If you want to get more members, you have to make a fine line between members and non-members. Pricing and a daily special are a good start, but that's not what is going to make or break someone's decision about signing over their plant count. You need CLEAR members benefits.

(1) Trim should be offered to members $25 an oz.

(2) When you are almost out of buds in a jar, and it's starting to look flaky with tiny nugs, take that jar and dumb it into some trim from the plant it came from, call it “strain specific trim” and sell it to members for $50-$100 per oz, depending on trim to nug ratio.

(3) Popcorn should be something members can buy, for a discounted price in comparison to your regular buds.

(4) Pre-weighed 8ths. Every dispensary loses money after harvest during the curing process, when the bud dries. So to save some money, take 1oz from every strain, and but it into “pre-weighed” 8th bags, or jars. If you have enough bud, take another oz of ea strain and make pre-weighed g's. Now, you sell those for cheaper, BUT as they lose weight, they do not lose value. You just tell them, “This was weighed 3 weeks ago, and weed dries out”

(5) Member appreciation day, this is important. Once a month, or at least 2 times a year, you need a day where your members can come in and get $20 eighths, or $150 ozs along with a free edible with any purchase. This is the BEST way to get members.

(6) People who sign over their plants to you NEED compensation when they put pen to paper. Most acceptable would be an edible, or at the very least a pre-roll, if not store credit. Some dispensaries even offer an 8th for $5 one time every month for people who sign over, meaning some people may sign over for the $5 8th, then never come back till they come for another 8th, but you get to grow 6 more plants.

(7) Holiday specials are a MUST for members.

(8) “Happy hour” (x$ off, or buy 2 get one) for drinks is the BEST way to get people to try your sodas. Especially people who never have had a medical soda before

(9) A Prize wheel is not a must, but it definitely helps. And allowing members to spin it upon sign up is a good gimmick, plus if you do something like “After 8 visits” or “After $100 spent” you get to spin it again, people would be more inclined to visit. Or a hole punch card or stamp can work to the same effect

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