume 1,000 mg. of calcium daily, for the sake of your bones, and use ginko biloba to take care of your brain. Once you are 71 to 80, consider DHEA, pregnenolone, or other drugs. By the time you are over eighty, supplements, physical activities mental exercise will have been a part of your life for a long time. Keep them up!

Women will need to take a different approach to addressing aging, in some ways. Avoid diets that lead to unhealthy weight loss. When you are younger, don’t stay in the sun too long and consider anti-aging creams. Use the same techniques men do, with some exceptions. Unlike men, you will need to deal with menopausal issues. Don’t practice isolation. Continue meeting friends and take up healthy activities like yoga, t’ai chi and qigong. Follow your passions and stay optimistic.

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