How to Plan Your Retirement Successfully

Tips for Throwing a Great Retirement Party


If you are on a budget, but you have a loved co-worker retiring, you need some creative ways to create a budget friendly retirement party. There are many ways to send off your co-worker without breaking the bank.

To save money when planning a retirement party, start with a cost effective location. Does one of your co-planners have a big backyard for a retirement barbeque? Can you ask the office for use of a large conference room to host a wine and cheese send off? If you spend little or no money on the location, you can spend the funds you do have to make the retirement party seem more luxurious.

Next, a good way to trim costs is to have a menu that is themed. If you have a Hawaiian luau, you can serve a basic array of fruit, some tropical drinks, and a few barbeque items. If you choose to have a more sophisticated retirement party, go for a wine and cheese tasting. You can find quality wines that aren’t that expensive at wine wholesale outlets or even at specialty grocery stores. Then, pair the wine with a variety of cheese and crackers, and the event seems much more elegant than the price you actually paid.

Most important in planning a retirement party is to be sure to invite all the important people in the retiree’s life. Include spouses and kids, co-workers who have already moved on to other jobs or retired themselves, as well as all the current co-workers in the office. This way, the person who is retiring sees both familiar current faces and also a history of the people they have worked with over the years.

It is also a great idea to invite guests to share stories about the guest of honor. A retirement party is a great place to reminisce, and poems, antic dotes, and other musings are welcome at a good retirement party. Tell your guests beforehand to come prepared with a story or two to share with the group as the festivities get under way.

Retirement Jokes Liven Up a Farewell Party

If you are organizing the celebration of a co-workers retirement, you need to give consideration not just to the venue and food choices, but also to entertainment. One great way to entertain a crowd of people is to have a clever set of retirement jokes at hand.

Just like lawyer jokes or dumb blonde jokes, there are a wide variety of retirement jokes. Not all of these jokes, however, are appropriate for a farewell party. Instead of the typical retirement jokes, you may want to focus on more personal farewells to the guest of honor.

One great idea for retirement jokes is to have each guest in attendance, or selected guests who know the retiree well, prepare specific retirement jokes. You can either do this in the fashion of a “roast” where each person takes turns at a podium barbing the guest of honor in a lighthearted way, or you can choose other less formal formats.

Another option is to write up a fake retirement joke newspaper or company memo. If you work at a location that has a routine document, any spoof of this document that includes information all about the retiree is a great joke to send them off.

Retirement jokes can include spoofs of why certain reports will no longer be written or a copy machine will be officially shut down now that he or she is no longer using it at the office. You can write a faux memorandum from the company president wishing a fond farewell, which is often a great retirement joke.

No matter what retirement jokes you choose to include in your party, just remember to be respectful and good natured about your ribbing. No one likes to be teased if the teasing is malicious or hurts their feelings. Keep things light and fun so everyone has a good time.

How to Choose the Right Retirement Home Option

If you are nearing retirement, you may be considering what you will settle on as your retirement home. There are many options for this big decision, each with pros and cons.

One idea is to keep your current residence as your retirement home. People often consider this if they are rooted to the community in which they live, for example. If you don’t want to leave your church, neighbors, or family, staying put is a good choice. It is also a sensible idea to stay in your current home as your retirement home if you have already paid off your mortgage. Not having any debt will go a long way toward securing your finances in retirement.

One other popular plan is to downsize in retirement. Many younger people own larger homes to accommodate their family. A house full of kids is something you likely won’t have in retirement, so for your retirement home, you may want to consider a smaller dwelling.

Along this line of thinking, you will save costs associated with property taxes, mortgage, and so forth. You will also save on your utilities by heating and cooling a smaller home. You can also consider as your retirement home a location that has more services, like a condo or townhouse. This can take away the pressure to mow lawns or perform other outdoor maintenance as you age.

Retirement homes can also include moving to a community area that is specifically for retirees. This is particularly appealing for those who want to find a new community of likeminded people to spend time with. Retirement communities often offer many organized activities that can keep you vital in your golden years. They also often have continuing care options should you fall ill or become injured, which is a great assurance as you age.

Some people dream about moving away all of their working lives. Perhaps you want to move to a warmer climate or be closer to loved ones. Whatever your motivation for moving when you retire, you’ll want to take some time to find the right place for retirement living.

The Administration on Aging, which is part of the United States Department of Health and Human Services, has a lot of resources online geared toward people of retirement age. One of those resources has information about housing for senior citizens, including independent housing and low income housing options.

You may already be familiar with a retirement community in which you’d like to live or at least an area where you’d like to live. If so, look around at more than one place. There are retirement communities in Florida, for example, that range in price of a few hundred dollars a month for a small trailer in a mobile home park to more than a thousand dollars a month for a condo rental.

The right place for retirement living for you may be in your own home. It all depends on what your particular needs and wants are. You may already have everything you need right where you are.

If you will be making a major change in your living arrangements during your retirement, take your time and get all the facts before you commit to anything. Use the free resources at your disposal either online or contact a senior citizens center. They are usually up to date on free resources for seniors.

More than anything, think about what your own personal goals are when making this decision. If you want to sell your house but have grown children that are resistant to the idea, be sympathetic but don’t let that alter your decision. This is your time and your retirement. You should make your own decisions now.

An Active Retirement Life

You can have an active retirement life, especially if you are in good health. Don’t let a lack of money or friends stop you from having and being all that you can during this time. If you do have health problems, you can still have an active retirement life, perhaps not as active, but active still.

If you are in good health, the best thing you can do with your retirement is to give to others. You need to give to yourself by taking the time to do the things you haven’t been able to do yet, but almost everyone can find a little time to volunteer. While there are so many wonderful volunteer opportunities, if you are at retirement age, you would make a great volunteer at a Senior Citizen’s Center.

You know, or are getting to know the issues seniors face and you could be a great help to other seniors. Just think of the impact you could make on someone’s life by teaching her to use email so she could stay in touch with her children and grandchildren. Some senior citizen’s centers have computers but don’t have the staff to give lessons, so unless the person already knows how to use the computer, that wouldn’t help her.

What if you don’t know how to use a computer? You can learn in one day how to compose and send email and then you can become an expert for your peers. Either way, it’s a great way to have an active retirement life. You may learn a new skill yourself, or at the very least, teach a new skill to someone else.

Just as important as volunteering though, is what you do for yourself. Make this your time. Do something you’ve always wanted to do, but didn’t have the time before, take time for you.

Reduce Stress and Retire Happy

We look forward to retirement at the end of our career, happy in the thought of the next phase in our lives. We think the transition from set routines and busy work schedules will be an easy one, but retirement in itself can be stressful. Couples who have grown accustomed to being together on an infrequent basis now find the togetherness may cause unexpected stress. Retirement represents a radical change in expectations and, at times, a complete role reversal. It becomes increasingly difficult when one partner retires before the other, resulting in possible anger and resentment. Why should I have to go to work, while you stay home and enjoy life? Or, the partner who once stayed home alone now has someone invading his or her space.

With some forethought, understanding, and planning, there are ways to reduce stress and retire happy. Just because you now have the freedom and perhaps the financial resources to do exactly as you please, without planning, retirement will not be what you expected.

Begin to plan retirement well before it arrives by discussing activities to share, the travel and entertainment you both enjoy, and the individual interests you expect to pursue.

Single people approaching retirement may also find themselves at loose ends, what to do with so much extra time. Think about the things you’ve always wanted to do and be happy in the thought of occupying yourself with a hobby, spending more time with family or friends, and even part-time work, following the leisurely schedule that only retirement allows. Reduce stress and plan on retiring happy.

Enjoy Your Retirement Living

Some people just don’t bother to retire until they have no choice. By then, they may be old and tired and sick and they’re less likely to enjoy their retirement living. Retirement is a phase of our lives just like any other phase, and we owe it to ourselves to claim the full benefits that it can offer.

Hopefully you’ve planned for this day for some time now, and you’re prepared financially for any changes in debt or income your retirement will bring.

Some people look forward to retirement all of their lives until the day comes, and then they become depressed because they think life is over. If you have grandkids, you should know that life is not over at all.

You’ll enjoy your retirement living more if you’re busy. You’ve probably got some kind of project you need to work on, or someone you need to call.

The better you feel about yourself, the more you’ll enjoy your retirement. Perhaps you could take a class at the community college on a subject that interests you.

Reach out to others during this time and don’t become a hermit. Play with your grandkids, and if you don’t have any, play with someone else’s.

You may be retiring from your job, but you don’t have to retire from anything else. This is your time to howl. Don’t fall into the trap of “keeping busy”. Sure that may help the time to go by faster, but that’s not going to bring you any enjoyment. Make sure you’re actively engaged in what you’re spending your time on. If you’re just going through the motions, you’re not going to find any real satisfaction. If you’re really having a hard time finding something meaningful, consider volunteer work. You will be welcomed with open arms.

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