How To Pick The Tattoo Removal Method?

Tattoos have become a part of the fashion statement. People want to change their tattoo every now and then to have the latest tattoo designs on their body.

There are several options available for removal of tattoo. Some of the methods require more time while some are costly. It is necessary to know about the different tattoo removal method before you decide on a method.

The different tattoo removal methods are:

  • Fade away creams

These creams help in the breakdown of tattoo ink. This is a time consuming method. Dermabrasion-In this method the layers of skin are rubbed off using a tool. There are chances of developing scars when you use this method.

  • Chemical peeling

In this method chemical like trichloroacteic acid is used to peel off the tattooed skin. This procedure should be done with the help of a skin expert.

  • Laser removal

The laser destroys the ink and is made into fragments which are eventually carried out of the body. It takes many sittings to remove the tattoo, but there are fewer side effects.

Though most of these methods are successful in tattoo removal, the rate of success depends on various factors like the size of the tattoo, the location, how long the tattoo has been there, the ability of the body to heal, how deep the tattoo ink has been absorbed by the skin etc.

The rate for tattoo removal also depends on the size, location and the method used. Read about the safe methods of tattoo removal and select the best suited one.

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